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Any alternative lifestyles in?

Hi guys

My husband and I are thinking about getting involved in a more 'open' lifestyle. We have a pretty open sex life at the moment, but we're looking to maybe meet up with a few people (make some *very* good friends  ;) ) for regular get-togethers but without adopting the swinging lifestyle per se. Neither of us really like clubs and we'd just much rather have a nice night in.

Neither of us really mind too much about gender or appearance, but it seems like over here in the UK, people are generally pretty prudish about sex and I think that's a real shame.

Are any other people who have that kind of lifestyle choice (or any other!) they'd like to talk about...?

sometimes i like to dance around in the rain with funny hats.  does that count?


i think it will be better if you two get married rather than an open will give you more stability in life

i am a programmer by trade & currently working on a project for  cellulean


Agreed with sumaiya...
got married rather than open relationship.. you both will be happy.
Why you wanna involve other people in your life  :)
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