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what about lactic acid?!?!

what exactly is the sourse of lactic acid in foods? I just can't seen to get the straight facts anywhere....  is it dairy derived? anybody know?? pleesee share if ya doo

oh thanks! yeah mee too with the sports sites; about lactic acid in your muscles, WHOLE differnt story!
I apreciate it. ;)


Thanks for the link! I bookmarked it. One of the most confusing experiences for a veggie is to translate the ingredients in foods (esp. breads) as animal-derived or vegetable derived. Stearic acid can be from soy oil as according to the site:

Archer Daniels Midland Co., a manufacturer of sodium stearoyl lactylate reports that their product is of vegetable origin; the lactic acid is produced from microbial fermentation and the stearic acid, from soy oil. Sodium is a mineral which is added.

It seems that ingredients which sound vegan may, or may not, be vegan after all. Deciphering the truth is truly a difficult experience! For this reason, I adore companies who stamp products as "vegan", or as "dairy-free", and "lard free"

Does anyone else go through pains worrying about specific ingredients in their foods?


i love your hat!  ;D

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