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Fooling around with people who are in relationships.

So I come to you, dear vegwebbers, with a situation I'm currently in. This guy at work approaches me and basically asks if I want to have a 3-some with him and his girlfriend. I tell him I'm not interested, because I'm not into girls. Fast forward to a few hours later, when he tells me he'd like to "hang out" and that his girlfriend would be totally aware of it, and okay with it.

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing? I mean, this guy is totally my type and I'm not trying to date him. I just want to fuck him (too blunt?). At any rate, I'm slightly weary that he may still try to get me to engage in a 3some (which isn't happening until he gets a hot male roommate and re-introduces the idea)... but I could be overreacting a little bit.

Anyway, sup? Tell me first-hand experiences, stories, etc.

Also, I should mention that we work in different departmentss at work and never have to work closely with one another and dating/fucking is not prohibited unless you work in the same department. So my job isn't on the line... not that it would really matter. I don't plan on sticking around and could find another job really quickly if needed

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