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Help me pack my carry on bag!

Ok, this huge part of me feels that this has no reason to be a thread. But i dont think it really fits anywhere else.. hah.

So, i'm flying to texas saturday. And the plan is that me and my brother just bring carry on bags so we dont have to sit around waiting for checked ones and so nothing happens to the bags. I'm having a huge dilemma with this, i have so many things that are difficult to bring.
I have to bring my coco butter for my tattoo. Which is in something larger than 3 ounces, and i dont know how it could be put in something smaller. I have to bring my toothpaste. I use toms of maine, they dont have little sizes, at least around here. And i just went and got all vegan body things finally and i dont know if i have enough space for them all (i'll probably bring too much stuff but oh well). I was planning on just giving everything to my mom since shes driving there, but shes leaving tomorrow and is going to be gone for at least 2 weeks so, that doesnt work either.

So, i'm pretty much wondering if anyone has any tips for packing carry on bags. I know that i can bring a personal item too, so i have that also. But i've only flown once and it was a long trip so i checked a huge bag. I'm looking on the site for things allowed and not (apparently i cant bring bombs! darn!) now.

I have no tips for packing the bag, but can you pack and mail the stuff that can't be carried on so it is there waiting for you?


For some of your stuff, go to Wal Mart or Target and get travel sized bottles for some of your stuff. Not all of it will work, but see what you can do.

Also, don't pack a chainsaw. I did that on my way to NYC and they didn't like it.


I was thinking about mailing stuff. But, then i wouldnt get stuff back here to have when i need it.
I just went and bought little bottles! i have 4. i hope i have enough and can make it work


I rarely check in bags. I pack everything  in one of those wheely suitcases, plus my little backpack purse, and bring them on the plane with me. I usually pack like this.

-Pack all liquid items of 2oz or less in clear ziploc bag.

-Roll your clothes instead of folding them to prevent wrinkles.

-Pack trail mix or Clif bars because flight food, except for maybe the small bag of pretzels, isn't very vegan-friendly.

-Pack one small paperback or magazine that you can leave behind once you're done reading it.

-Pack an extra bag within your carry-on bag, like the ones you take with you to the grocery store, so you can shop and carry back with you on the plane.

-Pack lightly, the minimum amount possible, so you can leave room for all your trip purchases and not have to check in another bag.

-Pack one light pair of comfortable flats or sneakers. Wear your heavier shoes or sweaters on the plane.

-Instead of packing the whole bottle of foundation, lotion, toothpaste or other liquids, fill an empty lip gloss container or contact lens case with the contents. When you're done using them, you can just deposit the remaining plastic container in a recycling bin.

-Pack postcard or letter stamps, addresses of friends and family, in your wallet so you can send postcards during your travels.

Hope these tips help. Have fun on your trip.


Thank you for the amazing list!!! Very good ideas!


oh wow do you have liquid size restrictions on domestic travel? that would suck. well, maybe not, we travelled for eight months with everything in 100ml bottles or smaller.
that was mostly choice though, not necessity, we didn't catch that many planes.
my pick... follow Saskia's ideas, they're way better thought out than anything I could come up with right now.


Yeah, its 100mL/3.4 ounces. At least on american airlines; i dont know if thats just an all around rule or changes by airline. (My cocoa butter is 3.5 oz!!!!! Just my luck!)


hmm. Pleased we don't have that for domestic, when we go down to Wellington to visit my brother we like to take wine : )
We had a pack of containers like this while we were travelling:
if you've got some little bottles/pots, you could just pour/scoop some of your cocoa butter into that for the time you're away?


i am going on a mission tonight to dig around the house for something to put the cocoa butter in. The ones i have that i know i have wont work, but i think i can find something if i dig!! hope so!


Almost any drug store or Big Box will have empty travel bottles OK'd by the FAA for air travel, and they are pretty cheap!

Depending on how long you are going, I say pick a color and one neutral and stick to it, I tend to do black/ white and grey.  One pair of slacks that can be dressed up or down, one skirt, one long and one short sleeved shirt, two pairs of panties, one bra of neutral color, one or two pairs of shoes and wear the bigger pair, maybe one light pullover.  Stuff like that can be worn more than one way and you can wash in the sink at night.  I love my microfiber/ yoga pants in black, they go with everything and are comfy enough to sleep in but I can dress them up to go out in too, I have a skirt and tunic shirt in them too and they don't wrinkle ever!  Ipod is great, try getting a few books on disc at the library and load them up on the pod, and you have "reading" material smaller than books.

Go light on makeup, pack the bare minimum of non essentials.

this is my must haves list
aloe vera (good on body and face, so no lotions or moisturizer needed)
glasses or contact stuff
tooth brush
small bar of soap
one or two neutral eye color
brown eye brow pencil/ also works as eye liner
one lip stick, a pinkish brown always looks good and can be a cheek color if needed.

small hair gel or mousse.
brush or comb.

You can buy a box of baking soda when you get there, use it as toothpaste and deoderant.

Do nails and toes before leaving, don't pack nail polish.

I have traveled for up to two weeks with just a little backpack, it isn't super easy, but doable.


I'm only going from saturday to tuesday, so luckily i dont have to cram too much in there. I love love love the book on tape idea! And i was seriously thinking of taking nail polish with me to do my nails then, doh', glad you mentioned it before because for some reason that never popped into my head!!
Thank youuu!


How long are you going to be gone?  Most of those empty, travel-size bottles are 2 ounces, which doesn't seem like a lot, but I find that two ounces of shampoo lasts longer than you'd think.   Get a little 1 ounce or so tub and scrap some cocoa butter into that.  If you need more than that, scrap cocoa butter into two tubs.  I've also put toothpaste into a little tub.  It's not as ideal as a small tube, but it works.


I always have my small wheeled suitcase (oddly enough it has skulls on it) and a backpack for when I travel "light".  In the carry on suitcase pack clothes, shoes and any gift you may be bringing to your Mom.

In the backpack pack your purse with your ID in a separate and easy to access zip pocket, your makeup, your plastic baggie of lotions an potions, your snack, your book and your crafty project.  I almost always pack a pb&j sandwich, cookies, veggies and chips in my backpack.  Its always disturbing to be on the plane and want something sweet and nothing is on hand, or salty, or filling.  When filling the backpack put the makeup on the bottom, craft project, book, snack and bag of liquids.  That way its easy to remove when you are in the security screening line.

Craft projects I take to keep my mind busy and fingers occupied.  Usually knitting as it distracts me from being motion sick.  Just no scissors or just the tiny travel folded kind.  And pick something small, like a scarf or hat even if you have to start new.

I always wear my easy on an off shoes for travel.  I know that hogs up space in the bag for the other nicer shoes but its just easier for me to loose that clothing space than to futz with heels or retying shoes while in the airport. Yeah you can kick off your shoes on the plane but walking quickly in heels never seems to work for me, but that could just be my issue.

Pack clothes you can mix and match easily.  A pair of jeans or a simple black skirt can be worn twice or more with no raised brows, dependent upon not getting them dirty of course!  I always bring a few camisoles to wear under my shirts just to give them all a different look.  (Mostly because I invariably bring all black shirts.)

Texas weather can fluctuate so do bring a sweater or hoodie as well as socks!  And have fun. :)


Ohmygoshh i love you guys <3
Thank youuuu!!

I'm going to start working on getting things together tonight. I will soo have this thread open for when i go blank of what the heck i'm doing


I did A LOT of flying last year and most of it was with only carry-on luggage.. I bet you'd be okay with your 3.5 cocoa butter and if they DID ask you, you'd be able to explain it's for your tattoo. Or, when I flew with my tattoo i was using unscented moisturizer to take care of it and it worked fine for me.. (I used it the whole healing process, especially if it is just for a few days you would be fine and it would be easier to fit in a smaller bottle!).
Also-- I never put my stuff in a bag.. I just kind of put them all in the same area so that in the x-ray machine they were all together.
Something I ALWAYS forget is that your computer needs to be taken out of your bag when you go through the x-ray so if you're packing one, make sure it is accessible and easy to put pack in really fast!

Enjoy your trip Sarah :D (also-- I saw someone with a tattoo of something that slightly resembled an artichoke on the bus yesterday and I thought to myself "wow, underSarah's tattoo looks SO much better than that one..")


I thought about lotion, i have some, buttt last time it made me break out. My skin is weird. I thinkkk i have it figured out if i can just get to like a walmart or something to get a few more things.


I got everything together! (mostly) I feel like i have way less stuff than needed. My personal item and carry on are not full at all!
Leaving now. I think i'll have internet there. Yay
Thank you everyone. This was soo my last minute check list for everything and it helped tons <3

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