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Anyone still living in Seattle?

I know we've had a few VWbers who have lived in Seattle, but couldn't think of anyone who might still be living there.

Just curious!!

I'm not in Seattle, but live in Spokane...eastern WA.


I'm living in Seattle, I just moved here in August although my mom has been up here for about 7 years now. Not sure how much longer I'm staying though, I lost my job in January and I'm considering moving again if nothing good turns up. It's a great city but it's nearly June and I'm still wearing my parka everywhere :|


I think sirdidimus (I know I probably misspelled that) still lives up there, not sure if he's still active here though..... um outside of him, yeah, most of the folks have left.... there's still a healthy contingent around Portland though!  ;)b

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