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Any recommendations for a trip to CA and OR?

So for Angel's 16th birthday I offered to take her to visit my family.  She is way beyond thrilled as she will leave Tennessee to come to Connecticut and from there we will head to central California (an hour outside Fresno) for four days to visit my parents and grandma.  Then we will drive to San Francisco, spend four days enjoying the area and eating fabulous vegan foods plus going to a beach.  Then we drive up to Medford OR to visit my sister and her fam for a few days.  Then its on up to Portland OR just because we will be 3 hours away.

Now, any must see or do things in any of these areas?  We will be traveling from June 16 to 30.  I am also interested in Hotel recommendations for SF and Portland.  As I am unemployed this will need to be a reasonably cheap trip but LB insists that he would rather we stay at a better hotel so we dont get murdered.  hahah His words!

Unfortunately this puts the kabosh on my attendance to SconeFest but the kid only turns 16 once.

I so now want to know which area in San Fran is thrift store crazy! I so wish to be there.  hahah  Cmon Hespy! Gimme a street or something!  Or come up and show us around. :)

Yay! Hippie district sounds fun BR!
And I think Im the lucky one for her agreeing to do this with me. hahah


I'm glad I could contribute!


don't get stuck in a rodeo.


driving from oklahoma to washington, i went through oregon.  i pulled off to get gas in some small town and i got stuck there because there was a huge rodeo going on in main street!  i'm from oklahoma and i had never seen anything like that before!



Adding to BR's suggestions I also recommend (if you're gonna be in Portland on Saturday or Sunday) checking out Saturday Market. Also in the 'hippie district' there are a couple of thrift/second-hand clothing stores to check out! If you're going to go to a McMinamen's for a movie I heartily suggest the Kennedy School House on NE 33'rd between Killingsworth and Ainsworth where you can also take a soak in their salt water soaking pool for $5/person! Just down the street (on Killingsworth and 33'rd) there's a New Season's where you can get something to eat as well. These two spots are just north of the Alberta arts district. For a good place to eat there, Blue Moose Cafe' good cheap food, all vegetarian/vegan fare. Truly there is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much to do/see in both cities that are either cheap or free, I have no doubt y'all are gonna have a great time!



Thirft Stores - haight street has tons, wasteland is GREAT but the most expensive, crossroads, buffalo exchange and held over are all within a couple blocks of each other. I think if you only have a couple days then that's gonna be the best place to hit. It's kinda touristy but all of us locals go there too so don't be too turned off! Valencia st in the Mission district also has some good thrifting and excellent hipster watching. bring a camera. hehe.

You need food recommendations? What do you like?? We have SO MUCH good vegan eating from ultra-fancy and more $$ at Millennium to cheaper vegan eats like vegan cheesesteaks at Jay's Cheesesteak to vegan fish and chips at Weird Fish to amazing arabic fusion food at Saha to excellent vegan sushi/japanese food at Cha-ya! SO MUCH! Let mek now if you'r einto anything specifically...I am an expert eater :)


Woot!  Thanks WM Laura!  I so just printed out this entire thread to take with us.

Angel is into shopping alternative wear, so thrift stores are my friend.  So thanks so much for the area and street!  That will help greatly.  We plan on taking 2 cameras so I hope we have tons of evidence to share in July.

As for food, I printed out Happy Cow's San Francisco and Portland guides.  I hope to hit as many places as possible; specifically MaggieMudd, Gratitude, Millennium, and Cha-ya.  Any other recommendations are always welcomed!  We will be in SF on the 20th through 23rd at the Hotel Kabuki in Japantown.

I just need to figure out the whole metro pass deal and we should be set.  haha

If anyone wants to meet for foods just let me know! Im so open to hanging out with awesome vegwebbers!


i wish i could make it up there! sometimes it would be so nice to have a car..


Cali, I'll be pm'ing you with my #, think it would be fun to meet up over some vegan eats, or a soak, or or or.....! :D


Sounds awesome Hanashi!!!

I wish ya could come up too Hespedal!


Are you taking the 5 or the 101 up?  If you're going coastal on the 101, stop at Sjaak's Chocolates in Eureka for organic vegan chocolate.  I just looked it up and it appears they went corporate and don't have a store anymore.  Which is fine.  I guess.  Their chocolate used to be better.

Entrance Fees
Fern Canyon  (Jurassic Park scenes were filmed there.)
Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park (Ewok scenes were filmed there.)

Babe and the Blue Ox is near Klammath at the entrance to the Trees of Mystery.  It's two giant statues that are good for a kitchy picture.


I heard back from Sjaak's.  I always thought of it as Sjaaks, but apparently it's Venio.

Sjaak's Organic chocolates does not have a storefront. But Venlo chocolates is still located in the same place,
at 425 Snug Alley, behind the gazebo in old town. They do offer Sjaak's Organic chocolates there.



If you like beer, check out Toronado when you're in SF


WOW this brings back memories...
embarrassing story time: when I was a wee lass on a family vacation I fell off of Paul Bunyans foot (the very booted foot shown in the photo) and broke my arm. It sucked because I couldnt go swimming in any of the hotel pools we visited after the fateful accident. Also because whenever anyone asked what happened to my arm, I had to tell them I fell off Paul Bunyan.
I was trying to get up there so my dad could take a photo. In the end, there is a photo of my stepmom and my sister sitting happily on the boot, but what you dont see is me lying facedown on the ground crying my little head off.
ah, childhood. ::)
They dont let anyone climb up there anymore; I suspect I'm not the only child who failed to scale mount bunyan.


That sucks about the broken arm and the pool.  Still, a cool war wound.


The other time I broke my arm it was from tripping over an exposed pipe while running towards an epic garage sale.
what can I say, i live for adventure.


I have no idea what we are taking up, my maps are in the rental car! hahaha

So far I can say that my Mom is great in accommodating my vegan needs and the local health food store had an abundance of goodies.  Including: red chilie tamales, Soya Blue, Tofurky cranberry slices, hemp chocolate ice cream and nooch!


High Country Health Foods?

I looked it up online.  Is it new-ish?  I don't remember having seen it.


I think its only a year old or there abouts.  Businesses come and go up here quite a bit.

I ate two of the tamales for breakfast.  They were good but I wish I hadn't microwaved them, they ended up a bit dry.  Were good with salsa over rice.  Yesterday I had an avocado, tofurky, soya blue and tomato sandwich.  Was delish.

Today its onto Yosemite!  Tomorrow who knows.

My trip chronicals will end on Sat when we leave, but I might be able to steal some pc time at my sisters.  hehe  Unfortunately I didnt bring the camera cord so no pics till we are home.


I'm writing this in past tense, since that's when you'll see it.

I hope you had fun in Yosemite!  Did you go up the Vernal Falls trail?

If you were in the visitor's center area, I used to work in the Indian Cultural Center.  Both as an inside demonstrator and outside in the village.



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