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Costa Rica

Hello Everybody -

I went to TripAdivsor for some advice on my future travel to costa rica and the importance of my veggie diet but nobody has responded accordingly.
Has anybody been to C.R. and if so, suggestions, tips and foods.  I have heard that "ticos" have a good variety of food and are very open to vegans and veggies...just want to make sure.
Any advice would help.


I haven't been there, but I remember seeing a couple of listing for veggie restaurants on Happy Cow:

I've been a couple of places where I wasn't sure where I was going to find food.  When I found a restaurant or a store with vegan options, I asked the staff and they recommended more options.


Thanks Humbolt_Honey!!!
Didn't even cross my mind.... ;D


if you happen to rescue any baby sloths, i would like ten of them.

thank you


I've been there twice, and although I wasn't vegan at the time, I do remember having a little difficulty finding foods to eat. I guess it all depends on where you are staying when you're there. It is such an INCREDIBLE place that even if you end up eating rice and bananas everyday, it will be worth it. A few things worth doing if you get the chance: ziplining through the forest, visiting a banana plantation, holding a baby monkey, or better yet, a sloth (they are such funny animals)...and of course the beaches..


Here's the response I got from a friend who lived there for several years: There should be no problem of meeting the needs of a vegan diet in Costa Rica.  They have great fruits and vegetables and don’t push the meat, and are open to variations in what people want to eat.  Their chief source of protein is black beans (VERY tasty).  Also, they don’t have so many “hidden” meat problems, like using broth to cook rice, for instance.  Rice is pretty much part of every meal, so that is important.  If you go for arroz con pollo, of course you’re going to get chicken, but since meat has been a real luxury in Costa Rica up until recently, they don’t have the habit of including it without letting people know. 


I will bring back babysloths for everyone....
and MDVEGAN - great idea...if you open it, I will make a trip down there to eat.
I will post pictures when we get back!
Thanks for the tips everyone!!!

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