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macaroni grill

I went there today and its not too bad!!  You can create your own pasta dish, using a olive oil garlic dressing or whatever and add a bunch of veggies, they even have whole wheat noodles.  yum!

Yes! I ate there today w/ some coworkers... scoped out their menu online last night, where they have a good 'allergen info' page detailing what's *in* stuff/ what to avoid if you don't want milk, eggs, etc... I had the 'chicken florentine' salad w/o chicken or parmesan: spinach, orzo, pine nuts, tomatoes, capers, black olives, & garlic-lemon vinnaigrette-- yummy! & the 'peasant' bread they bring out 1st only has butter on TOP-- not in it; so I just asked for some without it, & it was no problem.

I was pleasantly surprised! Good dining experience, for a mainstream/ corporate-type place...


last time i looked up their allergy info, it was really confusing. but i figured out that the marinara and arrabiata sauces are vegan, which is cool. also, at least at the macaroni grills i go to, the bread is brushed with olive oil, not butter... i guess they're more fake sicilian than fake toscani : )


Last time I went they served me non-vegan soup after telling me it was vegan. Then I found out from another server that it was not vegan, and my waiter was like, "there's only like one little cube of chicken boullion in there" . I was so mad!
They said that there soups are NEVER vegan, so that is something to watch out for. This was also about 8 years ago, so maybe it has changed.
I loved the warmed greens salad (spinach?) but now I'm thinking there was probably bacon grease in it.


I went there when I was in Reno and my friend was a server so she helped me out and was very conscious of what I could eat. I just ended up making my own pasta with whole wheat noodles and sun dried tomatoes and some other shit. It was pretty rockin' with my hefeweisen

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