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I'm going to China soon, I need help/advice/etc*!~

Hey everyone!
So In December I am going to Changchun China to see my boyfriend  :)>>> and I just want to be prepared.

I know there is this thing called the 'vegan passport' but it's out of print, does anyone have one I can borrow, or can someone scan a page from it (preferably the Chinese ones?)

Also, what should I expect, what should I do?

eeep help!!

Hey BreyettEyes I'm in Japan so I kind of get what your going through right now.  What  I did other than buying stuff I know I can eat (noodles, tofu, miso, etc.)  is I typed out this paper that said I'm vegetarian and I can't eat.... and gave a list of products like all the types of meat, by products of meat (milk, butter, cheese, etc.) and so on and so forth and translated it all into Japanese.  This way when I do go out to eat (only done it once so far) I just hand the paper to the waiter and as it says on the paper have them suggest something on the menu that is vegan friendly if there is an option at all.  Hope this helps and if you need any other help like what to put on the paper just message me or something and I'll give more specific details.


thanks for the advice...really. but does anyone know about being vegan in Changchun? or the jilan province?

and does anyone have a copy of the vegan passport?



In Mandarin Chinese, you can say this:

Wo shi chr su de ren.  (I am a vegetarian).  I'm not sure how to say "vegan", but since dairy products are not as common in China as here, looking out for eggs might be your biggest issue.


Come to think of it, you can say you don't eat eggs (Wo bu chr dan).  Chicken eggs are called "ji dan".

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