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Back in Chicagoland -- throw me your favorite restruants!

Been out of the city for over a year... in that time, among other things, I became vegan.  Now, I'm back again after losing my job down in ... well, the place I was living.

I've visited a few of the vegan-friendly restraunts in townbefore I moved... but it would be nice to have a listing in one place

So, any of you familiar with Chicago (or suburbs), toss out your favorite restraunts!


sorry about your job- you will find a better one!!  soul vegetarian east on east 75 th  street; karyns cooked on north wells; and of course chicago diner on north halsted are 3 of my favorites.  since i live in this wonderful city, i am able to visit them as much as my budget allows.  like you, i am kinda new to veganism- 9 months and find these places really welcoming and hearty to old and new vegans alike.



Those are definitely my recommendations as well.

I also want desperately to try Amitabul (it's a korean veg. restaurant) but haven't managed to schlep out there yet. 

Here's a brilliant list of veg-friendly and veg*n restaurants in Chicago:


hell yeah!
thanks for the link!! :-)


Any time!

I can also heartily recommend Earwax-- their cafe is kind of an adjunct to a music store/movie rental place, but they have wonderful, big, beautiful, tasty veg*n selections on their menu.  Some are vegan, some are ovo-lacto, some are omni-- do be alert and careful ordering, but the staff is usually very friendly and conscientious about sorting the menu out with diners.

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