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attn: VegWebbers in Chicago

You MUST try Amitabul's vegan Korean cuisine.  I wanted to try it for years, and finally went to give it a whirl-- the food is divine, plentiful, affordable, and creative.  The restaurant is comfortable, attractive, and filled with a variety of customers that temper its "oh-so-Buddhist" atmosphere into something informal and unthreatening even to the less-spiritual visitor.  :)  Family friendly.  The "medium" level of spice is just right for me (I do like fiery food, but I think the hot would light me up). 

The hubs had a pasta dish featuring spicy, chile-citrus sauce with holy basil and lots of veggies.  I had the "Wolfman's Dream Treats"-- a dish of chunky root vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, green beans, and nuts in a spicy rich sauce, over brown rice.  Both were absolutely amazing.  We started with mandoo dumplings, and craved them again by the next day-- so very, very tasty.

If you're thinking about it, get off the fence.  Do go.  You'll be glad.



hey thanks,

its been a hard week and i think i will check that place out this weekend as a treat.  let you know how it went.  i heard they had awesome vegan ice cream....yum!!!

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