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help with eating out??? anywhere or in Indiana/Indianapolis

I wondered if anyone had suggestions for where or what to eat when eating out at major chains?  Also if anyone is familiar with the Indiana/Indianapolis area I would love some ideas on where to get vegan or nearly vegan cuisine.

Happy Cow is a helpful site for finding veg restaurants. I searched Indianapolis and found this:


Wow, I just ran across this.  I happen to have lived in Indy for all my life, but I'm going back to college (Earlham) in the fall.  Anyway, here are my restaurant ideas:
For Indian food, there is India Garden (my personal favorite) and Shalimar (also good), both on Broad Ripple Avenue.  India Garden is also located downtown, though I'm not sure.  As far as I know, they all have $7 lunch buffets until 2pm, at least the ones in Broad Ripple.
Also in Broad Ripple is the Three Sisters Cafe, on Guilford.  They seem to be more friendly to vegetarians and vegans than to meat-eaters, but there is certainly something (healthy and delicious) for everyone.  Entrees are under $10, as far as I know.
There is also Yats, which has Cajun/Creole food.  There is one on College south of Broad Ripple by the piano store, and one downtown on Massachusetts Ave.  It's really good and at a super price.  The guy who runs it is great and if he gets to know you, he's even cooler.

Those are the main restaurants I go to.  Hope this helped!


That is very helpful.  Thank you very much. 

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