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Any recommendations for a trip to CA and OR?

So for Angel's 16th birthday I offered to take her to visit my family.  She is way beyond thrilled as she will leave Tennessee to come to Connecticut and from there we will head to central California (an hour outside Fresno) for four days to visit my parents and grandma.  Then we will drive to San Francisco, spend four days enjoying the area and eating fabulous vegan foods plus going to a beach.  Then we drive up to Medford OR to visit my sister and her fam for a few days.  Then its on up to Portland OR just because we will be 3 hours away.

Now, any must see or do things in any of these areas?  We will be traveling from June 16 to 30.  I am also interested in Hotel recommendations for SF and Portland.  As I am unemployed this will need to be a reasonably cheap trip but LB insists that he would rather we stay at a better hotel so we dont get murdered.  hahah His words!

Unfortunately this puts the kabosh on my attendance to SconeFest but the kid only turns 16 once.

We drove up through Oakhurst, stopped after the tunnel at the vista point, then down to Bridalveil Falls, then more down to the valley for lunch and a tour through the Ansel Adams gallery.  We drove out and enjoyed the view until we got to the landslide evidence that delayed us about 15 minutes to wait on the one way.

Angel's favorite thing? The "Speeding Kills Bears" signs along the side of the road.

Hopefully we can download pics just to free up memory card space. hahah

HH thats awesome you worked in the Cultural Center!  I spent a summer as a housekeeper for the plethora of hotels when I was a teen.  Soooo much has changed yet its still mostly the same.  Very interesting trip down memory lane.


I think the bear signs are new.  When I worked at the Center, we'd get the deer that were killed.  If they sat out for too long we'd just take their feet/lower leg to make bone awls with for coiled basket making.  It was kind of gross, but kind of cool to know how to do.



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