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I'm in a New York state of mind...

Heading for a day trip to NYC next month (checking out the Tim Burton exhibit at the MOMA, woohoo!)
Any (relatively inexpensive) restaurant recommendations?  From previous posts, looks like babycakes is a good bet--any others?  Preferably close to the subway, I'll be busing in and on a tight budget, no cab fares for me!

TIM BURTON EXHIBIT!!!!!! Holy crap, I had no idea!!! Looks like someone elses broke hiney will be making a journey there as well. I think this website might help It has done me a world of good when traveling through that way. Ogle the exhibit for me.


Definitely will ogle extra for you...SO EXCITED.  I think it's there through sometime in April.
I'll check that site out once I get home, it's blocked at work because it contains "message boards and forums" (yet this site isn't blocked...good to know the software works well ;-))  Thanks for the link!

-east village
-financial district

Cafe Viva Natural Pizza
-east village

Atlas Cafe
-East Village

-West Village
-East Village

...basically stay in the east village, and you'll be fine ;)  but definitely do some research, there's an infinite list of restaurants worth eating at (the above is just a sampling of my cheap cheap cheap regular spots).  have fun at the MOMA.  i'm so jealous.  i haven't been back in months and i'm getting a sad....somebody call the waaaaambulence.


Curly's vegetarian lunch I think is awesome.


Definitely do try to eat in the East Village... I live here and can't get enough of the restaurants in my 'hood.  Since I've moved over here, I've been cooking less and less :x 

Here's a rundown.

Lula's Apothecary is great for icecream, I love the banana split.

Kate's Joint is a divey bar and veggie restaurant.  I love the buffalo burger, McKate, caesar salad, and the nachos, onion rings and garlic fries are all amazing too. 

Lan Cafe on 6th Street and 1st Ave is vegetarian Vietnamese run by a Buddhist family... try the Pho and the fried rice, or one of the noodle dishes. Pad Thai is excellent also.

Pukk is on 1st avenue, great and affordable veggie pan-asian with super duper cheap lunch specials during the week

Organic Grill on 1st and 7th is nice for brunch... Pancakes with tofu scramble and soy sausage.  Their soy sausage is the best I've tried at a restaurant.

As said, atlas Cafe is great and affordable and servings are huge!

Have fun!


speaking of nyc and vegan....
I've been craving a blooming onion... you know, one of those deep fried battered onions...

anyone know where in nyc I can get one vegan?

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