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New Vegan travelling to home country Philippines! HELP!

my bf and i just recently turned Vegan and we're both doing really good. the only problem is im bringing him with me when i go home in december and most or ALL filipinos dont believe in veganism. most of our dishes are meat based. although we have one or two dishes with just veggies and i can make salad for the both of us but im sure those wont be enough for a balanced diet. so im thinking peanut butter and jelly.. peanuts..salads..i dont know what else. :l maybe ill put tofu instead of the regular meat my parents put.. i dont know. can someone recommend moer stuff? peace.

are you going to be with your parents? how long? do you have access to a kitchen?

if there are produce stands around there you can definitely load up on tons of fruits and veggies.. what kinds of grains are available? you can make some awesome dishes with just veggies as long as you have some spices and oil. if i were you, i would base my diet in fruits and veggies and eat beans and nuts in addition. as long as you are eating a variety of all of that stuff it is a very balanced diet. the only thing that you would maybe have to worry about while eating all of that stuff is b12 (not naturally in plant foods), and since we store it for a really long time and you haven't been vegan for long you shouldn't have any problems!


definitely loading up fruits and veggies and nuts. i just needed a second opinion. thanks!!!!!! xxx

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