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One of my friends just emailed me to ask about eco-friendly vibrators!

"I thought you would know about this."  Ha!  Apparently I am the woman to ask about these things.........excellent!  I'm quite proud of that.  Mmmmhmmm.

Anyway I researched it for her and apparently the one I have is decent:

The main things, I guess, are being rechargeable, no-toxic, and long-lasting.

Anyway I thought that was pretty neat!  :)>>>
Is YOUR vibrator on the list?

I wonder.....

;D  ;)b


seeing these

Made me think of this song:

I'm goin' out and get me some sun
Gonna collect it baby
Then we can have a whole lot of fun
Gonna reflect it baby
That fossil fuel's got no renewal
You know it couldn't hold a candle
There ain't no spark in the dark
Can touch my solar - Solar sex panel

Got a fire up on top of my head
I'm a love regenerator
Why don't you get up off your tanning bed
I'm an ultra-violet Penetrator
Don't sweat and toil with no heating oil
'Cause Momma I'm hot to handle
Gonna turn you up, gonna burn you up
With my solar - Solar sex panel

Got a headache burnin' bad gasoline
Well, I'm gonna relieve it baby
My solar powered lovin' burns clean
And you're gonna receive it baby
And it's rude if it's crude
Better try my solar - Solar sex panel
Better try my - Come and get my
Solar sex panel
I'm gonna turn you up
I'm gonna burn you up
Better bet your ass I won't run outta gas


algae, i'm totally buying that. Not.

Hahah it just makes me giggle seeing "Eco-Dildos"

Whoahhh whoahhhhh.
They have solar powered vibrators?!?
I would've never thought of that.


Whoahhh whoahhhhh.
They have solar powered vibrators?!?
I would've never thought of that.

It's for those that want to prove that the sun does shine there.


I have that vibe! Seriously amazing. We're best fwends.


Seriously, I honestly had no idea there was anything even close to eco-friendly sex toys.. How awesome! I always forget how expensive sex toys are until I go to buy them. I have sticker shock. I have bought them in the past, and seriously most were worth every penny, but good grief.

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