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Going to Boston in February...where to eat?

I know that a few of you are from the Boston area, so hopefully you'll be able to help. I'm going to a conference in mid-February in Boston and we will be staying at the Sheraton Boston. Where are some vegan-friendly places to eat around there? Doesn't have to be all vegan (since I'll be the only vegan on the trip, an omni and veg friendly place would be best).

Also, I'll have a bit of free time to explore the city. What are some fun things to do/see in that area (near the Sheraton)?

Thanks  :)

If you can hop on the train and go over to Allston, Grasshopper and TJ Scallywaggles are both vegan and awesome and right next door to each other! Grasshopper is Asian Vegan and TJ's is pizza and subs and stuff. If you go to Grasshopper, get the chicken fingers! They are my favorite thing in this world. I miss them so much!


Veggie Planet in Harvard Square! It's a vegetarian pizza place that has a ton of vegan options!


Yay, all good suggestions! I just don't want to be dragged to steakhouses and greasy pizza and burger joints every night, so I'm so happy to have some other ideas already in my head!

The conference hotels are on Dalton Street and Huntington Ave. if that helps. BP, was your conference hotel in this area? I'm just wondering where the TJ's is.


There's a place on the corner of Mass Ave and Newbury St that's vegan, but I can't remember what it's called and it's not on Happy Cow.  But there are TONS of great Indian places around that area!  You shouldn't have a problem.  :)


on newbury street there is a bookstore/ cafe that makes veg'n stuff and will also do accomodations for you (like separate pans, etc, if possible) called Trident (its near JP licks)

TJ scallywaggles:    is awesome for veg'ns and omnis! its THAT good!
Grasshoppers is right next to TJs.

found this:

China town has Buddah's Delight  *corner of washington and beech st.  , 2nd floor. mostly vegan and sooo good, though a little grungy. lol.

overall, there are alot of ethnic places, like ethiopian, etc that have some good veg options all over boston.
there are whole foods places throughout too.


Here's a great link to the Boston Vegan Association's restaurant review section. They have local vegans reviewing both all vegan, all vegetarian, and omni restaurants with links to websites and maps of the restaurant locations.

Everyone's had good suggestions so far!

As far as places to go/things to do....February is a tough month. I highly recommend looking into museums (MFA, Museum of Science, Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum) or anything that doesn't involve extended time outdoors  :D ;D


oh, as for things to do, besides people watch...
there are alot of museums, like isabella steward gardner museum (i think its on longwood ave, green line subway), or the aquarium or science museum.
lots of cafes and bars, places for music.
club passim is a cool veggie place w/ a variety of live music at night.

its beautiful to walk around, esp in the winter w/ all the lights in the city. it really is so pretty!
but if the weather sucks, ugh, the train is easy to manuever. i say just get lost!!  :)


"Come o'er to my house, my house, my house...." that's right! For the best burnt onions in town - hit up Casa de Dinkfeet :P

I second Gnarls' suggestion for Veggie Planet - they ALWAYS have vegan yumyums and live music to boot! You know, the Northeast coalition is having a non-potluck this Sunday - fly in and give us a test run!  :D :D :D

...okay, really really need to go to bed!

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