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Kansas City vegans, where should I go?

My mom decided that KC sounds like a really good place to go to for Thanksgiving break this year (sometimes she gets weird ideas..) so instead of me going home, my family is driving to Kansas City (their hotel is in the Missouri part I believe) and I get to try to bribe someone into driving me to meet them there for the break. I've done a little bit of googling to see what kind of stuff they have there, but does anyone have any secret places I should know about? Any restaurants/stores/whatevers I should check out? We're having Thanksgiving dinner out (they haven't decided on a place yet) also. Anywhere sort of nice that has veg options? Thanks (:

WORLDS OF FUN. (in the kansas part)
Not vegan friendly in any possible way. And it costs money.
But its fun. (hence the name!)

In downtown kc, mo. they have a planet subs. Its a sub place that has an entire vegetarian menu. Like, 6 sub options. I think they have tempeh and stuff, I didnt get to go when i was there :( But ive always wanted tooooo!.
There also a steakhouse downtown. (its fancy schmancy) It has vegan (thats what i was told. Its not even on the menu, but sooo good) butternut squash raviolli. Its super expensive and i dont know what it was called. But i just wanted to bring it up because its something veg friendly.


check out its kept up to date pretty well. Some favorites are Eden Alley (all vegetarian/vegan), Blue Koi (noodles & dumplings), Blue Nile (Ethiopian), Jerusalem Cafe (middle eastern) and Waldo Pizza (vegan crust and cheese options) to name a few. Beware of the all vegan Café Seed. they are never open even if their hours say they are supposed to be.

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