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too mean to do to an ex?

the site was a set of pictures of someones ex.
Is that too mean? too horrible, to put up?

for the sake of a reader I've summarised my current line of thinking here:

I haven't seen a god rebuttal of any of my pervious arguments in this thread anywhere, I think most of you don't see how it's based in meta ethics. At many points it's just been different language games being played (see Wittgenstein).

With the last post on this thread you seem to have not realised what was going on. I was essentially being told to get off the whole forum. I then told someone off for being sexist. Interestingly that didn't contain much in the way of personal insults but instead exclamations. I really hope you don't agree with the bigoted comments in the quote from  amymylove in that post (which I don't believe she truely holds).

Essentially I was being ordered off the whole forum (fortunately by no-one in a position of authority) by someone based on if they liked me or not. And that comes off as very illiberal from what I can tell. Maybe you disagree?

I think you and Alex Libman should be locked in a room to be condescending to one other.

Perfectly stated.

Shockingly I still don't know who that is...
...I've tried wikipedia and

Little help?



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