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Couchsurfing Vegwebbers?

Hey guys--

A good friend turned me on to a while back, when she was trying to move to FL & looking for strategies for having a place to stay while apartment-hunting... then finally a few weeks ago I signed up-- and have been planning hypothetical trips like crazy, ever since! Have already been chatting with some cool veg*ns in Ireland & Canada, as well as the 'vegan backpacker' blogger currently doing a tour of Italy with her s/o... very cool!

I know of one VW user who's also on CS... well, two counting me!... but was just wondering if there are other folks here who are also there? If so, have you surfed? hosted? both? where'd you go? who'd you meet, from where? I'm newly afflicted with a great curiosity about this travel community... especially if/ when it overlaps with my other community interests.  ;)b

If you're on CS, my profile's here: (TanyaLasagna in North Little Rock, AR, in case that doesn't display properly)...

I'm curious to see if there's any overlap between regular VW users & CS'ers... & curious to hear about any experience anyone has with this site/ community!

Never heard about it before but definitely want to check it out. I thought Vegan Backpacker was back in Canada now?

Edit: I just found an awesome looking site on your profile, thanks! (that would be the book shelf site)


Never heard about it before but definitely want to check it out. I thought Vegan Backpacker was back in Canada now? def'ly have a look!

You may be right... I thought they were still traveling, but it was a couple weeks ago, so maybe that's outdated info by now... I really liked the 'Italy' restaurant info on her blog! 'cause, you know, that's one of my favorite hypothetical trips so far...


I'm on there! I joined a while back when a friend told me about it and I wanted to have adventures like her, but then I didn't really use it until I moved to Berlin and wanted to meet some people. So I met this awesome vegan girl who was interning here for a few months, and sadly she's moved back to southern Germany now, but she's a great friend and she visited and stayed here once since moving back. I've met some other cool people through CS, including some people just traveling through, but I would like to meet more people living here so I can have friends.

I tried to couchsurf when I went to London and I messaged a bunch of cool people but nobody was able to host us or just didn't reply. One woman replied saying she'd be able to once it was too late for us. Oh well. And then I arranged to couchsurf for a visit to Belgium with my sister but I ended up unable to go because I was in the hospital. So my sister ended up staying in 2 vegan homes in Ghent! I want to go some other time! Both of my attempts have been failures, but I do think it's a great site and I look forward to using it for traveling more.


I'm also on CS too! I've got a fabulous vegan flat in Mexico City though I haven't had any vegan guests as yet. Though, when I was vegetarian, the fact it was a meat free place attracted quite a lot of likeminded people :-)

Anyway, all my non vegan guests like my cooking and are willing to make vegan food for me. I've used it a bit when i travel though it's been hard to find vegan CSers in Spanish speaking America though did stay with a vegetarian in Guatemala which was great.

My profile is here

so if any of you are going to Mexico, please send me a request and I'll see if I can host. Obviously veg*ns get priority.

I also moderate a group for vegetarians and vegans who live or travel in Mexico. Check it out here




We joined in 2007 and have been hosts about 10 times (user name dogged optimists).  We've hosted people from Australia, Germany, Poland, Spain, Canada, Mexico and the US.  It has been fun and we've met a few great people.  We aren't offering a "couch" at the moment because we have a listing on, but I'm sure we will again. 


Never heard of it, but now I'm going to go check it out.  Thanks, HCM!


Wow, how cool! I'm checking it out too. With all my travels for work/book events, this could come in handy. AND when I'm home in Colorado, I can offer up my guest room to vegan sweetie pies! :-)


Awesome! If you guys ever need a couch in AR... or a ride *through* it, harhar... my couch is available! ('course, there's a lotta dog hair on it... but still...)



I've been hosting since 2005. I plan to be a couch "guest" later this winter when travelling around Central America.

I've met dozens of people from around the world and enjoyed hosting all of them. So much fun!

If you want to connect with local vegans, you can find or create your own group on CS.

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