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What to do with green peppers?

I can't find the "Ingredient X" thread, so I'll start fresh.

I have about half a dozen sweet green bell peppers to use up. I need some ideas of stuff you've cooked that you know is super-tasty. I tried oven-grilling them like you do with the flat Italian green peppers but they don't taste as good, there's probably something I don't know.


Thanks, I guess... :(


What about stuffing them? I'm sorry that I can't help more but I don't have any amazing green pepper recipes. But I know I've seen recipes that say the filling can be stuffed into a tomato or green pepper.



I've been making a ton of salads this summer and I sometimes put chopped green pepper in the salad. I usually make sure that the salad has some "sweet" veggies in it (like carrot or red bell pepper) and a sweet and sour dressing, since that goes very well with the slight bitterness of the green peppers.

I've read, though, that of all the bell pepper varieties, green is the hardest to digest. So I wonder if cooking it (like stuffing it, as yabbitgirl suggests, or roasting it or grilling it) is a better option from a digestive standpoint.



I know this is late, but I puree mine down with some onion and garlic and put them in small sandwich bags and put them in the freezer. then i use them for my soups and tons of my Latin dishes. For, for the most part, all Latin style dishes will ask for a combo of most of those ingredients.


Hey, Treklady, better late than never!! That's actually a great idea. And by pureeing and freezing them I can just use what I DH claims to hate green peppers in food but if it's all mashed up he probably won't notice.
Thanks again!!


I tend to add them to ratatouille, the French stew of peppers, eggplants, squash, tomatoes, and onions. 

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