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Nashville trip

I'm going to Nashville in November (yah I'm a little early, but I'm excited about my trip!) and looking for veg-friendly restaurants. Happy Cow doesn't offer much help so I'm turning to my Vegwebbers! Any recommendations?

sorry - my only suggestion is to search yelp.  you can start with the restaurant type search function and look under vegan and vegetarian,  but i also like to just type the word 'vegan' into the main search box.. that way if someone leaves a comment like "this place is geared towards traditional meaty meals but they have a couple really great vegan dishes" then that restaurant shows up.  same goes for if someone says "this place has zero vegan options".  that way you find restaurants that would never label themselves as veggie, but may have some hidden gems.


there isn't much, unfortunately.  There is a vegetarian indian restaurant called Woodlands, Fido, has a few vegan options, Rosepepper has a few options, and if all else at whole foods, which is what I usually end up doing!


Grins Vegetarian Cafe (on the Vanderbilt campus)

2421 Vanderbilt Pl  Nashville  TN  37212 See map
Tel: (615) 322-8571

i haven't had the pleasure of going there myself and not sure if they still exist - but in all likelihood - they probably do.

This is about the only *strictly* vegetarian place you'll find in Nashville.  At the same time though, you'll find many "vegetarian friendly" places....

There's another restaurant called "Tin Angel" on West End Avenue
a bit skimpy on the portons and over-priced but an ecclectic mix of offerings (if you're vegan, you might have some difficulty here though)

OH - i just found this vegetarian place
The Veggie Cafe

*CRAP* - why do they wait until *after* I leave Nashville to open these places

Calypso Cafe
dive type place, cheap eats though :)

i don't know if you're "anti-establishment" but P.F. Changs will have good stuff - pricey but very tasty...

Nashville is a medium sized city so you'll easily find the usual assortment of indian, thai, Atlanta Bread, Fresh-Mex type places as well

trust me, you *won't* (read "can't") go hungry in Nashville :D


unfortunately, Veggie cafe closed


oh, then i don't feel so bad for "missing out" now - whew!  :P

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