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\*\Club Contraceptives/*/ Rants/Reviews/Etc. on safe-sex methods

Hiya, Vegwebbers!

With the helpful backing/suggesting from the Diva Club, I made this thread as a place where we can all discuss various modes of birth control and/or safe sex. Even as an animal-rights kinda place, I know lots of us are concerned about cruelty-free and/or natural lifestyles...So if you're not a fan of cow-exploiting, skin-scorching latex rubbers, or of the way hormonal b/c pills screw with your body and mind, HERE is where we can all help each other.

This can be a place for advice or general information on various methods/ If you want to know what hormones in your pills are doing what, and how that will affect you, etc.; or if you want to know about materials used in different kinds of condoms (and which aren't vegan!); or just how effective such methods are statistically...HERE is where you can tell what you know, or find other reference sources. HERE we can help each other learn what works best for each of us in regards to our own needs/situation.
Sound fun? HELLS YES.

Female Condoms

Dental Dams

Nuva Rings

Herbal Solutions

...and other Good Resources for many/all of the above methods

Feel free to suggest important links or resources,
and I'll add them to this post as a sort of reference library.

let's go!

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