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Everything Minne-snow-ta

If you are ever in the Twin Cities, (where I currently reside,) there are some great restaurants to check out.

My absolute Fav. is Neapolitan in Uptown, Minneapolis.  I don't go there nearly enough, but just treated myself to lunch with a friend there, YUMMY!  Its a totally raw, vegan, organic menu.  The "sausage" pizza, crackers with pine nut cheese, macadamia-alfredo pasta, and pancakes are amazing, oh and the desserts are wonderful too!

French Meadow Bakery is right down the street from Neapolitan, it has many vegan options, with delicious breads and pastries as well as meals, (breakfasts especially good!

Pizza Luce has delicious vegan pizzas, foccica breads, and desserts too.  Its a bit pricey, but they offer vegan cheese or vegan ricotta, and vegan sausage as well, yum!  It has 2 Minneapolis locations and 1 in St. Paul

Punch Pizza has yummy foccia and good cheese'less vegan pizzas.

The Good Earth, in Edina and Minnepolis, has less vegan options, but still some good ones.  Their veggie burger is vegan along with a lot of the flat breads that come with dipping oil, (just ask which ones cause a couple aren't)

The Hard Times Cafe is in Minneapolis too, and while its a bit on the dingy-side the food and baked goods/desserts have many vegan options and are tasty. I love to pick up muffins here on my way to the University.

I have probably left some out, I have never eaten at Cafe Brenda, but have heard a lot about it.

Anyone else feeling the Minne-vibes?

Oh, and by the way, if anyone is in Minnesota, does any store carry DAIYA yet???  I've checked St. paul whole foods, Mississipi Market, and Valley Natural Foods.....I have ordered it before but thats too expensive!


It's expensive, but if you want daiya on pizza, I think you can get it at Galactic Pizza.


Thanks HH!!! I actually have never had galactic pizza, (are they the super hero delivery guys, or is that just a myth?)

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