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I need recipes that can travel, or be made easily in a non-vegan kitchen

I'm traveling for Easter and will be staying with family for anywhere from 1-2 weeks afterwards. I'm staying with my parents who barely cook, and have who knows what in the way of spices, or supplies. Just today I had to write and ask "crockpot? blender?" I really need recipe ideas that I can either make ahead and then freeze and take with me, or that I know can be made easily there. I always take groceries with me, but I don't want to (nor do I have the space to) cart spices, sauces, and the works with me. I'm traveling to the middle of nowhere, once I had a friend ask if I could bring quinoa because she couldn't find any in any store anywhere, so I need to know what to take, and not need any last minute supplies. I can fit one good sized cooler in my car, but recipes with shelf stable ingredients are a plus. And I'm taking my blender, it's no vitamix but it's pretty good,  so there is that.

I hope this is the best forum, it's travel related so.....

Thanks for any help!

Whenever I go home for the holidays I always have this problem. Firstly I think it might be a really good idea to make some different soups or stews and freeze them/bring them with you in the cooler. The most user-friendly recipes that you can make when you get to your parent's house probably include any kind of sauteed vegetable combinations. For example, any sort of combination of peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, onions and spinach is easy and always tastes great. As long as you have vegetables, some canned veggies too (chickpeas, beans, corn, peas) and access to a stove, I think you'll be okay.


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