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NVR - Public Transportation in Chicago

After one year of marriage, my husband and I are finally taking a honeymoon.  :)

We've decided on Chicago for our Spring trip and need a little advice... 

We're flying into Midway and our hotel is on Michigan Avenue.  I've found the trip planners and route guide for the buses and public transit systems.  It looks doable without a rental car (yea for the environment!), but any advice would be great.

I've already searched through the old threads and founds tons of awesome-sounding restaurants to visit.  Can't wait.

We'll be in town from May 8th - 15th, so if anyone in Chicago wants to get together, contact me through my myspace page at 

Transit advice, stuff to do, and any other recommendations are welcomed!

Thanks all!!!

Can't type much now but here is a good link for activities. Chicago is a very easy city to get around w/o a car. I lived there for about a year and a half on public transport. I'll fill in more later.


i live in chicago and have for 41 years- my entire life.  it is definitely advisable that you use cta (public trans) for chicago traffic is horrible.  the trains and buses run all day and night- you wont have a problem.  buy daily cta day passes ($5) they allow you to ride as much as possible for 24 hours.  go to chicago dinner, karyns cooked, amitabul, veggie bites, and soul vegetarian east for great affordable vegan foods.  fav places= michigan avenue; all museums, navy pier, the north side (make sure you visit halsted and belmont for the night life (its a hoot), rush street, the south side of chiago which is often forgotten (its in the midway vicinity), downtown, walking neighborhood tours, and oak street beach if its nice for the best people watching ever.  you will have a great time and not run out of things to do.  check out this site for daily stuff to do in the chicago area.

have a great time!



Woo, Chicago! That's where we went on our honeymoon. Lot's of fun!  ;D

Since you're going to be using public transportation (good choice, much faster than driving!), you might want to consider buying a public transportation pass. I think they have unlimited uses:

Have fun!


Thanks everyone.  Keep those suggestions coming!!!


everyone else has made pretty much all the same suggestions i would have.

if either of you are students, and interested in opera/ballet type stuff, you can sign up for the Lyric Opera's "next" program (really quick to sign up) and get $20 tickets to opera and sometimes other types of shows.... really cheap and really great seats usually.

if you wanna just go on a little mini chicago tour, take the brown line heading north. it's the most fun line to take; it's a little slow and winding, so you get to see all the fun chicago north neighbourhoods... and basically just get off when you see something interesting. that's what i did my first few weeks in chicago.


I live in Chicago and I have a couple of friends visiting me in 3 weeks and so I've been putting together a list of what we could do:
Seeing the show Putnam County Spelling Bee
Navy Pier
Sears Tower
Stock Exchange
Brookfield Zoo
Botanic Gardens
Michigan Ave
Watertower Place
Art Institute
field Museum
second city
garretts popcorn
millenium park
ghost tours
buckingham fountain
wrigley field
outlet malls
oprah show
These are many of the things that I love about Chicago that people who visited in the past enjoyed.
Usually we drive around chicago, its not bad, but than Im used to it. Parking is around $20 wherever you go though.


Awesome, Thanks!!!


Don't forget the Chicago Vegetarian Diner!

I've been wanting to try it myself


I actually just went to Chicago over Winter Break (with one of my friends, on a "broke student" budget-- it was bare bones, but so much fun!!!). We actually arrived at O'Hare, not Midway (slightly cheaper flight than into Midway at that point), but we picked up CTA 5-Day passes right at the airport, and road the CTA Train right into town! We also stayed right off of Michigan Avenue, at the "Inn of Chicago" Best Western. We managed to avoid using any taxis or rental cars whatsoever, it wasn't at all difficult.
Looking at the CTA map, it looks like you'll be able to do exactly what we did. You can take the Orange Line Train all the way to Roosevelt, hop onto the Red Line, (by the way, pack REALLY light if you're going to use Public Transport to get to/from the airport-- your arms will thank you... dragging 60 lb. suitcases through crowded subways/train stations is not a great time. :P) then just ride until either Grand, or Chicago, depending on whether you're on South or North Michigan avenue. From there, you can either walk the rest of the way, (no more than 3-4 blocks), or hop onto a Bus that'll get you closer to your hotel. (Again, this is heavily reliant on how much luggage you're taking along. :P) I had no issue whatsoever with taking public transport to and from the airport, though my friend is still convinced she'd rather have taken a taxi. (I'm still convinced that I rather enjoyed using that 50 bucks-each-way for shopping on Michigan instead. :P) As far as CTA goes for museum hopping and sight seeing, it is definitely the BEST way to travel. Not only is there no reason for getting a rental car, I would thoroughly recommend against it. With your hotel on Michigan, you'll be a block away from about 20 different bus stops that will take you ANYWHERE you want to go.
Have a great trip, you're going to love it!


Hey mdvegan,

I don't have a myspace account so I cant contact you there. here is my email. I'd love to get together for some good vegan grub while you are up here.  :)


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