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Best place to do currency exchange

This is SOOO not vegan related!

I need to exchange some dollars into pounds, not too much, but just enough so that I'll have some when I arrive in London.  I know that different places have different rates.  Does anyone know if it's best to do it at a bank, the airport, etc?

Hey...what better place to ask??

The easiest way I've heard to do it now-a-days, in this technological world of wonder, is to take $$$ out of an ATM in the country you're in....Supposedly, the ATM fees are less than the exchange rates. Otherwise, I'd say a bank, but only if you're a member/account holder, if you're not, they tend to rape you in "additional fees".


Never exchange money in a hotel or airport, the hidden comissions will kill you.
If you bank with a large company you can order currency, or if you live in a college town you might find profs etc. who travel and have currency left.

Or do the International ATM thing if you have a credit card.


+1 on the ATM thing.  Otherwise, I'd try to do it at a bank.

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