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Anyone in Charlotte?

My family and I are planning our next move, and Charlotte is in the top 2.  I'd love to ask some specific questions if anyone is very familiar with the area.


I have relatives that have lived there for about 15 years now, and I've played there on different tours. I've been there many many times over the past 15 or so years. What do you want to know? As far as being vegan friendly, it's not that great a place. I like to refer to Charlotte as "Atlanta Light"...... :P Asheville is the way to go when coming to the South. Not sure if it works for you, but it's very veggie friendly...that's why I'm moving there. :)'s a whole lot prettier then Charlotte as well.


Thanks, Dave.

Until 2 1/2 years ago, I'd always lived in Virginia and North Carolina.  I love to visit Asheville, but I don't know that I could live there. I think I'd get claustrophobic because nowhere else is close.  (the Hawaii Syndrome :)

We are moving with my husband's job, and we will have to move to a city larger than Asheville anyway.  We are looking at the Raleigh area, which is close to my family, and Charlotte.  We'll see.

I'm trying to figure out where in Charlotte would be best for us to live if we do move there.


I would pick Charlotte over Raleigh (and Asheville over Charlotte!). What I have seen of the Raleigh area is very "cookie cutter" but I haven't seen all that much, so check it out for yourself. Charlotte I think has more character, (and is closer to Asheville). Raleigh is of course closer to the beach, so it depends what you are looking for. I have relatives near Raleigh.

Where are you moving from? I have come from Ohio, to Florida, to North Carolina-the latter being the BEST so far!


I like to refer to Charlotte as "Atlanta Light".

Good analogy.  I have clients in Charlotte and travel there fairly frequently.  I'm not terribly impressed.  It's clean and they seem to be doing a decent job of in-filling and upgrading their urban center, but they also appear to consumed with this need to sprawl out in strip mall and interstate infested bands.  The traffic is only tolerable.  To be fair, none of my clients are downtown and with the exception of a few trips to the permitting office, I spend most of my time in Charlotte driving through the burbs.  Yeah, "Altanta Light."

And not to dis on Asheville (my home and I love it here) but you gotta really want to live here because there are no jobs.  But it's because everybody really wants to live here (and it's so worth it).

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