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The official vegan restaurant review (U.S. and Canada)! (to be updated)

Please add vegan restaurants and reviews (kind of food, atmosphere, price, variety, service, flavor, etc.). I have added some restaurants that are not 100% veg*n, but have several easily discernible vegan menu options (not just taking away cheese, etc., so no guess work!). Feel free to add places with great vegan options. Also, please inform me if you know of a listed place that has closed/not very vegan friendly.


Acai Alaska

Organic Oasis
Not strictly vegan, but they have a wide selection, and the options are labeled vegan (or gluten free). They have selections of vegan soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, pizza, entrees, and dessert. They also have smoothies, juices, teas, and other such things. I thought it was a very nice option to have. The food was not superbly special, but tasty. I had the hula tempeh sandwich with salad, and P had the Italian avocado sandwich with salad. The salad was nice and healthy, but the dressings were not very good at all. I tried about 4 different ones, and the Caesar was not Caesar like at all. Beware that they also don't label honey as vegan. We had the chocolate cake for dessert, which was good, but not amazing. The ganache and sauce were good. Overall, enjoyable. (AC)
Chef Sara Signature Creations

nice little place in downtown area. I had a shaved seitan sandwich that was really good. (lebkuchen)
Loving Hut

Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center Cafe

Chakra 4 Herb and Tea House

International Vegetarian House

Loving Hut

The Breadfruit
their tofu is so meat-like that I took one bite and must have made a horrible face because the waitress came to ask me what was wrong. I said, "Is this chicken or tofu??" Apparently, it was tofu! After I got over my squeamishness, I was able to enjoy the dish. But seriously, not for the faint-hearted!Also had ginger sweet potato pudding for dessert, which was actually a piece of pie, not a "'pudding." It was good but nothing to rave about. I liked this place a lot, though - very modern decor, great service, reasonable prices. (lebkuchen)
Bliss cafe

all I can say is, WOW. DH and I loved it!! We went twice because I had to get their gigantic Raw Platter 2 days in a row. It was absolutely fantastic and seriously enormous! DH had a Mexican dish (enchilada?) that was also really great. Prices were very reasonable to me for the quantity and quality of food. Highly recommended! (lebkuchen)
Fresh Mint

Green New American Vegetarian
really great, funky little place. I had a chik'n parm sandwich that was to-die-for. The seitan was so "chickeny" that I actually wondered if I was eating real chicken! DH also had a chik'n-style sandwich that he still raves about to this day! The food was kind of comfort-food-greasy but really delicious. Also, they had soft serve ice cream! First time I ever got to have vegan soft serve, and it was GOOOD! (lebkuchen)
Okay, I like Green--the big exception would be the veggie burgers. I like veggie burgers that don't try to taste like hamburger. The ones at Green aren't trying to taste like hamburger, but I have no idea what they ARE trying to taste like. They are pasty, glue-like and pretty much gross, in my opinion. The pizza is just kind of plain--way too much emphasis is put on the fact that they have some vegan cheese on them. Not good enough to make me buy it again. But other than that, they have really delicious thyme fries, soynamis (best milkshakes out of all the vegan places I've ever been, though to be honest I've never been to any of the vegan ice cream parlors), crab puffs, nachos, etc. Green is good, just stay away from the fake hamburger type meat. (vikrrr)
Govinda's Natural Foods Buffet

Lovin' Spoonfuls
if you are looking for vegetarian burgers/"chicken" items, etc.... (val)
I did the panic and get the veggie burger thing here the first time. It was meh. The cheese was weird. My little brother had the pasta magnifica I believe, and it was fantastic. Creamy and yummy. My dad got a rice thing called Buddha's delight I think, and he said it was meh. Second time around, I got a tuna melt and it was tasty. I liked the tuna part, but the cheese was a little strong. The little brother got a bbq sandwich that was tasty, but not amazing. The lady there is super nice and kind of quirky, and I'd go again. (ponycakes)
It's the only 100% vegan restaurant in Tucson. I go there quite often and have enjoyed most of what I've gotten. The service is really good and Peggy, the owner of the restaurant, is really kind. When she puts together projects for teaching (I think she guests at nutrition courses or the like) she always interviews her customers. One time she was putting together a slide show to show people that vegans look just like everyone else, which I thought was interesting. Anyway, back to the food. Peggy makes an outstanding sesame ginger salad dressing that I wish she'd sell by the bucket. I also love her fettuccine dishes, the lasagna, and the Mediterranean plate. It's a little pricey but worth it, although I'd say skip the desserts (though the milkshakes are good). (nikrrr)
I love Yoshimatsu. The building also houses Sushimatsu. In both places, all vegan things are clearly marked. Vegetarian things are also clearly marked. My favorite is the ginger tofu bento. On the Sushimatsu side you can get ginger tofu as an appetizer. They also have an excellent mushroom appetizer (I think this is big enough to be a small meal), other vegan and vegetarian bentos that feature mushrooms, veggie patties, and sauteed veggies, and several noodle and soup dishes that are really good. They even have a vegan dessert though I wouldn't recommend it unless you're a fan of the bobas in boba tea (they taste like big cubes of that type of tapioca). There's even a cute little shop in the restaurant. (nikrrr)
Nature's Express
The food was really good and decently priced. I had a veggie burger with swiss and mushroom topping--upon tasting the swiss I was positive it wasn't vegan, and I asked about it. They said it definitely was, but I felt weird about asking to see the packaging. I won't get anything with cheese again just in case, but even without it I think that burger would've been good. In addition, the waiter/cashier told me that they make fresh salsa daily. I also had a peanut butter chocolate chip shake - it was waxy and icy. Not so good. That aside, I'd go to Nature's Express again for sure. (nikrrr)
Wellness Secrets

Hot Springs
Garden Secrets
So my husband took me there two times, I had to get it to go (they stayed in the car eating Burger King ....) but I was still excited!  The smothered burrito with chik'n was Really good! Since I live in very small town in East Texas, I am used to looking over a menu for the ONE or maybe TWO items I can eat, it was so awesome to have an Entire menu to choose from!! (stacydan)
the first time I got the garden panini sandwhich with sweet potato fries and a slice of turtle cheesecake - my very first vegan cheesecake!  The panini was good, but since I had to get it to go and I ate my sweet potato fries first, the bread was a little soggy by the time I ate it.  And the cheesecake was pretty good too, it had a good flavor, but I could tell that it had been frozen.  I was just so thankful that my husband actually took me there and didn't even gripe about it! (stacydan)
Cooks Natural Foods and Cafe

Greater Los Angeles County
Loving Hut

Oh happy days'

Bean Sprouts

Canoga Park
Follow Your Heart
Vegetarian, with clearly-marked vegan options. It's all different sorts of food. Straight-up, this place is amazing. I usually get their dinner specials, fill up on salad, and then have enough of the meal left over to eat for two more days. Nice atmosphere, nice people, delicious food (and desserts!) for relatively good prices. (lolkrys)
They have a pretty good variety of vegan items and vegan brunch items, and the food's pretty good, but not so great that I would suffer the traffic again getting there. Oh, and the French toast sucked. (fb)
That's Amore

Vegi Wokery

Loving Hut
Very different menu (and prices!) from other Loving Huts. It's more American-ish cuisine. Their steak rolls are good (they're gardein beef stuff with hoisin sauce in green onion pancakes), and they have this sort of weird thing - battered cauliflower in orange sauce. That one's really great. Also, mushroom penne in a creamy garlic sauce - pretty good. BUT. They're real expensive. Like 11-14 dollars an entree, and the steak rolls (an appetizer) are 7. However, you do get a lot of food, so a friend and I shared the steak rolls and penne one time, and we totally stuffed. I don't know why they have a different menu here, but whatever. It's worth trying, just know it's not as cheap as other locations. Also, a lot (most?) of their dishes center around Gardein products. That might be delicious to you, or unexciting; it's mostly the chicken scallopini or beef stuff. (fb)
Cheezy Pizza
This place isn't vegan, but has a separate vegan menu and packages their vegan pizzas for retail sale as well. The soy chicken and sausage they use for their pizza is really good (I don't know what product it is). The best pizza I've had from them is the chicken alfredo, followed by the margherita. I didn't like the chicken bbq one (the barbecue sauce is VERY sugary), and the buffalo chicken ranch is ok, but doesn't really feel like pizza to me because of the components. I get the pizzas from Viva La Vegan (vegan store in Rancho Cucamonga), but at the actual place they have more stuff, including calzones, jalapeno poppers, and garlic cheese bread. The prices are a bit steep ($12-25 for a 14" pizza), and interestingly they're actually a bit cheaper if you get them at Viva La Vegan. (fb)
Covina Tasty
this is a former Tasty Freeze made vegetarian. Half the menu is tons of shakes/smoothies; not sure if any can be made vegan. The rest is all vegetarian fast food. There are a number of vegan items; just ask the guy at the counter (the owner, who is cool & has an old beetle parked out front). The food itself is pretty greasy fast food deliciousness: we got onions rings (favorite part), chili dog, chicken sandwich, and fries. It's pretty reasonable prices; more expensive than fast food, but cheaper than a sit-down place. There are benches out front to sit at and also a side room.  (fb)
El Segundo
Veggie Grill

Fountain Valley
Au Lac

Granada Hills
Vegetable Delight

Hacienda Heights
Garden Fresh

Hsi Lai Temple

Hermosa Beach
Planet Earth Eco-Cafe

The Spot Natural Foods

Pizza Fusion
brownies are vegan, they have salads and sandwiches that can be made vegan, and they have vegan soy cheese (FYH last time i was there, they may have switched). Their gluten free crust is not vegan, so do not get that. Ok pizza, probably not worth the price? I never paid for it, Dustin used to work there. (hesp)
Truly Vegan
Lots of people seem to love this place, but IMHO, not so great. I was spoiled by going to the Vegan Joint, and this place has much the same menu, but less quality. However, they do have some vegan smoothies that you wouldn't see else where - chocolate, mocha, strawberry, and whatnot. They also have sushi, but I haven't tried it. (fb)
Vegan House

Stuff I Eat
YES. It's like everything on their menu was tailored to my tastes. So, it's around $11 a dish, but it's a lot of food. For instance, you can get a half-size or full-size soul food platter; the full-size is $18, but it stuffs 2 people. They have this kilimanjaro quesadilla, where it's hard to see there's even a quesadilla in there. I didn't like their kale (too salty!) but everything else was great. Not a fan of sweet potatoes all the time, but theirs is delicious. It's a pretty low-key place. (fb)
Long Beach
Viento Y Agua Coffeehouse

Zephyr Vegetarian Cafe
remembering liking it, appreciating it's mostly vegan-menu, and simple, soup and sandwich selections. (saskia)
I dashed up there for lunch one day and just got a Fakin' BLT to go.  It was really delicious, and came with tortilla chips and tasty salsa.  You're right that it's mostly vegan; in fact they have asterisks next to the few things on the menu that aren't vegan.  All of the sandwiches had vegan mayo by default!  I wished I could go back for dinner and more fully explore the menu.  The salads they were serving while I waited looked incredible and people were drinking something out of a coconut shell.  The employees were nice and the regulars raved about the food.  They had interesting local art on the walls, various local papers and a generally pleasant atmosphere. (veggydog)
My Vegan

West Covina
One World Vegetarian Cuisine
This place has a huge variety of food, sort of a mix of various Asian and American cuisines. What I liked initially is there menu is FULL of pictures of the food, which is helpful because some of the names of their entrées are weird (like Infinite Love and Secret Love and Passionate Tofu). Everything we tried was pretty good, but I think my favorite was the chili fries (fries are homemade). Aside from the chili fries, everything is pretty healthy. Not made-of-sprouts-healthy, but it seems all be influenced by Vietnamese cuisine - lots of fresh, raw vegetables added, rice noodles, brothy sauces. Tasty food without feeling like you're going to die when you're full (fb)
Los Angeles city
A Taste of Life
Vegan Soul Food is their specialty, but they also offer pizzas and salads and the like. It might seem expensive at first but I can share a meal with one other person and STILL have enough food left over for two MORE meals. PLUS the food is FANTASTIC. Oily, unhealthy, and delicious comfort food. Yummmm.  I cannot rave more about this place, aha. Oh, just don't be in a hurry. If you're impatient, you won't like the lax atmosphere. Another plus: The people are INSANELY nice. (lolkrys)

Cafe Flourish

California Vegan
This place is ok. It delivers to my area, so if I'm too lazy to cook and want Thai food without leaving home, I might call, but otherwise I'll probably stick to the Vegan Joint. This place charges a little more, but gives you a little less. One of their popular items is California Orange Chicken or something, and it's reeaaally sweet - the whole dish is a pile of saucy fried "chicken" and no veggies  - too heavy for even me. (fb)
Casa De Sousa

Chili Addiction
OMG THIS PLACE IS SO GREAT. Ok. They have a vegan menu that is just as big as their regular one. They make everything in-house, including the veggie burgers, veggie dogs, vegan sausages, sauerkraut, different mustards, different ketchups, pickles, and of course the chili. You can buy the flavored ketchups, mustards, and other sauces too by the bottle. They have stuff like curry ketchup, habanero mango ketchup, habanero mango hot sauce, etc. They had 2 vegan chilis when I went; I think that's how it normally is. They'll sample them for you, too. We had: chili cheese fries, nachos, two veggie dogs (a "street dog" and a "southwestern dog"; there are maybe 10 types. the street dog has sauerkraut, mustard, chili, and daiya, and the southwestern has jalapeno relish and some other stuff), a vegan sausage ("death wish", maybe another 10 types), a chili burger (maybe 10 types again), and onion rings. There are a couple things on the vegan menu that are only vegetarian (labeled as such), and from what I can tell it's because their cornbread is not vegan, and for the other items there is asiago cheese involved. The guys at the counter definitely knew what was up. The portions are good, the prices are so-so. For instance, the sausage was $11, and the veggie dog was $6 (but the difference in size was not so great, so it depends on what you get in terms of value). I find this totally acceptable for an independent place with plentiful vegan selections, though. Also, there is room to sit inside, but it's not really a sit-down type of place, kind of like a fast food joint.They're a few doors over from Real Food Daily, a popular vegan restaurant (which is probably not great for them, I dunno), and before we went in we were considering getting something from RFD too (we love them), but after ordering all the deliciousness from Chili Addiction, we didn't even consider it. J very much loved Weinerschnitzel, and I figured he might want to get one of their non-vegetarian things (especially because they have other daily (non-veg) chilis that are weird, like one made with ghost chiles/naga jolokia), but the selection of greasy vegan eats left him wanting nothing. GREAT (fb)
Cinnamon Vegetarian
It says it's vegetarian, but the Mexican owner is as fluent in vegan lingo as she is in her native Spanish tongue. A sweet woman, who, after I asked for a vegan entree, was quick to pick out a number of vegan menus off the extensive menu. The food was outstanding, healthy, hearty Mexican food. They serve Latin American dishes, as well as sandwiches, veggie burgers, salads, natural juices and shakes. It's a small restaurant, but one that is very clean and airy, and serves locals, visitors and a business clientele. I highly recommend this place to any omni, vegetarian or vegan if you are in Los Angeles (off the 110 freeway, not far from Pasadena). Sometimes servers look at me like I have 6 heads when I ask for something vegan. I love to spread the word when businesses are vegan-friendly. (saskia)
mmm yes tasty!  I like their tamales...finally some vegan tamales! (kennedy)
Good stuff. I can't quite remember what I got there now, but there were delicious empanadas and enchiladas involved. I did ask about veganness, and the server said they have vegan cheese, but when I got it I was pretty sure it was the casein-containing soy cheese (it wasn't daiya and was stretchy in that casein way) hmm. But otherwise the food was good, not too bad price. (fb)

Doomie's Home cookin'
(All vegan except that they offer real cheese as an option for some of their sandwiches) This place recently opened up in Hollywood and it's great!  They serve comfort food and soul food like vegan mac & cheese and fried chick-un. I went there with a friend who wanted to try it and I didn't think I'd really be able to eat anything because of my gluten-free diet but much to my delight they had spicy buffalo wings which coincidentally were gluten-free. My friend and I both thought the food was amazing and we plan to go back soon. Los Angeles is blessed with a lot of vegan/vegetarian restaurants but this one is at the top of my list! (angelamc)
Euphoria Loves Rawvolution


Flore Cafe

Garden Wok
Mostly vegan, with only a couple things that are only vegetarian.  Chinese/thai menu, with LOTS of options, and you get to choose between tofu, seitan, "chicken", "steak", or "pork" as your "meat".  Insanely good prices - they have a huge lunch special with soup, spring roll, and entree for a little over $6.00.  Everything I've had there is super good, they serve everything with tons of veggies, and the owners/servers are extremely friendly and helpful. (1stdrop)
Golden Mean Vegan Cafe
I didn't think this place was anything special. The portions are pretty small, and it's pretty expensive. None of the food is so great or elaborate that I couldn't easily make it at home. I'm glad I tried it, but probably won't be back. We had a chocolate coconut milkshake, enchiladas, and "chicken" pesto sandwich. The only cool thing is your side salad for the dishes is a selection of cold dishes rather than just a plain old salad. (fb)
Green Leaves Vegan

Green Temple

Happy Family Vegetarian Restaurant
personally recommend. small chain of Chinese restaurants with 100+ menu items with "exotic" fake meats (shrimp, kidney, shark fin, duck, etc). get the sweet and sour "pork" and fried taro/lychee  (fb)
Happy Family III

Happy Veggie

Happy Veggie Garden
very similar to Happy Family. Apparently it's run by the former & original chef of Happy Family, and almost the entire menu is the same. It's located in a shopping center of a 99 ranch market, so its location is convenient, but we've had some problems with consistent service. The food is essentially exactly the same and of the same quality, and between the two, I'd say this place's sweet & sour "pork" is fresher (crispier) than Happy Family's. Prices are about the same too. (fb)
J's Kitchen

Juliano's Raw Planet

La Thai Vegan

LA Vegan

Leaf Organics
Raw food... I like their almond/chocolate type smoothie, and they've got some of the tastiest raw vegetables I've ever had. But it's hard to get someone unfamiliar with raw food to like this place - too bad. The prices are pretty reasonable for raw food. (fb)
supposedly vegan, but exposed to use non-vegan products (along with a few other restaurants) by a foodblogger out here... I'm going to post the article on here so other CA vegans who might've missed it will be aware... (1stdrop)
Madeleine Bistro
Super fancy vegan restaurant... well super fancy for me, at least.  $18-20 for an entree, and pretty small portions, but everything is SO good that's worth it every once in a while.  And they have alcohol, which most vegan places out here lack.  Their menu is seasonal, so they always have different options.  Run by an adorable vegan couple, very friendly and helpful. (1stdrop)
Mama Z Cuisine

Mama's Hot Tamales Cafe
It's not a 100% vegan restaurant or anything like that. But they have vegan offerings like the black bean tamales which are a favorite menu item of mine. They also serve fair-trade coffee and feature local artists. (saskia)
My Vegan

Native Foods
personally recommend. little pricier than the others. They're more "vegan American" fare (fake meats and fake everything and such) Get: the carrot cake  (fb)
other items to get are the Save the Chickens Wings with ranch, Cowboy bowl, Elephant Chocolate Cake, Cheesecake, or hell, any dessert. They now own the place next door to them which is usually better air conditioned and has some vegan merchandise (like herbivore clothing) (fb)
very good! i have only eaten there once but would again.(hesp)
They've changed up their menu from what I mentioned before, and are now more focused on sandwiches and sides and stuff. The reuben is real good. I had the Oklahoma city burger (or whatever it's called), which goes so far as to have deep-fried pickle chips (what!), but I think the reuben was tastier. Everything I've had there is good, though the watermelon fresca drink is not as good as the lavender lemonade. The peanut butter parfait is super rich. Their newer Culver City location is a lot bigger than the Westwood one and has better parking. (fb)
One World Vegetarian Cuisine

Our Daily Bread

Pure Luck
The jackfruit carnitas from this place are AMAZING. They also give really generous portions, but they seemed understaffed in the service department. My boyfriend didn't really like them on account of soggy fries, but I liked the food and would return, if only because they're across the street from the ice cream place that makes vegan ice cream (Scoops). (fb)
OMG! so amazing! jackfruit carnitas, sweet potato fries, plaintains.. not to mention, their whipped cream actually tastes good. how the hell did they do that? (hesp)
Rahel Ethiopian Vegetarian Cuisine

Real Food Daily
great! last time i was there i sat back to back with Alicia Silverstone (veganzrule)
personally recommend. little pricier than the others. They're more "vegan American" fare (fake meats and fake everything and such) get the nachos and chocolate cake (fb)
Real Food Daily Bakery and Cafe
What's weird about this place is that it's not actually a bakery - they get all the baked goods from the West Hollywood location. That being said, they have some beautiful baked goods. Check their website for the monthly/weekly rotation - some nice items are Hostess-style Cupcakes and shakes. I like their Teecino latte too. The food isn't much - I liked it before when they had a tofu/miso tartine - but you can always get food in from the restaurant next door (you can order anything off their menu and they'll bring it over). (fb)
Sage Organic Vegan Bistro
Their menu sounds great, but the food was kind of underwhelming. I got a focaccia sandwich that had plaintains and other deliciousness on it, but eh, the plaintains weren't great, and neither was the bread (!). Also got some sampler plate of their spreads, and the (mint?) chutney was really the only thing that stood out. The bread it was served with sucked... I mean, if you're going to have bread with your foods, it should be like, good bread. =/ On the plus side, they have a KindKreme thing inside, where there are delicious & strange raw ice creams (some have honey, but the server knows which are which). (fb)

Seed Bistro

All vegan, and all really really good.  I've only been there a couple times so far.  They're a little more pricey, but they have a HUGE selection of vegan sushi that is amazingly good.  They also have tons of entree choices, and a lot of desserts as well.  The staff is incredibly friendly, and happy to answer any questions. (1stdrop)
Love Shojin. They're on the 3rd floor of a partly empty mall in Little Tokyo, but hey, it's quiet! They get, like, everything right. Their prices are not terrible, but they have the service of a nicer restaurant (will take your bags and stuff), and the servers are just always nice and on top of things; last year we went there for my birthday and they brought out the cake J ordered (chocolate lava) plus a little sampling of the other desserts they had at the time, and decorated the plate and wrote stuff, AND took a picture for us, and that was $7. There's always a couple of new items, so nothing gets old if you frequent them. On some Mondays you can try new sushi rolls the chef makes, which might wind up on the menu. They have specials time to time (they have a newsletter and blog where you can find them). They have special meals for various holidays. In terms of budget, you can get a really heavy meal (ramen) for $11 or share it (definitely possible), or you can go fancy for a dinner entrée for ~$16 plus $6-7 (small) appetizers. Sushi rolls are $7-11, depending on what they are ($7 ones are more like regular sushi rolls, the $11 ones are fancier and big). There's also a bento box you can get for lunch which is a sampling of several dishes, and a larger dinner version (I think it's called Shojin Go Zen). Their cuisine is for the most part Japanese, some of the nouvelle Japanese cuisine too; there are some traditional things, some creative things: regular miso ramen, or mabo tofu ramen, shiitake tempura, shiso leaves stuffed with tofu stuff, garlic crunchy roll, seitan bbq roll, spicy tofu "tuna" roll, "steak" with garlic butter (it's one of the more expensive dinner items, but contains more 'meat' than any one person could eat. it also happens to be delicious). A number of things have meat subs in them, but it's easy to avoid if you don't want that. Some items imitate meat in presentation, but not at all in flavor (e.g. a rainbow roll with roasted bell pepper on top instead of salmon, or the spicy tofu "tuna" which is not an attempt at tuna). Also, they do individual chocolate lava cake and apple pie made to order (the cake is great). Two drinks I've gotten there have been not so great (green tea latte and cafe latte), both because of way too much soymilk. (fb)
Soul Vegetarian
this place is the best (lisapisa)
Sun Power Natural Cafe

The Vegan Joint
personally recommend. Thai/American (and they deliver!). get the pad thai and yellow curry, and fresh spring rolls and "chicken" saté! recently we went there and the curry and saté were not as great, just different, so I hope they didn't change chefs or something Sad but any noodle dishes and spring rolls are still definitely great. (fb)
We went back recently, and their chicken sate is back to the same old good stuff. They have also added a number of menu items, including hot wings, gyoza, and extremely ridiculously tasty garlic fries ($3!). (fb)
Vegan Plate
This is another vegan Thai place that has pretty much the exact same menu as any other (suspicious -_-...), but the food's not quite as good as the Vegan Joint, and the curry portions are smaller. (fb)
Tirupathi Bhimas

Vegan Express

Vegan Factory

Vegan Glory

Vegan House

Vegan Village Internet Cafe

Veggie and Tea House

Veggie Life Restaurant

Vinh Loi Tofu
Vietnamese, completely vegan, and sooo good.  The owner makes his own tofu and soymilk, which you can get at the restaurant to take home.  They have loads of options, including bbq duck (sounds weird but is SO good) and lots of seafood dishes.  Everything I've had there is really tasty, and the portions are HUGE.  The prices are way decent for the amount of food you get and how yum it is. (1stdrop)
Southern California
Aliso Viejo
Native Foods
super delish! They even have vegan soft serve! I love their Baha Tempeh Tacos as well as their Cesar Salad with Save the Chik'n Strips... every non-veg I bring there loves it! They have a variety of vegan deserts and are not too expensive... sweet potato fries are super yum as well. Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable...5 stars! (amymylove)

Costa Mesa
118 Degrees
This is a raw food restaurant.  I went there for lunch.  The food portion was small, but fine for a light lunch.  I got the mole enchiladas.  The filling wasn't inspired, but the sauce on the top was absolutely fabulous.  I'm not sure I'd go back, but I'm happy with the meal I had. Note:  When we got there the staffperson told us that everything on the menu was vegan, but some of the beverages had bee propilis or bee pollen.  We were told that none of the food items contain bee or other products. (hh)
Avanti Cafe

Mother's Market

Native Foods
They have great, great all vegan food at good prices! (jonimarie)
awesome-- they're all over CA but Costa Mesa location is the original (dalida)
very blah (walk up and order your food like fast food...staff is mostly disinterested teenagers).  (hopfrog)
Garden Grove
Hoa Sen Vegetarian Restaurant

Thuyen Vien

Huntington Beach
Bodhi Tree Vegetarian Cafe

Good To Go

Mother's Market

Greens Cafe

Mother's Market
another favorite (saskia)
Veggie Grill
omg omg omg!!!  This place is amazing.  It's a vegan "American fare" fast food place with burgers, salads, and amazing sweet potato fries.  I have never had such flavorful meat analogs.  I got the V Burger for $8.95 (June 2009).  It was a steak burger with the works and a side of slaw.  My omni friend got a chicken burger and was half done with it when he asked if I was sure it wasn't chicken.  It's that good.  The other vegan American fare chain in SoCal is Native Foods.  The Veggie Grill wipes the floor with Native Foods, tastewise. (hh)
(campus dr) Really good. I went to the one is west hollywood once, and it was all right, not amazing, mostly because both of their fake meats (supposed to be different) totally tasted the same (and tasted of orange juice; i think they were the carne asada and the chipotle bbq). This time and at this location I got the Crispy Chick'n thing, which was great. My friend got the chipotle bbq thing, which was better here. I guess it might have been just that time I went, or they vary by location. (fb)
Wheel of Life
awesome! Very friendly owners who always make sure to ask you how you liked your meal. Quite and peaceful... their combo fried rice is AWESOME! Their Orange "Chicken" and "Cream Cheese" Wontons are to die for.  I didn't like their pad thai when I tried it (sauce was bizarre) 5 stars! (amymylove)
yes! I used to live near there when I lived in Orange County. Thank you for reminding me of what a wonderful place it is. Next time I go I want to try your recommendations. (saskia)
Ladera Ranch
Loving Hut
I went here for my birthday dinner and it was really good! Not too expensive, beautiful environment, friendly staff. The dessert was selection was so so, I wish they had more offerings. I thought the Strawberry "Cheesecake" I had was amazing my Sisters Chocolate Banana Cake was alright. The vegan shrimp dish (Spicy Cha Cha) was good, the texture was awesome. My BF had the Asian BBQ Chik'n which was amazing (I sampled some of his). They had an large drink selection and I got to try my first Thai Tea which was really good. 4 stars overall. (amymylove)
... maybe it varies by location but most meals and desserts i've had are okay at best... they do have the cheap price factor on their side... i had lemongrass tofu and it was the driest tofu dish ever! maybe i will try the dishes you recommended next time... the service wasn't good either, they kept rushing us to order "are you ready" like 5 times but the food itself took awhile to come out and they weren't even very busy...(amymylove)
i guess as my vegan restaurant experiences grow i start to realize that the food really wasn't that great... Loving Hut in my opinion is mediocre at best... but the cheapness kinda makes it worth it on occasion compared to other vegan restaurants that can be pretty pricey (amymylove)
Laguna Beach
The Stand

Palm Desert
Native Foods
ok but not great (hopfrog)
It was insanely, stuporously slow.  So slow that we never got anything to drink with our food.  Not even water.  We had a waitperson sighting twice:  when we ordered and when the food came.  Incidentally, it's the only fully vegan restaurant I've been to. (hh)
Palm Springs
Native Foods
Everything on the menus is vegan, which is nice for a change.  Some of my faves are the Chicken Run Ranch Burger, Soba Dan Dan, Greek Pizza, Chili Cheese Fries, Elephant Chocolate Cake, and Peanut Butter Parfait.  There are also restaurants in Palm Desert, CA, Los Angeles, CA,  and Costa Mesa, CA.  (willwolf)
We love the Palm Springs Native Foods. The staff is always attentive and the food is always very good. may take a little while to get a food, but it has never been that long. (hopfrog)
Rancho Cucamonga
Bright Star
We were hopeful for this place, because it's way closer to Pomona than our beloved Vegan Joint. Going inside, everything smells great, but the food to me isn't as good. Everything is very sweet (there seems to be some sugar in everything), to the point that even the sweet & sour sauce is more of a syrup than having any tartness. Also, the entrée portion is pretty small. However, they seem to be well-liked by local veg*ns, maybe because it's the only game in town. We agreed they probably wouldn't make it in L.A... (fb)
San Diego
Che Cafe

Evolution fast food
This is an all-vegan fast food restaurant with a small counter and patio seating.  The Mushroom Swiss Burger was great--messy and delicious. The fries were kind of soggy, though.  I got a New York Cheesecake to go and it was a wonderful treat that evening.  It was rich and creamy, with a crunchy almond/amaretto crust. (FYI - Bus route 3 stops right outside.) (veggydog)
All vegetarian/Many vegan options. Wonderful vegan "neatloaf" served with mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. Amazing "mock duck" sandwich (think loose "meat" bbq sandwich). Good salad and wraps. Great chocolate mousse cake and apple pie (both vegan). (erikajessica)
Nature's Express

Really good and cheap mexican food. not all vegan, but the vegan options are clearly marked on the menu. terrible customer service, though! sometimes you will get food that ain't quite hot anymore. still worth it! (hesp)
OK, so it's not the greatest service in the world (I'm pretty sure our order got misplaced until after he tried to give us someone else's food), but the tofu, mushroom and potato taco was so delicious!  The tofu was really nicely textured and seasoned.  They had good chips and salsa, but so-so guacamole. The concierge at my hotel recommended it too.  She said that they really "get it" and have separate cooking areas for the veg and meat stuff. (veggydog)
Ranchos Natural Foods
many vegan and vegitarian options. Authentic Mexican. Tamales are very good and soyrizo burrito. (erikajessica)

Sipz Fusion Cafe

Sipz Vegetarian Express
Amazing all vegan chinese and thai restaurant. All the favorites (sweet and sour "pork", spring rolls, summer rolls, cashew nut "chicken" and many other greats). (erikajessica)
awesome!  (purpledancer)
Stephanie's Bakery

The Greenery Raw Food Cafe

Vegan Zone

Loving Hut (formerly Veggie Era)
It's kind of a mix between Thai and Vietnamese food. It's pretty good (had the orange "chicken"), but not in a way that I have to go there again. It's better than Bright Star, plus it's closer and I think a little cheaper considering portion size. The people who work there are really nice. (fb)
Mary's Secret Garden

Central California
Taste of India
along the I-5 stretch from SoCal to the Bay area at the 58 offramp to Bakersfield.  There's a large sign along the freeway that says it serves vegan food.  I ordered a Vegetable Biryani Wrap (basmati rice, mixed veggies, spices in ramali roti) to go for $5.99 (on June 15, 2009).  I asked for it to be "medium spicy," but it was pretty mild.  The menu is separated into non-veg and veg items.  I picked up a paper menu on the counter and found the vegan options hand circled (makes it easy).  The wraps are specifically to go and the vegetable biryani wrap is the only vegan option.  For the other entrees, which were $9-$10, they have aloo matter (potatoes and peas in a curry sauce), aloo gobhi (cauliflower and potatoes with herbs & spices), palak aloo (chopped spinach and potatoes), mixed veggies (caluiflower, carrots, potatoes, and peas in a curry sauce, chana masala (garbanzo beans in a curry sauce), and yellow dal (yellow lentils cooked in spices). (hh)
Au Lac Cafe

New Stars Vegetarian Cuisine

Morro Bay
Shine Cafe
fucking delicious. I have never had anything there that i didn't like. it used to be 100% vegan but they added a salad with cheese . they use really fresh, local, delicious produce and there is a lot of it. i like it because it just focuses on what vegans can eat rather than trying to imitate other things. (hesp)
There are precious few places that offer anything remotely healthy and vegan. Imagine how happy I was to find Shine Cafe. Over this last Summer, I have eaten there 10-12 times. Got food poisoning twice. The food is tasty, for sure. The fact that they leave food out of the refrigerator all day is not so awesome. (in2insight)
San Luis Obispo
Big Sky Cafe
have some vegan options noted on menu which includes meat/dairy/egg/whatever. What I have had has not been stellar, but I keep hearing rave reviews. (hesp)
Smiling Dog Yoga Cafe
totally yum. mostly raw, but 100% vegan. amazing dressings.  (hesp)
Sweet Earth Chocolates
yum! delicious vegan chocolates like peanut butter cups, turtles, peppermint patties, caramels.  (hesp)
Thai Classic
Probably the best thai place I've ever been. Not 100% vegan, but it has a separate vegetarian menu that pretty much everything is or can be made vegan from. I always get a curry that isn't on the vegetarian menu and they are able to make it vegan. and the tofu satay is so good. i don't even have other words for it. (hesp)
Vrajas Kitchen
good food and it's not too expensive. all vegan. most ingredients local and organic. (hesp)

Bay Area California
Asiana Garden Vegetarian Cuisine

Cafe Gratitude
I love their steamed quinoa dishes and raw pizzas. Really good desserts, friendly staff, very comfortable family-style environment and not too pricey (pearmuffin)
This place is bigger than the San Francisco one, and has a nice, dimly lit family style feel to it. The servers are always very friendly, and the food is top notch. I've gotten a few of the entrees, the most notable were the Sun Burger and the Marinara Pizza. The thai coconut soup is fucking great. And if you don't get dessert, you are truly missing out. The raw cheesecakes they have are unbelievable. Also try the carrot cake! (sb)
Loved it! All the food is vegan, and the only non-raw items are cooked are quinoa and rice (and maybe some other grains? I can't remember.) I had raw "pizza" and my hubby had raw "enchiladas." Neither one was really like pizza or enchiladas, but they were very tasty. I looooooved the basil lemonade I had to drink there, so I made sure to recreate it at home later. (kristinv)
vegan japanese, which is awesome but just barely on the pricey side for a broke-ass mofo like me. (veganunderground)
great vegan japanese place with an extensive list of delicious and inventive dishes. I've been there twice, and was impressed both times. My rule is to never buy food I can make, and this place serves food I wouldn't even know where to begin to re-create. (sb)
SOOOOOO good if you love cinnamon rolls! My hubby and I shared an "old skool" cinnamon roll this morning, which is the nice warm bun with vanilla frosting. I am thinking of trying one with maple frosting and walnuts next time. (abrimmer)
I am so stoked that they have a storefront now. You can visit them at the Berkeley Farmer's Markets, which is where I had always gotten. Everything is vegan, which is awesome, and they have a great selection of off-beat mexican favorites. Everything tastes VERY authentic. Try the taquitos, and the tamale, both are not to disappoint. DISCLAIMER: THE HOT SALSA IS FUCKING HOT. I love hot shit, so it was perfect for me... but this stuf is no joke. Anyway, the Pozole they have is excellent too. Love love love this place!!! (sb)
2 locations, it's 100% vegan and sometimes organic, and it's cheap. Entrees under $10, friendly staff, I live right near it, and they have a kickass german chocolate cake. (veganunderground)
Great selection of food, and has a casual but nice atmosphere. Had a cheesesteak sandwich that was good but nothing spectacular. (kristinv)

Nabolom Bakery

Raw Energy Organic Juice Cafe

Seed of Life Cafe

Udupi Palace
This is a chain of restaurants. I have been to one in Fremont and the one in Berkeley. Southern Indian food, all vegetarian. Servers are very helpful to show you what is and is not vegan on the menu. What I've had was good, but nothing outstanding. (sb)
Vegi Food Restaurant

Vital Ital Calabash
I got the jerk 'chicken' sandwich when I went there and it ruled. I can't remember what my friend ordered, but it was equally delicious. We got fried plantains and ginger beer, too. I need to go back here. (sb)
Que SeRaw SeRaw

Dharma's Restaurant and Catering
I love love love it. Everything is vegetarian and most things can be vegan. Wonderful stuff. (ameliajoy)
delicious! I really like their thai noodle dish thing. The portions are HUGE though. I always have leftovers whenever I eat there (sb)
Kokila's Kitchen

El Cerrito
Tofu Yu

Cafe Gratitude

Loving Hut

Lu Lai Garden

Tirupathi Bhimas

Mountain View
Chaat Paradise

Flying Falafel

Garden Fresh

The food was awesome! The only downside was the price. Lunch for two ended up costing about $80. Ubuntu's dishes are designed to be shared, so my hubby and I shared three dishes (one was an appetizer) and had vegan carrot cake cupcakes for dessert.  (kristinv)
Udupi Palace

Breakroom Cafe

Golden Lotus
serves great vegetarian vietnamese food with awesome fake meat. most of the dishes are vegan and they even have a few vegan desserts. absolutely love their potato and "chicken" curry! also recommend the fish clay pot. (sb)
Grand Lake Farmer's Market

Ital Calabash

I was stoked to hear that this place served vegan pizza and calzones with their house "Notta Ricotta" which, upon reading their menu, appears to just be some sort of tofutti concoction. So we got the herbivore pizza (olives, mushrooms, onions, spinach) and we added fresh basil to it. The pizza was pretty good. I've made better homemade cheeses before, and it lacked sodium something serious. So after adding salt and tons of crushed red pepper, it was pretty good, but the crust was so thin that it was flimsy. Next time I'll definitely order the Sicilian thick-crust style pizza or the calzone (which is supposedly REALLY good). They do serve some really good beers though (lots of microbrew stuff), and that always rules. Anyway, I need to give this place another shot when I'm back in town and try some of their other items. (sb)

New World Vegan

Pizza Plaza

Souley Vegan
I am so glad this place is re-opened (in a new location!) after being closed for too many months. I've had almost everything on their small, yet delicious, menu. The mac n cheese is really creamy. The black eyed peas are slammin' and the fried tofu is the BEST fried tofu I have ever had. The okra is cooked nicely and I've heard that the only oil used in this place is olive oil. The BBQ tofu is good, but it doesn't compare to the fried tofu... or maybe I'm just a fat ass who loves everything fried (and I do!). (sb)
It was so good, my hubby and I ate here twice! Very casual restaurant. We wanted to try pretty much everything, so we got a sampler platter with a ton of side dishes. Everything was great, but the mac 'n' cheese and Southern fried tofu were the best. (kristinv)
Palo Alto
Cafe Soulstice

Gourmet Vegetarian Dinners

Loving Hut

San Francisco
Alive Vegetarian Cuisine

Amici's Pizza
Not all vegan, but they have free soy mozz. (cheezly), and it's really, really good. We had this pizza twice, with different toppings, and it was great. One of the best pizzas. The restaurant itself is really, really nice, too. My fave pizza! (AC)
i was unimpressed by daiya and the crust wasn't that great. (hesp)
Ananda Fuara

Assab Eritrean
my first Ethiopian experience. It was love at first bite (I know, I'm corny. While this place lacks ambiance, the food speaks for itself. And it was CHEAP - my dinner was only $6!! (lebkuchen)
Cafe Gratitude
really good. i'm usually not a fan of raw food but this was actually very tasty.  (curiale)
90% of their menu is raw. VERY interesting stuff on the menu. i had the key lime pie (raw) and it was pretty awesome. they have tons of fresh pressed juices. very friendly staff as well. would recommend highly! oh, it's right off of Irving... i want to say 8th or 9th street. (sb)
really great raw place. Tried the raw lasagna and it was really good. DH had a raw sampler platter that he really enjoyed (and it was his first raw meal!) He still talks about it 2 years later! (lebkuchen)

Daily Health Food and Deli


Feel Real Cafe

Golden Buddha

Golden Era Vegetarian Restaurant
AMAY!!! it is 100% vegetarian, and almost all of that is vegan (i think there is one fake shrimp dish that is not vegan and you can order thai iced tea in both vegan and regular varieties). Anyway, it's really really good and there are tons of interesting meat analogs to try. the appetizers are all really delicious. (curiale)
You must try the Spicy Gourmet "Chicken".  I like to eat dinner there and dessert at Millenium.  We actually have the Millenium cookbook and make the chocolate-almond midnight cake for everyone who is afraid of tofu in a dessert.  Talk about an instant conversion.  Moving on...(mdv)
super tasty! (sb)
vegan vietnamese food that is extremely delicious. (curiale)
Yayyyyy! Everything was really yummy. I think we pretty much tried everything of everything. We had appetizers, soup, salad, and entrees. My favorites were the faux drumsticks with the spicy bbq, the lemon 'chicken,' and ....everything else. Really good! Not my favorite part of the city, but a nice place to eat. (AC)
Gracias Madre
it was good, but nothing you can't make at home. i think i make better mexican food. i really liked that it was seasonal and all organic, though. (hesp)
Greens Restaurant
great for brunch! my husband and i love their scones!!!!!!!!!!!(peterfreeek)
not all THAT vegan friendly! i'll have to try it again though! maybe things have changed since i've last been!!  i bet it would be beautiful on a nice day....(curiale)
great too and much more reasonably priced. (megmarie)
for something more laid back, Herbivore is great. (curiale)
LOVED it!! Went twice to get the same BBQ seitan sandwich. Great menu, nice decor. (lebkuchen)
We ate here....about 5 or 6 times! It was right down the street from our hotel, and it was great to try lots of different things. We loved this one waitress there, but not another one. We had lots of the meals (lasagna, penne, ravioli, wraps, sandwiches, lentil loaf....and several brunch items), some desserts, and 2 shakes. The group wasn't pleased with the dessert crepes, and the potato gravy wasn't great, but P loved the creamy penne, and I liked my bbq seitan. We also had donuts at the Valencia location, and those were good, too. I would go back and back! Try to get Erin as your waitress at the divis location. WM laura told us the mac and cheeze is not great, so we didn't try that. (AC)
Has a great selection of food and casual atmosphere, but it felt crowded. My hubby and I were squeezed together at a small table in a corner. This time, I had penne with lemon-herb cream was fantastic! (kristinv)
I got: Grilled sandwich with seitan, French toast w/ grilled bananas, ginger ale. So apparently they have two ginger ales - the homemade and the oogave one. I meant to get the homemade and ended up with the oogave one (oops, whatever). The grilled sandwich had some good grilled bread, and whatever meaty thing you choose is with their lemon garlic sauce. Very good sandwich, and a good price (6.95 for just the sandwich, and it's pretty substantial. I was quite hungry and really only needed the sandwich in the end). I chose sourdough (other option: wheat) for the French toast, which comes with the bananas, earth balance, and some really good maple syrup. A side is just one slice, which is pretty big/thick, and the French toast itself is pretty good. I'd get either of those items again, and would come again. Good value, good food. The only thing is the service was pretty slow. When we first got there, there weren't many other customers, and by the time we left they were much fuller, and the service was consistently slow. Oh well, the food was good. (fb)

Karma To Go

Kearney Street Hand-held Pies
awesome little place that sells hand-pies. Always has 1 or 2 vegan pies each day. I had a lentil one that was really good. Different, fun kind of lunch! (lebkuchen)
Loving Hut (Stockton)

Lucky Creation Vegetarian

Maggie Mudd
It's so much better than any other non-dairy ice cream i've ever had.  My favorite was I got a vegan sundae of pecan praline ice cream and chocolate peanut butter ice cream with vegan marshmallow, fudge and oreo-type crumbles on it.  Yummmy, I miss that place so much.  They also have vegan waffle sundaes, brownie sundaes, shakes, banana splits... (charlotte)
BEST vegan ice cream ever. They also offer vegan milkshakes, sundaes, and even vegan ice cream cakes! It's definitely worth the trek, and the 24 bus line drops you off practically on their doorstep if you don't have a car. (curiale)
Oh god. The ice cream here is just to die for. I always get the waffle banana split (they make the waffle bowls fresh, right in front of you!). Comes with 3 scoops of ice cream, one topping (I always get marshmallow), whipped cream, nuts and a cherry. The best flavor ice cream I've had is the Dubliner. The apple pie is great, and the pumpkin ice cream is killer too. They have some weird flavors sometimes... I've tried black licorice, chocolate ginger, black sesame, etc. All acquired tastes, I suppose. Anyway, this place rules! (sb)
We went twice! They have lots of vegan ice creams, toppings, and sauces. I think the sundaes are best (for sure), and I loved the chocolate, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, peanut butter sauce, and the Tarmack. All good! (AC)
my FAVORITE if you are willing to spend a lot of money. (curiale)
kinda pricie but TOTALLY worth every penny.  (megmarie)
our local fancy-pants high-end vegan, and sure, it's d**n good, but I'd have to go with Herbivore. (veganunderground)
fancy, but well worth it (ungreen)
throw down for millennium! you won't regret it. (curiale)

The Front Porch
fancy. has one vegan item that changes every day. it was really really good food though. exepnsive! their vegan option was $17. (hesp)
this was really awesome. everything was organic, even their condiments. a bunch of different vegan dogs/sausages and a vegan potato salad that was really great (hesp)
Weird Fish
Not all vegan, but some good vegan options. Vegan fish and chips, sandwiches, breakfasts, and more! Yummy fried stuff. (AC)
San Jose
Di Lac Restaurant

Good Karma Vegan Deli
Great little spot here, extremely reasonable prices. The food is served cafeteria style, the staff is very friendly. I had the lemongrass tofu which was great. My friend had some tofu steak thing with mashed potatoes. The gravy on his dish was great. And some really cute guy was frosting black&white cupcakes. I told them I wanted one and they just gave it to me. Would love to go back! (sb)
Happy Bamboo

Loving Hut (Oakridge mall)
Golden Tofu - Very crispy and perfect on the outside, but raw soft tofu on the inside.  I would eat it again, but would have prefered a firmer/chewier fried tofu inside.  (Or heck, they need to turn these into vegan mozzarella sticks using FYH!)  Served with a light tomato dipping sauce. Summer Rolls - Light, fresh and yummy, generous portion (longer than average), containing jicama, tofu, veggies and a fresh herb that was a little overpowering for my tastes that I couldn't identify.  It came with a mediocre peanut dipping sauce (doesn't compare to Happy Bamboo!) Chocolate Cake - Appeared to be the chocolate cake from Black China Bakery in Santa Cruz.  Good, rich, standard vegan chocolate cake. (VeganChristine)
New Ganges Restaurant

Sogo Tofu

Tofoo Com Chay

Vegetarian House

Santa Cruz

Black China Bakery Cafe

San Mateo
Cafe Soulstice

San Rafael
Cafe Gratitude

Mulberry Street Pizzeria
They have vegetarian offerings, and for the best vegan pizza order a pizza with their Marinara sauce (need to ask for it), non-dairy vegan mozzerella (I order the light offering so half the normal "cheese"), and your choice of veggie toppings. Add in a green salad and ask for their Sweet Basil Vinegrette (listed under another salad option, so have to ask for it), which is vegan, and you'll have a fabulous meal. (sketchum)
Santa Rosa


Slice Of Life

Northern California

Cameron Park
Azna Gluten Free Bakery

Delta of Venus
Cute little casual coffee house/restaurant. It feels really homey, and they have a good variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes. The dinner options are about $9 each, but you get a lot of food, and the meal itself is pretty well balanced: cooked greens, sweet potato, grain, and the entrée itself. Some dishes are a little salty for my personal taste, but a lot of things are. You can also get café drinks made with soymilk (I like the hot chocolate!), and they usually have a few vegan pastries - brownies, cookies, and muffins when I've been there. Also, you bus your own plates, and they reuse drink sleeves. If I lived in Davis, I would waste all my money on this place - really nice atmosphere, cool foods. (fb)
Ding How
I was surprised with the amount of variety on the vegetarian menu here - it's basically like you took the regular menu and made everything vegetarian. The food is of decent quality; I'm used to vegetarian Chinese restaurants in L.A., though, and this is all Davis has got as far as I know. I'd return for sure.They seemed pretty knowledgeable when I asked about getting vegan food - I was even able to get mu shu "pork" with tofu instead of egg. The server was also really nice. (fb)
Elk Grove
Loving Hut

Fort Bragg
Living Light Cafe


Nevada City
Fuden Juice                 

Rancho Cordova
Bodhi Vegetarian House

Udupi Cafe

Au Lac
great food! Again, fake meat selections. My ten year old son got the teriyaki beef. He was half way through it when I told him it was not meat. He didn't believe me at first. My kids always ask to go back. They thought it cool that there were a couple of Buddist monks eating there. All vegetarian and might be all vegan. Small, clean, great food and service. Not the best part of town. (rswhitaker)
Addis Ababa Ethiopian Restaurant
I have heard it is great. It has great reviews with vegetarian offerings but I don't know about vegan. (rswhitaker)
Andy Nguyen's
Buddist, very popular. All vegetarian mostly vegan. Lots of fake meat and seafood selections. My wife got the "salmon" and said it really tasted like salmon. (rswhitaker)
Green Goddess

The Art of Food

The Green Boheme

Jyun Kang Vegetarian Restaurant

Weimar Institute Cafeteria

Bangkok Cuisine/Thai Kitchen
This place is so great. It's on the Northern edge of town, and it's just a little place among some other shops. We were the only ones in there, but each guy helping us was so friendly! The front of the menu says that many things can be made vegan and vegetarian. We chose the green curry medium and massaman curry (he did say NO FISH SAUCE). They were both soso good. Best curries ever! So rich. We don't usually leave leftovers, but we both did here. He gave us an extra (free) rice to take with our leftovers. Love this place, and hope it can survive! (AC)
We went back a few months later, and it's still amazing. I guess they had just come under new management, so I hope it doesn't change much. I forgot we had the green curry last time, so I got the green curry and P actually chose the massman again! The green curry the first night was SO good. It has eggplant that has a flavor I've never had before. It is just so flavorful and excellent. Everyone in this place is so friendly and considerate. I also had the tom yum soup (unique flavor!), and we tried the vegetable spring rolls (we went twice this trip). I'm not sure what all they can make vegan, but I think it's quite a few things (stated on the menu). This is one of my favorite places, ever. They also deliver for free! Oh, anddddd...our party should be on their new website; they took a picture of us to put on it! (AC)
Ideal Foods
This is a smaller old-fashioned style branch of Whole Foods. I loved it! It has so many vegan options of all types (deli, products, foods, bakery..), and the prices were overall very reasonable. It's small so you don't feel overwhelmed, can look everywhere, but still has basically everything. They even had a whole tray of vegan donuts (tried the chocolate coconut and maple). We had a couple wraps from the deli which actually weren't that great (roasted vegetables and hummus), and a salad from the bar. I so want to live by this place. (AC)
Leaf Vegetarian
We went here since VG Burgers was closed, and glad we did! It's a nice place with moderate prices, and quite a few vegan choices. I think mostly everything can at least be made vegan without much change. They also offer the choice of vegan cheese on everything (Daiya, for extra charge). They had enough choices that it made it difficult to pick. I had the jerk (crumbled) tempeh which is a beautiful arrangement with black rice, greens, a red fruit salsa, and coconut sauce. It was delicious and healthy. P had a veg flatbread pizza with the vegan cheese option. The bread was delicious and it had a lot of arugula. Our friend had the seitan philly (didn't try) and a squash coconut soup, which was a bit sweet to me. We also had the chocolate mousse (silken tofu) peanut butter tart which was rich and tasty, but not super special. Enjoyed it all! They have a nice atmosphere, pretty good service, and apparently a vegan happy hour. Would go back. (AC)

Mountain Sun Pub
This is not an exclusively veg restaurant, but they had several veg*n options. Honestly, the food was kind of average but we were hungry and the first place we wanted to go was closed. I had the Tempeh Reuben w/out the cheese and french fries. The sandwich was good but nothing spectacular, and the fries were cold and greasy - yuck. Hubby had the daily special which was a marinated tempeh wrap with veggies. Again, good but nothing spectacular. They do brew their own beer, which was tasty, although I'm not sure if it was vegan or not. I wouldn't go out of my way to eat here again. It's also really loud and noisy. (lebkuchen)
Namaste Nepal
Vegan buffet on Saturday nights! It seemed a tad expensive, but was super good. Tons of Indian style dishes. Kinda sad they didn't have any samosas, but did have some bhaji. I think the buffet is also wheat free. Loved pretty much everything, and stuffed myself. Would definitely go back to this. It's located in a (nice) shopping strip area, and was pretty busy (which is good!). (AC)
Nepal Cuisine

Ras Kassa's

Tsing Tao
I love this restaurant! Great selection of faux meats, and if you go for lunch, you'll get vegan soup and a vegan fried "eggroll" with your lunch. The hot and sour soup here is the best I've ever had, and all the faux meat dishes I've tried are pretty good. We always try to stop by here when we're visiting family in Boulder, but we haven't been able to make it to their vegan buffet night yet. (kristinv)
VG Burgers
Awesome!! Organic, local, all vegan quick serve restaurant. It's a small place in a great location. They have a small indoor seating area, and a couple tables outside. I had the reuben (tempeh), P had the BBQ chikn burger, and we had the banana split. The food was so tasty. Neither of us usually like tempeh, but the sandwich was so perfectly put together, and all the great flavors melded. The BBQ was good, but nothing super special. The banana split exceeded our expectations. It was huge, with coconut soft serve ice cream, lots of whipped cream, chocolate, good bananas, and a fresh cherry. Everything is fairly expensive (compared to most casual places), but it's worth it. All organic, lots local, lots can be made GF, all vegan. They have lots of sandwiches, fries, sides, bowls, wraps, desserts. I wish we could have gone again. Some day! (AC)
This place is awesome.  I found out about them through Happy Cow and I'm so glad I did.  The restaurant is in a really small building with local art for sale on the walls.  Everything is vegan, local, and organic...which blew me away.  I ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger which was huge.  They're tempeh bacon was exceptionally good. It was sliced really thin, so that it was pretty crispy, and really flavorful, as well.  The patty was pretty typical.  I kind of wish I'd gotten a black bean patty, I think the one I had was made with some typ.  The bun was fabulous.  It was huge, but it was a nice combination of crusty and soft.  I liked that they used their own vegan queso instead of commercial vegan cheese.  I guess they have to if everything is local.  ha.  I wish I could've ordered more, but I didn't have a way to keep to-go food.  Oh, I almost forgot, they top the bacon cheeseburger with two fried onion rings.  They, combined with the tempeh bacon really made the sandwich. This place has some healthier options than what I got, and everything on the menu looked awesome.  I would definitely drive out of my way to eat there again.  (lotus)
Pretty sure this is closed forever, which makes me incredibly sad. I will leave it up for now, as they still have the website up and the building still has registers and everything inside. It really looks like they just up and ran out leaving everything inside, except the building sign. The business guy next door said they closed 1 1/2 months ago (from 12/2011). This place was the only completely vegan place in Boulder. Sad! (AC)
Whole Foods
holy crap, this is the BIGGEST, BADDEST, MOST RIDICULOUS Whole Foods I have ever set foot in. It's unbelievable! I can't even estimate how large it is. They have stations inside for everything you can think of (smoothies, stir fry, breakfast, juice, kombucha, pizza, sandwiches....) We ate at the breakfast bar twice and had steel cut oats loaded with toppings for about $3.50. (lebkuchen)
Colorado Springs
Little Nepal
Oh my gosh, this was BY FAR the best Indian food I have ever had, (and Indian food is my fav. kind of food).  The staff was extremely nice, we had dal, samosas, and aloo naan, and even though I order this everywhere, it has never tasted so good!!! A nice, spacious restuarant, with big comfortable booths! A MUST if you are in CO Springs and like Indian food! (babysgotsauce)
Trinity Brewing Company

Uchenna Ethiopian Restaurant
This restaurant was the highlight of our trip, for sure. It's just a tiny little place in a strip mall, but the owner/chef, Maya, is the friendliest, most welcoming restauranteur I've ever met. She greeted us with a warm smile, gave us complimentary cups of rose-water lemonade and orange-water iced tea (both were delicious!), and interacted with our toddler son. We felt so at home and cared for here - she even showed us a photo album of children from her native Ethiopia. We split the vegetarian combo plate (mild) and it came with lots of injera. Chef Maya is such a sweet woman and her food was delicious. I'd recommend this place to anyone! (lebkuchen)
City O' City
Their(watercourse) sister restaurant is called City O' City, which specializes in yummy vegan baked goods (no non-vegan pastries here), and delicious vegan pizza (be sure to get the cashew cheese, it's divine!). (vegannewbie)
Had some excellent vegan pizza here, but even more memorable was the baked goodies! They have excellent vegan Hostess-style cupcakes. Very helpful that vegan items and items that can be made vegan are clearly marked on the menu. (kristinv)

Mercury Cafe

Root Down
This place was GREAT!!! Be sure to make a reservation, it is pretty busy.  They specialize is local food, so while it is not a totally vegan menu, there were plenty of vegan options!  I had the vegan risotto and it was absolutely delicious!!! Great, fancy atmosphere as well! (babysgotsauce)
It's all vegetarian, but they are way vegan friendly- can make anything you want vegan. Plus, they have a nice selection of vegan wines to choose from.(vegannewbie)
IT IS INCREDIBLE! (earthguard)
We went there for brunch this weekend and it was FANTASTIC!  They make their French toast with banana bread (delicious) and my BF had a seitan sandwich with onion rings and those are the best damn onion rings in the whole world!  Definitely worth going to and it's reasonably priced for the large amount of fantastic food you get.  Everything is vegetarian and everything can be made vegan (most items already are vegan except for a few with cheese or their breakfast egg options).  SO, SO GOOD! (kb)
Yum!! I love thier seitan ribs appetizer (more of a meal), maple-dijon dressing on salads, and my daugher loves the smiley face pancakes! (quintess)
All vegetarian restaurant, and all the menu items except pancakes, if I remember correctly, can be made vegan. Everything I've tried is really good, and my hubby was particularly impressed with the country fried seitan. (kristinv)
Whole Foods E 1st Avenue
this is a big, modern store with an outstanding breakfast bar. We had a mix of steel cut oats and a teff-quinoa hot cereal mix. We loaded up with fresh blueberries, walnuts, almonds, raisins, ground flax, and almond milk. We had huge bowls for about $3 each. Totally awesome! (lebkuchen)
Turtle Lake Refuge
It's only open for lunch twice a week (Tues and Fri I think), but is wonderful. The food is all living, vegan (they may use honey though), and nourishing. They use many locally harvested ingredients too. Tasty and very healthy! (quintess)
Estes Park
Poppy's pizza and grill
We wanted to go to Mama Rose's which was supposed to have "explicitly vegan options" according to something I read, but we got there (after a nice trek!), and they were only open for dinner. SO, we checked out Poppy's menu to see if they had anything. They have several options! Wraps, veggie pizzas, garden burgers. We got the hummus pizza which was an EXCELLENT crust, hummus, basil, tomatoes, and kalamata olives. It was so delicious. One of the highlights of the trip. We got ours to go, and ate it by the creek. Also, go to Estes Park! It's incredible. (AC)
Da Kind Soups
This was a nice, quick lunch spot, we had tomato soup in vegan bread bowls (I made them double check, but they are not listed on the menu as such).  A cute, eco-friendly, quick lunch.  Not 100% veg, but there were about 4 veg soups that day. (babysgotsauce)
Fort Collins
Tasty Harmony
everything is vegan except for one salad that has cheese.  The food is FANTASTIC and pretty reasonably priced. (kb)
Himalayan Cuisine
Yummy, went here for the daily lunch buffet and had samosas, dal, and naan...good food, the restaurant iteslf is a little small, so the tables are a bit too close togetehr, probably better for lunch than dinner! (babysgotsauce)

Manitou Springs
Naturally's Cafe
This is not an exclusively veg restaurant, but they have a largely veg*n menu that can easily be customized to make vegan. Lots of yummy, natural food options, and the cafe itself is really nice inside. My hubby had the organic seasoned tempeh sandwich with hummus and vegenaise on rosemary foccacia, and I had a multi-green Kombucha with The Gods' Garden Salad. Hubby loved the sandwich and my salad was good. They had some vegan desserts too although I didn't get one. (lebkuchen)
Pagosa Springs

Whole Foods
this is a small store, but it's very modern. The salad bar is very small, but the store has lots of local items. The WF in Boulder is HUGE and it's a must-stop destination! (lebkuchen)



Shandal's Vegetarian Cafe

Alchemy Juice Bar Cafe
nice atmosphere, has vegetarian, vegan, and raw stuff.  Fairly expensive but probably the only vegan place in Hartford so it's a nice treat.  Good smoothies.  They have a nice big breakfast menu. (KMK)
Fire 'N' Spice

Divine Treasures Chocolates
This isn't a restaurant, it's a chocolate shop.  The woman who runs it is vegan, and an entire half of the store is vegan chocolates.  Also has gluten free stuff.  Some of the best chocolates I've had, especially the one that's like an Almond Joy.  They carry her chocolates at Whole Foods in West Hartford as well. (KMK)
It's Only Natural
After living in Portland, OR, Brattleboro, VT, and Hood River, OR... it's still my favorite vegan/vegetarian restaurant with the best atmosphere.  I promise it's the best thing ever. (nubbyknowhow)
great! I highly recommend it as well (davedrum)
we WILL be going here often! OMG I had probably the best dining experience since I became vegan. It was amazing. I had tempeh "crab" cakes with vegan tartar sauce, THE best sweet potato fries I've ever had, and a side of amazing sauteed kale with garlic. For dessert, we had carrot cake and banana cake and ate half of each. This place was amazing - for the first time since I became vegan, I actually went to a restaurant and had trouble deciding what to get! Normally I have to settle for whatever I can get! My hubby ordered the ION special, which was a sampler plate with a couple of tempeh crab cakes, spicy cajun tempeh cutlet, and some pierogies with apple butter. I LOVE THIS RESTAURANT!!! Seriously, New Englanders, if you are within a reasonable driving distance of this restaurant, you MUST GO!!!  (veggeroni)
OMG! I went here for a treat when we were near the beach and i had the vegetable fried rice. It was good and it wasn't as nerve racking as a normal restaurant. There aren't a lot of gluten free options though. My mom had a really good carrot miso spread (bread wasn't gluten free) and I was wondering if anyone had an idea of how to make it??? (violin)
Udupi Bhavan

New Haven
"vegetarian" restaurant that was actually 100% vegan (it said vegetarian on the awning, I assume, so as not to intimidate non-vegan customers who may not know what the word means). It was delicious. Just popping in to say that if you're ever in New Haven, check it out. We got a dish I couldn't pronounce or remember the name of (I think it was in Indian... chole bhu-something?) which I recommend 1000%. (lumpy)
Elaine's Healthy Choice

Red Lentil

Thali Too

The Stand
amazing organic, raw smoothie and juice bar that carries sandwiches (including a raw wrap!), treats, and soup -  on Wall Street. As the two owners are totally vegan, so are all their products. (lumpy)
Alchemy Juice Bar Cafe

West Hartford
Robeks Juice
Robeks Juice - the smoothies are expensive for a little serving, but there are TONS of flavors and you get a free nutrient booster. Smoothies aren't vegan to begin with but you sub extra fruit or soy sorbet for the dairy and you're good to go.  Really exotic flavors and combinations.  They also have fresh juice and wheatgrass shots but I've never tried them. (KMK)
West Haven
Catch A Healthy Habit

Bella's Cookies

District of Columbia
Washington DC
Harmony Cafe
Chinese food, good for all the mock meats-- they also have a KILLER shiitake mushroom appetizer (sharway)
Java Green
by the Farragut North metro, is my favorite. It is completely 100% vegetarian, and about 98% vegan. (vegegriff)
love it (katzenfreund)
I especially like Java Green. (iluvtomatoes)
great for lunch  (deneise)
GREAT food, although crowded sometimes. (catpanclub)
this was the first place we went to eat. I have to admit, I really wasn't very impressed. I thought it was overpriced and the portions were really small. I had a Temptation sandwich, which was grilled tempeh, avocado, tomato, soy cheese, mayo, and avo-sauce (whatever that is) on grilled wheat bread. It was tasty but the sandwich was really really small - and it cost $8. Tasty, but not 8-dollar-tasty if you know what I mean. My hubby got a sesame soy (? can't remember name of it) salad with grilled tofu. The salad was okay, but the greens were not very fresh and had that soggy-slimy texture which is kind of gross. It also had small amounts of cuke, carrot, and red pepper. I think this salad was $9 and there wasn't much to it. We shared an oatmeal cookie sandwich for dessert (around $3.75 I think) and it was good but nothing to write home about. All in all, I was really kind of disappointed with this place. Maybe it was an off day, but I left thinking it was really overpriced and just sort of average (lebkuchen)
Soul Vegetarian Cafe and Exodus
really good (deneise)
Sticky Fingers Bakery
all vegan pastries and sweets. SOOO good. (sharway)
amazing, though dangerous. haha. So delicious.  Java Green carries a lot of their baked goods. (vegegriff)
oh yeah, baby!! It's as awesome as everyone says. We tried the cinnamon roll, the oatmeal Cowvin sandwiches (kind of like an oatmeal-cream-pie-blondie), the Little Devil (chocolate cream snack cake), and a toasted almond cupcake. The cinnamon roll was great - really tasty and surprisingly light. The oatmeal Cowvin sandwiches were so good I moaned a littleI had to go back the next day to get another one! The chocolate cream cake and cupcake were fine but nothing special. I think the cupcake was like 80% frosting and 20% cupcake, so maybe that's why I wasn't super crazy about it. (lebkuchen)
I was lucky enough to be sent a glorious gift package from Sticky Fingers, and it's amazing! I received the Cowvin cookies that lebkuchen talked about, as well as the Little Devils, and the sticky buns! I haven't had a bun yet, but everything else is glorious. It will only make us fatter, but ok with that. Mmmm. They are calling to me from the fridge. Excited about the bun in the morning! (AC)
I really hate to write a bad review of a vegan establishment, but given all of the hype surrounding the bakery it seems fair to share my experience. The first problem we encountered wasn't the bakery's fault - it was our GPS's.  Our GPS needed to be updated and took us to the restaurant's former location across town.  We called the restaurant after walking up and down the block several times in the hot afternoon sun.  We asked the girl who answered the phone how far away the new location was (explaining that we were vacationing) and she said that she wasn't sure - not too far - then hung up.  Well, it was nearly a mile away - much too far to walk while wearing a baby in 90+ degree heat. When we finally arrived at the restaurant, the place was jam packed.  We decided to order food first and get dessert and coffee to take back to the hotel since it took us so long to actually get there. I ordered a buffalo chicken ranch wrap and DH ordered a club sandwich (can't remember the exact name).  There were no seats available aside from a lone wobbly bar stool against the window because all of the benches and chairs were occupied by college students hanging out, surfing the internet, and basically taking up space.  (Seems like more of a hangout spot than a restaurant.) Not one single person offered us their seats - or even to move over so that we could share a bench in the tiny establishment. By this time, DD needed a diaper change, so I waited in line patiently for the single unisex restroom to become available.  (Apparently staff use the same restroom, too.)  After waiting with a fussy baby, we finally got inside and guess what - NO CHANGING TABLE.  No counter, nothing.  Our car was parked several blocks away on the third level of a parking garage, so we decided to wait for our food to arrive and just eat in the car. Just as our food made its grand entry (20 mins or so after ordering), one of the 'hipsters' decided to move her ass and we snagged the table.  The waitress looked rather disgusted at the fact that I wiped off the table and bench (which was covered in chocolate cupcake crumbs) and sat down.  She sprayed down the table (and my daughter ) with disinfecting spray and took our drinks and dumped them out when she cleared the table. Returning to the food... It was pathetic.  Seriously pathetic.  My wrap had four or five bits of gardein chicken and tons of mayo (which I hate and specifically requested to leave off), loaded with dried dill that was attempting to impersonate ranch dressing, and no buffalo taste to speak of.  The wilted romaine lettuce (whole leaves) took up most of the $9 wrap.  DH's was no better - the tempeh bacon was quite good, but the 'meat' was just tofurkey slices.  The tomatoes were not even close to being red, which is rather amazing in mid-summer.  Again, the sandwich had very little protein (maybe two pieces of bacon and one slice each of turkey and ham) and was filled primarily with more of the same wilted lettuce.  The worst part, in my opinion, was the multi-grain bread.  It was so dry that you could choke on it.  How can a bakery serve stale bread?  It was so dry that you could have cut it and used it as croutons.  No, it wasn't toasted. Still hoping for the best, we ordered four cupcakes, a cup of softserve, an individual peanut butter pie, and a soy latte.  After all, Sticky Fingers is known for dessert. Talk about a disappointment.  The soft serve had a strange chemically aftertaste that I couldn't quite put my finger on.  Maybe suregel or versawhip?  Anyway, it was completely inedible.  There was no chocolate flavor and the texture was gritty.  DH requested the ice cream in a cone and was told (after paying) that they were out of cones.  We each took two bites and threw away the rest. Moving on to the cupcakes... Disgusting.  They should be embarrassed.  My mother is ovo-lacto and she can make better vegan cupcakes!  The cake part was dry, particularly the top.  All four flavors were like this - the chocolate peanut butter, the champagne passion fruit, the traditional vanilla, and the strawberry.  The 'vanilla' cupcakes were the worst.  They had absolutely no vanilla flavor whatsoever and felt like greasy sawdust in your mouth.  They were heavy and extremely crumbly.  The chocolate cupcakes were dry, especially the tops, but the inside was at least edible.  The frosting was fatty and sugary and completely uninspired.  It reminded me of the birthday cakes my grandmother orders from the supermarket chain in town.  Heavy and boring.    The presentation was beautiful for all of the cupcakes, though I wasn't a fan of the syrup that was added to the champagne cupcake before packaging.  It added only sweetness and messiness to a dessert that didn't need help with either. The only saving grace of the experience was the peanut butter pie and the latte.  The pie was a generous mound of peanut butter filling, topped with chocolate ganache and a chocolate cookie crust.  It was similar to the Sm'love Pie from V-Con, but not quite as good.  The latte was perfectly brewed and cleverly presented.  I desperately needed it to wash away the aftertaste of the soft serve!  We spent roughly $50 and hated everything except for the coffee and the pie.  I have not tried anything from the brunch menu, any of the cookies, or the cinnamon rolls.  Based on this experience, I don't think I'll waste my time.  We actually had a tremendously better meal at an omni restaurant in Herdon, which I'll review in another thread. In summary: not family friendly, stale baked goods, rude and slow service, and very expensive.  Don't waste your time. (mdv)
Atlantic Beach
Shakti Life Kitchen

Flagler Beach

Almond Blossom Cafe

Fort Lauderdale
Sublime Restaurant and Bar
*the BEST restaurant I have EVER eaten at. TOTALLY VEGAN AND ALL proceeds go to animal rescue groups, so I spend a lot and consider it a donation! Heavenly desserts too! I cried the first time I read the menu. It was my first veg. restaurant experience and I was overwhelmed with joy. (L2A)
great!  Granted it wasn't that busy and I sat at the bar cause I was by myself.  I really should try to get out more to veg*n restaurants.... (laurenlovesgoodies)
amazing!! the service wasnt slow, but it was a tuesday night and wasnt very busy.  (veganhippie)
Ummm... it was sublime. It's this 5 star vegan place in southern FL and we ate some pesto polenta, jalapeno poppers, I can't even remember the sandwich that Dustin got but it was awesome, quiche, key lime cheese cake, and some amazing blow your mind chocolate cake. The cheese cake was the best cheese cake I have ever tasted in my life. Drool. It cost a lot of money but was so worth it. (hesp)
Book Lovers Cafe
Cafe in a book store that is all vegetarian and made really really yummy barbecue sauce.  (hesp)
Chop stix cafe
This is an Asian fusion restaurant with a vegetarian section. The food was good enough and not too expensive, but the service is absolute crap. We ended up spending almost 2 hours there, waiting for menus, to order, for the food, for the rice I had to ask for 4 times, for the checks, to pay, etc. It wasn't even that busy, either. This was a total disappointment and I would NEVER return. (veganrun)
Farrah's on the Avenue
Mediterranean place with the best falafel. Plus you can get falafal burgers with sweet potato fries and I totally put them on my burger and it was pure deliciousness. (hesp)
Karma Cream
Karma cream is better than Maggiemudd. I know this might get people upset, but it is. there were at least 10 vegan ice cream flavors and all of the HOME MADE vegan toppings. They did have dairy stuff, but they had equal or more vegan stuff. Included vegan whipped cream (coconut base), vegan caramel sauce, vegan peanut butter cups!!!! Oh god, I want to live in karma cream. (hesp)
Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers
Yummy hummus pizza. (hesp)
Reggae Shack Cafe
This amazing Jamaican place that has a great vegetarian menu that also happens to be all vegan. Plus a lot of their appetizers are vegan. Festivals! Sooo good. We went with Dustin's step-dad (a vegetarian) and I can't remember what we all got but it was all yummy and I think different curries. Plus I got vegan carrot cake. (hesp)
This place also serves meat, but they have an entire vegan section on the menu--you don't even have to skip over meaty dishes to find what you want. I had the Vegan Steak Sandwich (seitan), which came with fries ($9.50). It had good flavor without being too spicy (someone warned me that the Jerk Tofu was insanely hot, even if you like spice. I wasn't absolutely blown away with the sandwich, but it was good. We also ordered Festivals, which are "sweet tropical hush puppies." These are amazing and pretty good sized at $2 for 2 cakes. We actually went back the next day to get another order of Festivals. My friend had the Curry Palm Hearts ($8.25), which was amazingly delicious. I think I'd get that if we went back. It came with quite a bit of side offerings, so definitely a great price for what you're getting. They had vegan desserts, but we were too full to try any. This place just remodeled, and there is plenty of seating space now, and there are sweet reggae jams playing.  (veganrun)
The Top
This is a bar that also serves brunch (only on Sundays? Don't know what days). It's a mix of meat and vegan, but everything is clearly marked. I was recommended and decided to try the Vegan Biscuits and Soysage Gravy. You get 2 full biscuits topped with gravy--a ton of food for $6! I also added a side of seitan bacon, which was 2 tiny little slices for $2.25--not worth it, I don't think. The bacon wasn't crisp, but it had a really yummy flavor. The biscuits and gravy were good, but I honestly like my own recipe better. They also had french toast and veggie burgers. It was nice because they offered Earth Balance and soy milk (with coffee). The decorations are cool and the atmosphere is pretty laid back. We had to wait for quite a long time, but it was 11 AM on a Sunday. Just make sure you're not starving before you go. (veganrun)
Gourmet Greenhouse

Key West
Sugar Apple

Grass Root Organic Restaurant

Gopal's Vegetarian Restaurant

Merritt Island
A-live Healthy and Oganic Eatery

Garden Eat'in

Lifefood Gourmet

Om Garden

Soli Organic Ice Cream

The Aethiopian Marketplace

Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin

North Miami Beach
Shing Wang

My mom and I went to Babycakes last weekend and thought it was good.  It is located in downtown Disney in the Fresh-a-Peel building that offers Mexican food.  It is just a small booth in the corner with a decent selection of cupcakes and doughnuts.  They also have coffee cake, brownies, and cookies which may change daily.  I tried the brownie bite and thought it was really good.  It was not dry but not fudge like.  My mom got a powder sugar doughnut and thought it was really good to.  The cookies looked ridiculous because they were so flat and looked like they would crumble if touched.  Unfortunately the cupcake I bought for my dad did not make it in one piece because the frosting broke down and was a big mess.  Overall, it is nice to have a place like this close to Disney.  It is nice to know they are catering to those with special dietary needs.  I will go there again when I am there.  (monkey7)
Dandelion Communitea Cafe
another great place to eat.  They have vegetarian food but, most is vegan and it all has vegan options.  The tea is amazing.  I love love love the Green Garden of Eden tea.  The garden there is beautiful and you can eat inside or outside.  I love the decor inside.  I love this place (larisuena)
Ethos Vegan Kitchen
yes, their menu is limited, and yes, they are miles away (literally and figuratively!) from chicago diner in its namesake city and the laughing seed in asheville, nc, but dangit, they are here and trying.  they now serve beer and wine - beer from our local orlando brewing company, nonetheless! you should also know that they have sunday brunch, daily lunch specials, and hold monthly freecycle events.  you just have to love them!  oh, and you can sit outside in a rad, shaded patio.  or, you can sit inside and look at the art.  either way. * what's the dilly, philly: delicious.  seitan, peppers, nayo; have it on ciabatta.  i add srirachi to mine, and yum. * pecan encrusted eggplant: flippin delish.  try it, please. * sheep's pie: my bf is addicted to it and eats it almost every time we go.  so try this too, please.  (queenbee)
they were having a BBQ night and music on their back patio.  We both had the BBQ platter with seitan kabobs, grilled squash, corn on the cob, baked beans and cole slaw.  It was pretty good and went great with a beer!  (trailmix)
food was Excellent. I had the Pecan Encrusted Eggplant with Mashed Potatoes and Veggies and my boyfriend had the What's the Dilly, Philly? which was amazing!!!!! We also had their fruit galette(sp), it was perfect! I will definitely be dining their often. YAY!!!!! (meikmeika)
i've eaten there a few times and loved it!  an all-vegan kitchen is a rare find. and their food is, like you said, excellent! the phillly is amazing. my boyfriend got the roasted vegetable galette (which is similar to the fruit galette except filled with potatoes, carrots, onions, green beans, & peas), and that was amazing too. their cookies are great too! (catbeardoobz)
After many months of wanting to try this place I finally went.  I had the Sheep's Pie and the Healthy Trio.  I ate half of the Sheep's pie there and took the rest home.  It was really good.  Perfectly seasoned and piping hot when it arrived at the table.  The Healthy Trio was my dinner and was good too.  I'm not sure what kind of bread comes with it but it is good.  The olives and hummus are salty but that is to be expected. The salsa is good but not hot enough for me.  My omni parents enjoyed the Samson(sp?) burger which was a good surprise. My mom like it (minus everything except the lettuce) and she is a picky eater.  The staff was friendly and welcoming.  It is a nice little place that is inviting.  I can't wait to go back and try their cookies and other dishes. I'm just glad I live 2 hours away because I may be addicted to this place.  Its nice to be able to walk into a resturant and not have to worry about how something is prepared or if it contains animal products. (monkey7)
I had the brunch today and it was really good.  Each week they have a different special and this week was apple jacks.  They were heavy, moist, and flavorful.  It kept me full longer then my breakfast usually does. You get 3 pancakes, a choice of a side, and a drink.  The resturant is not big but it was packed today and now I can see why.  If you are ever in town on a sunday you should check out Ethos. (monkey7)
Went to Ethos when I was in Orlando a few weeks ago and I got the philly cheesesteak and also a 10" pizza. Both were amazing but I have to say that the pizza was one of the best I've ever had. It had that junky greasy pizza place taste to it which was amazing and washed it down with a root beer. Everything I had there was awesome. Also got a few chocolate chip cookies. Yummm! Pretty inexpensive and everyone working there seemed awesome too. (ska)
the best resturant I have been to.  I was not a big fan of the tacos ( a special they had going on) because I do not like TVP.  The sheeps pie was really good and filling.  The pizza was good too.  I had brunch and really enjoyed.  The pancakes are big and filling.  A must visit resturant if you are in the area. (monkey7)
I had Sunday Brunch there, and the breakfast burrito was HUGE and yummy. All of my non-vegan friends enjoyed their banana pancakes - one friend thought the biscuits and gravy "just didn't taste right" but that's to be expected, and no one really thought the Canadian bacon was realistic except me. But that aside, it was a total success! Their cookies are fantastic too, I had two even on a massively full belly. I also picked up some Primal jerky while I was there. Good experience. (tinylightsbelow)
Went a second time - the Dilly Philly is awesome, I agree with everyone! Their cookies are to die for too (tinylightsbelow)
had the Dilly Philly and some cookies.  It was really good.  I went because last year at Veg Fest they had the best Vegan 'meatball' subs and my son kept on going back to buy more cookies.  (larisuena)
Garden Cafe
all Chinese food prepared with Meat substitute. NO meat served at all but careful the Eggdrop soup is REAL! (L2A)
Infusion Tea
It's another veg-not-vegan place, but they have many vegan options, including an incredible vegan mushroom & spinach quesadilla!  (tinylightsbelow)

Loving Hut

Raphsodic Bakery
incredible; you MUST go there and try their mini-cheesecakes! (tinylightsbelow)
Sah Nevaeh-Vegan Hot Dogs

Palm Harbor
Consciousness Blossoms

End of the Line Cafe
I got the chef's salad. I love how this place makes everything from scratch - all the veggie meats and cheeses are homemade, and from good ingredients. Their cheese on the salad looked like Daiya and was very yummy, but was homemade from a cashew base! And their meats are made from tofu and tempeh, not seitan. Healthier and less processed. Their prices are very reasonable and they offer a Sunday buffet (I'm there) and a Thursday night dinner. (quintess)
I got the seitan wings. Pretty good, but a little salty (even for me). I'm looking forward to trying their carrot cakes next (a take on crab cakes). Sorry, that's all I've tried so far! But I've heard it's pretty good from other locals. Reasonably priced too. (quintess)
Green Wave Cafe

Mi Pueblo
a Mexican restaurant with 2 locations in Sarasota and 1 in Venice, FL. It's not a strictly veg restaurant, but they have an entire section of the menu that is raw and organic (raw tacos/burritos/salads/desserts). They also have a juice and smoothie bar. The atmosphere and decor is totally rad - very tasteful and upscale, and though the prices are good  (entrees average $10-$12 and the portions are huge). They also have some veg*n cooked options (burritos/quesadillas), but the veg menu is largely raw. Good stuff. (lebkuchen)
Sweet Tomatoes
chain restaurant with locations throughout the southern US, including Sarasota, FL. I love this place!! They have an enormous salad bar with all sorts of toppings (beans, nuts, tofu, edamame). They also have baked sweet and white potatoes and often have a veg*n soup option or two. It's all you can eat so I always get ginormous salads and stuff myself silly. (lebkuchen)
Vibe Cuisine

St. Augustine
Present Moment Cafe
it's sooo good!! nearly all raw and amazing. everyone ive taken in there loves it.  (veganhippie)
St. Petersburg
Leafy Greens Cafe

All Saints Cafe

Grass Root Organic Restaurant
the service is slow, but I think the idea is to get you to relax and enjoy.  The restaurant itself is a bit dark inside, there is African inspired jewelry and art decorating the walls, and health and nutrition books and magazines to read while you relax and wait.  The people are laid back and friendly and nothing is prepared in advance so it is going to take a bit longer.  I don't consider it to be bad service, I consider it to be therapeutic. (storm)
Trang Viet Cuisine
amazing, authentic Viet Namese cooking. The restaraunt is not entirely vegan, but they do have a whopping 5 pages of vegan food on their menu. They also take special care not to cook the vegan food with the non-vegan stuff. They also offer numerous vegan desserts (including carrot cake, strawberry "cheese"cake, rum & chocolate "cheese"cake). On the second Saturday of every month, they host an all-vegan buffet! The buffet usually consists of spring rolls, summer rolls, salad, white rice, brown rice, vegetable stir-fry, stuffed melon squash, vegan gyoza, vegan "chicken drumsticks", vegan "steak strips", peanut sauce and other dipping sauces, some other gourmet selections, and always dessert. It is quite amazing. Trang Viet Cuisine is the best restaraunt in Tampa,  I highly recommend it! (catbeardoobz)
one of my favorite places to eat.  The decor is hideous, but who cares when the food is that good! (storm)
Mi Pueblo

West Palm Beach
Hippocrates Institute

Raw Food Underground

Winter Park
Cafe 118
vegan, raw, organic.  aw, yeah!  will visit once i've saved friviously dining-out money. (queenbee)
amazing!  They are a little pricey ( I spent $30 just on myself for lunch), but the cherry chip ice cream for dessert was worth every penny.  (trailmix)
Arden's Garden

Cafe Sunflower
Amazing! (bookmama)
INCREDIBLE...the people were so nice and so accommodating, and the food was "Oh My"...I was very impressed.  I had the Jamaican Black Bean Cakes (without the sour cream) and my wife had the Portabella Mushroom Wrap. The Cafe Sunflower will definitely be one of my regular eating stops. If anybody in the Atlanta area knows any other "to die for" v*gan restaurants let me know...always looking for great food and fun places to go. (didyouseethatbird)
That place was my favorite when I lived in the ATL.  I  lived at  Roswell & 285 and left over 10 years ago, almost walking distance; if anyone actually walked in Atl.  Do they still have the veggie pot pie?  OMG, amazing, life changing (and probably more sinful that I care to know). (nutdragon)
Oh I have such wonderful memories of Cafe Sunflower! Bookmama, Bookpapa, and I used to eat there occasionally before I moved to Boston. Everything they have there is delicious, but my favorite was a salad they had with fresh asparagus, granny smith apples sliced super thin, walnuts, spinach, and gorgonzola cheese (pre-vegan days) with some heavenly dressing....mmmmmmmmmmm. (celtkat)
really good (davedrum)
Calabash Vegetarian Kitchen

Green Sprout
The menu was impressive. I got the General Tso's Chicken, and it wasn't spicy, and I'm a spice wimp. The chicken is in little balls and is crunchy on the outside with no substance on the inside. But the flavor was still really good. And their broccoli was so tasty. I would go again. (courth)
Harmony Vegetarian
vegan Chinese place with lots of "mock meats" me...I've brought many omni's there that could not tell it was fake meat...and most have gone back on their own. (davedrum)
Power Plant
It's vegan and organic, but kind of hit or miss. They don't always have the same stuff each time. They kind of make up the menu as they go along. (davedrum)
Soul Vegetarian - Abernathy

Soul Vegetarian - Highland
great place. It's a very hip "ethnic" place. (davedrum)

Vegetarian Paradise

East Point
http://Lov'n It Live

Cafe Life

Sandy Springs
Cafe Sunflower

World Peace Cafe

Sentient Bean

Abundunt Aina Cafe

Fresh Mint



Ankh Inc Newsstand

Bleeding Heart Bakery
VEGAN scones, cupcakes, pastries such as lemon and rasberry bars, eclairs, donuts, etc... (ska1234)
Borrowed Earth Cafe
This was the first raw restaurant I've ever been to, so I'm no expert. But, it was good! We had the "cheese pirogi" appetizer, which was cashew cheese inside of a thinly sliced jicama piece. It was really good and $9. I had the sweet potato quesadilla, which was pretty yummy, especially the "tortilla," although I don't know what it was made of. I got 3 salads with it--a cabbage sauerkraut-like salad, a cauliflower/broccoli/red onion salad, and a kale salad. All were covered in a green sauce--very good! It was $17. Z got a spinach quiche ($18) with the same salads. I thought the quiche wasn't that good--it was so tangy that it was hard to eat, although the crust was good. The best part of the whole meal was the cheesecake for dessert. Z has never had a raw concocction before, and he flipped out over the cheesecake ($9) and wanted to take home more slices. It was chocolate/vanilla and had a vanilla sauce and was soooo delicious. The most decadent thing I've had since I've gone vegan! This was kind of expensive ($64 with tax/tip), but it was so good and filling.The 2 people working (owners, I would guess) weren't the most friendly people in the world, and I think they might have been arguing before we showed up. There seemed to be a bit of tension between them. Other than that, great place. (veganrun)
Chicago Diner
They've always been fantastic, but they recently hired a new chef who also is making some raw stuff. Quite awesome. (nancyk)
I miss when you could actually get full from an entree at the Chicago Diner. Now you ask for a side of vegan mac n cheese, and you get about a heaping spoonful of it. Lame. And even if the wait staff doesn't seem to like anyone at least they're attentive. (distorsean)
Tons of vegan options and very delicious food!!(quintess)
First time I went, I had the monte cristo. Everyone needs to eat this, I'm so cereal. It was amazing. Also had some of the nachos (good, a little spicy, but the cheese was yum), a bite of cornbread french toast (tasty), and some beef and cheddar I think? The beef and cheddar was very good also. Second time I went I got the reuben because I heard good things about it. It was good, but I had never had a reuben before and didn't know that it would be kinda sweet from the dressing or maybe it was the sauerkraut..dunno, but I like my savory stuff to be savory all the way. I picked the mac and cheese as a side, and it looked good, but tasted weird. It reminded me of animals. The shakes are pretty good, though they could be more frozen. (ponycakes)
I decided to eat at the Chicago Diner when I was there this past weekend, and I talked my two omni friends into eating there too! I had the Avocado Tostados (I think that's the name of them). I liked them, my favorite part was the spicy bean spread and of course the avocados. I don't think that I would get this again tho - I saw so many other things that I wanted to try! One friend ordered the nachos and she said that they were the best nachos that she has ever had! My other friend ordered the french toast, he felt that they were good, but was more impressed with the potatoes! I was craning my head to look at other people dishes, they all looked so good! (awnree)
a given, every time I go I get the rueban and sweet potato fries with ten sides of thousand island. (ska1234)
Cousin's Incredible Vitality

Delicious Cafe

Handlebar Bar and Grill
we had their biscuits & gravy and BBQ seitan sandwich.  the sandwich was good, but OMG the biscuits & gravy were phenomenal!  i can't believe i haven't eaten at this place sooner. (marina)
Fresh corner, or cooked. one place is raw, the other not...both 100% vegan (nancyk)
It was really good!! (quintess)
Kramer's Health Foods Cafe

Lake Side Cafe
mindblowing seitan gyros!!! (cephi)
Native Foods Cafe

Pick Me Up Cafe
open all night on weekends and I love going to get some chilli cheese fries and a sandwhich at 4am after shows. (ska1234)
Soul Vegetarian East and The Eternity Juice Bar
vegan soul food (nancyk)
Sultan's Market
My personal favorite place in chicago for food. Best falafel sammich I've ever had. (ska1234)
Veggie Bite
My fav is the Gyros and my hubby really likes the tofu bites with bbq. They really give ya lots of food. the vegan soft serve ice cream is so good.  I have yet to try it's cheeze fries and cakes . also give them a good write up. (soyummy)
slow, crap service, messy, delicious. I hope it stays in business though, I like it even better than Soul Veg. Well, maybe except for the protein tidbits. (distorsean)
Sometimes when I go to veg restaurants I panic, and when I do that, I order the veggie burger. That happened here. It was pretty good, but the patty was a little too thick. Not sure what they make it out of, but it was very meaty. Also had the chili cheese fries, which were very tasty, and a strawberry milkshake which was AWESOME. It had no soy-y taste at all and I was soooo happy because strawberry milkshakes are the best. (ponycakes)
Downer's Grove
Borrowed Earth Cafe

Blind Faith Cafe
worth mentioning (nancyk)
Absolutely delicious... I'd be there all the time but the prices are a little high.(cephi)
The Coffeehouse

Red Herring


Turkish food, absolutely delicious. They have both vegetarian and vegan options. 2 people can eat a lot there for less than $20. (veganrun)
Laughing Planet Cafe
Great burritos, many unique options. Vegetarian and vegan options. I think cheese is a default, so just tell them to make it vegan. 2 people can eat there for about $15. Downstairs is Soma coffee house, which has vegan baked goods. (veganrun)
Absolutely delicious and my favorite restaurant! They have sandwiches (all vegan), entrees (vegetarian or vegan, you decide), and Thai dishes (pick vegetarian or vegan). They also have awesome smoothies and juices. Sometimes they have vegan desserts, and I've heard of a vegan cheesecake, although I've never seen it on the board when I'm there. I've taken many omnis there, and everyone always loves it. 2 people eating there can range from $22-42, depending on appetizer, drink, and dessert options. (veganrun)
Soma Coffeehouse
The decor is cool, and this is downstairs from Laughing Planet, where you can get a good vegan burrito. Then hop on over to the record shop, and you have a whole day without going outside! They have a small selection of baked goods, and the soy milk is good. (veganrun)
3 Sisters Cafe
A great place for breakfast and lunch...tons of vegan options and they usually have a vegan special too.  Its in a big Victorian House - pretty cool. (erin)
Broadripple Brew Pub
While I haven't eaten any of their vegan food, they do have quite a few choices and have excellent beer!  The reason we haven't eaten there is because it is always so frickin busy, even on a weeknight. (erin)
Shalimar Restaurant
Best Indian food I've ever had!  They have a whole Vegetarian section of the menu that they can make vegan if you ask (its stated on the menu) (erin)
WB Pizza
This is by far our favorite restaurant!  They have a whole vegan menu and the pizza and breadsticks are amazing! (erin)
Peaceful Greens
Everything on the menu is either vegan or can easily be veganized.  They use as much local produce as possible, and their bread is from the local bread company, Great Harvest Breads. I tried this place out this weekend and I was impressed.  P.S. They have vegan chocolate cake! (leslovesveggies)
House of India

Iowa City
Fair Grounds Coffeehouse
nifty little coffeeshop/cafe with an awesome deal: apparently EVERYTHING on their menu can be made vegan! (slimetimelive)
Masala Indian Vegetarian Cuisine
offers vegetarian and vegan meals, but I haven't had the chance to sample it. I've heard it's quite good, but don't take MY word for it. Come check it out.  (slimetimelive)
Red Avocado
I've never been there but have heard good things. (sadie)
most delicious place EVAR.  A lot of their food is local and seasonal, so the menu varies accordingly. Their coconut corn soup is epic. And the "Bomb Veggieburger" is a recipe I'm dyyyying to steal from them. Haha. It's a completely organic vegan restaurant with awesome catering and meal-delivery options. (slimetimelive)

Ray's Monkey House

Shalimar Restaruant

New Orleans
Fair Grinds Coffeehouse

Bar Harbor
Eden Vegetarian Cafe

Taste of Eden Bakery and Cafe

Arabian Breeze
marks all of its menu item that are vegan, and there are a lot of them.(hibiscus)
Bombay Chaat House
I found it: the cheapest vegan meal in Portland (k, so I was there for only 2 weeks, but I'm still pretty sure). You can get 5 items for $5, which includes vegan naan (it exists!) and if you want, a free cup of chai (who doesn't want free chai?). The tarka dhal was a little plain, the aloo saag was good as was the chana masala. Also, this $5 meal was split by two and we were still stuffed. EATING OUT FOR $2.50: IT CAN HAPPEN. (fb)
Blossoming Lotus
Decent food...lots of healthy options including raw. I wasn't super impressed, though. (kristinv)
GrassRoots Organics Cafe

Green Elephant Vegetarian Bistro

Homegrown Smoker
1. They have deep-fried oreos with chocolate sauce. 2. They have this combo meal thing. I got it twice. The smoky curls thing was ok, but had that TVP taste. The bbq tofu stuff is GREAT. The tempeh ribs are also great. Their greens are good. Mac n cheese - good. Arnold palmer - good. I wouldn't recommend this place to someone who wants a "light meal," whatever that is. The prices seem a little steep for a food cart, but we easily shared the $8 combo plate and were stuffed. (fb)
Hungry Tiger Too
regular old bars, that happen to have A LOT of vegan options, also clearly marked.  The bartender at HTT often wears an herbivore hoodie, so she is a great reference regarding he menu (I am talking about the blonde bartender, her name is Sharky). (hibiscus)
They have a separate vegan menu, which makes ordering a breeze. Hubby and I liked it so much, we actually ate here twice!  On our last day in Portland, we planned to go to Portobello, but they were unexpectedly closed, so we just walked back to the Hungry Tiger Too. Everything was awesome, but I think the mac 'n' cheese was my favorite. Hubby's favorite was a build your own burger. (kristinv)
India Chaat House
They don't have the same vegan combo option as Bombay Chaat House, which is a bummer because that meant we had to have a whole box of chana masala and couldn't really try anything else. The chana masala was fine, nothing to write home about. The tamarind chutney was ok, not great, but the mint chutney was good. We got samosas which were a bit over-fried, but large! (fb)
Laughing Planet Cafe

Little Lad's Basket Bakery and Cafe

Paradox Cafe
yummy apple cornmeal pancakes and tofu scrambles. their biscuits and gravy were 'meh' (ppc)
Red and Black Cafe
The coffee sucked, my sandwich was good. It was pretty basic type stuff you could probably make, but alas I had no kitchen, and the bread/grilling of the bread was most excellent, and the prices aren't bad. There's anarchy stuff up, some thing about how all police is bad (uh?), so maybe that's up some people's alley and not others. (fb)
Sizzle Pie
Delightful. They sell pizza by the slice, including two vegan options (you can get more off the menu for a whole pie). A slice is $3-4, and half that for a "cut" (half slice - the slices are pretty big). One option seems to be plainer (like nooch + sauce), the other more traditional (daiya + sauce + meatyish things). They also have vegan breadsticks, with a choice of two sauces (several vegan options - i think all but one is vegan - includes a cashew basil dip and caramelized onion sauce). The pizza, though by the slice, is not ready to eat, so they heat your order back up in the oven (so it takes a little while to get the order). The pizza is very thin crust, but holds its own against thick crust IMO. I always liked the fancier vegan option, and the breadsticks were good. (fb)
Great selection of baked that everything is vegan! I don't remember what we had (this was a few years ago), but I remember it was just as good or better than anything I've ever had from a non-vegan bakery. (kristinv)
Taqueria Los Gorditos
lots of vegan food clearly labeled - really good burritos! (ppc)
The Bye and Bye
Nice place to hang out, good atmosphere. It's nice that everything there is vegan, so there's no questions when ordering mixed drinks. The signature Bye and Bye drink is served up in a mason get a ton for the price, and it's pretty tasty! (kristinv)
Vegetarian House
yummy, the lunch buffet is a little sad, though. (vavoomkitty)
Good, but the faux meats weren't as good as ones we can get back home in Lawrence. The whole menu is vegan and has a good variety of dishes. (kristinv)
Vita Cafe
had deep fried 'fish' and chips - (tofu) yum - they also had an amazing mac and cheese on special that had artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, black olives, pesto and portobello mushrooms. (ppc)
Voodoo Doughnuts
They can make most of their (often unusual) donuts vegan, and have vegan donuts all the time. Also - open 24/7! They've got normaller things, like plain glazed, chocolate glazed, "Portland creme" (boston creme), maple frosted, apple fritter, etc. Then there are strange things, like a grape donut (not grape jelly, but grape-flavored sugar on top), berry donut (same story), voodoo doll (jam-filled voodoo doll-decorated donut), cock-n-balls (a chocolate-frosted creme-filled donut in the shape of... you guessed it). The prices are not too bad - $1.25 for a regularish donut, $3 or so for the larger things (cock-n-balls, apple fritter, giant plain donut called tex-ass). The creme is good, pudding-like. The donuts are pretty large in general; we initially got several on our first day here, but couldn't finish them for days. The only thing on their site that never seemed to come up in the vegan rotation were the cereal-encrusted donuts (yeah), which I thought was maybe because they knew about the D3 issue, but then I did see the coco puffs one later, so who knows. Despite the disclaimer on their website, the donuts we got stayed good for a couple days, so if you're visiting it's probably safe to get a few for later/the trip home. (fb)
Excellent! We had to wait in line a long time before we could order. This place is VERY popular, and the line was out the door every time we saw it. We got a variety of vegan donuts. So good! There were standard favorites as well as a variety of unique items like chicko stick donuts. (kristinv)
Liquid Earth
not veggie, but lots of veggie/vegan food and fresh juices and smoothies (katzenfreund)
all-vegetarian now.  It's in Fells Point, which is probably my favorite area of Baltimore.  It has way more personality than the Inner Harbor.  Anyway, I got a vegan Reuben and macaroni salad.  The Reuben was delicious and the macaroni salad was good (very rich, but a little miracle-whip tasting for me).  My husband got the Filly Cheese Phake.  It was huge, and on a really great-looking whole grain roll.  I didn't try it, because of the real cheese, but he said it was good.  For drinks, I had a Facelifter (honeydew, mint, ginger, orange and grapefruit), which was delicious.  My husband's Frui-tea was not quite as tasty, but more refreshing.  I would definitely recommend this place. (veggydog)
One World Cafe
Vegetarian restuarant (except for one or two tuna options that are cooked separately), vegan options clearly marked. I LIVED here when I went to college. It transitions so nicely from a coffee-breakfast place (they have awesome soy lattes and my favorite tofu scramble) to lunch/dinner (the chili is awesome, nachos would be great without cheese, and I want to recommend the black bean burrito but will hold off until I can confirm it is vegan--either way it is AWESOME) to a late night bar. Reasonably priced, which is important given its location by a college campus. Service can be hit-or-miss, especially when the place gets busy for brunch. Best part--my omni boyfriend/fiance/husband could always find something there too... he's a sucker for those burritos like I am. (caroleena)
The Yabba Pot

Thyme Square Restaurant
a few minutes outside of the city.  It is not all veg, but they have many, clearly marked vegan and vegetarian options. (vegegriff)
Capitol Heights
Everlasting Life Soul Vegetarian

Great Sage
awesome! All vegetarian with lots of clearly marked vegan dishes. After eating you can visit Roots natural foods market next door. (iluvtomatoes)
College Park
Berwyn Cafe Vegetarian Cuisine
mostly vegan, cheap and great food (katzenfreund)
Little hole-in-the-wall located close to the UMD campus. This place started out as a stand serving tofu gyros, and that's what they're still known for--for good reason. It's my favorite thing there! (caroleena)
Maryland Food Co-op
Might be a stretch to include it as a restaurant, but it's the best veg option for all the Terps out there! They have a sandwich line with a ridiculous number of vegan sandwich options--tofu salad, tofurkey, hummus, all sorts of vegetables--as well as veg hot specials. The sandwich line can get pricey as you load up on the ingredients, and I'm inpatient, so I more often chose their pre-made sandwiches available in the refridgerator. (Tofu salad and hummus area always plentiful). The supplement their homemade hot dishes (including pastas and Indian) with food brought in from other locations. I forget where the tabbouleh was from but it's to die for, plus they have options from the Vegetable Garden as well. Awesome coffee and a great music selection--I could often be found on the couches outside the co-op in earshot working on my dissertation. A very welcome alternative to the normal fast-food selections one floor up--I wish I had known about it the SECOND I started grad school here. Only down side is that when you eat there A LOT (as many of us did) it can wear out your options. (caroleena)
Mango Grove
The friendly staff always knows which items on the lunch buffet have dairy and/or eggs.  The menu clearly notes vegan options.  Rassam is a flavorful lentil soup that cannot be duplicated.  (Trust me, I have tried many times.)  Be careful when you walk in the main entrance to go to the right, as the sister restaurant (on the left) serves flesh foods.  The veggie menu is there, but who wants to smell a bunch of dead animals while they are trying to enjoy a meal???  (mdv)
Cafe Nola
Vegan options clearly marked.  Awesome atmosphere.  Conveniently located in the heart of the downtown shopping district.  Lots of organic coffee and soy milk is available.  Try their homemade hummus and black bean burger w/ sweet potato fries!  The online menu isn't necessarily reflective of what's available in the restaurant - for example, breakfast is available all day!  (mdv)
Mountain City Coffeehouse
Daily vegetarian specials, most of which are easily made vegan.  Try the Asian Ginger Salad with a scoop of hummus. Delish!  Weekly Indian takeout can also be made vegan upon request, just talk to Yashmi, the owner.  Mt. City also supports local musicians and artists, which is great! Soy milk available for coffee and lattes. (mdv)
Woodlands Express

Source of Life Juice Bar and Deli

The Vegetable Garden
has the best Chinese food on earth.  My fave is the 8 Treasure Eggplant.  It is so nice to eat eggplant that isn't covered in grease. (mdv)
and yes, the 8 Treasure eggplant is VERY yummy (katzenfreund)
Yuan Fu

Takoma Park
Organic Falafel Stand


I super-duper second Grasshopper. We go there every chance we get. I recommend the "No Name Special." (sparklej)
love it. it's a little sketchy, but even my non-veg friends like it. we went there to celebrate my "veggie anniversary" this spring. (mope)
vegan and awesome. Grasshopper is Asian Vegan . If you go to Grasshopper, get the chicken fingers! They are my favorite thing in this world. I miss them so much! (stillflat)
no-brainer (get the No Name, seriously!) (mope)
Pho Pasteur Vietnamese Cuisine

TJ's Vegan House of Pizza (closed)
vegan and awesome. is pizza and subs and stuff. (stillflat)
is awesome for veg'ns and omnis! its THAT good! Grasshoppers is right next to TJs. (LA <3)
They  have the best food! Meatlball sub to die for! (corinnas)
Organic Garden Cafe and Juice Bar
Loved it. Known to have many things missing from their menu, though. Recommend the warm chai tea and the entreee sampler. The raw bagels were really good too which I got to go. (blinknoodle)
Addis Red Sea Ethiopian Restaurant
decent Ethiopian food - not the greatest I've had and it's on the pricey side, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. Not a lot of Ethiopian restaurants in New England! (lebkuchen)
Espresso Royale
on Newbury Street.  I couldn't get there until my last day and had suffered through a number of minimalist breakfasts (e.g. a banana) before my meetings.  The two young people working there were very nice and the woman was able to point out three or four pastries that were vegan.  I got a cranberry scone with orange glaze, which was quite good, and a truly wonderful cup of English Breakfast tea (raw sugar and soy milk are on the fixins bar).  And I got a bagel with sun dried tomato tofu spread for the road.  A nice finish to my trip. (veggydog)
Flour Bakery
They did have a few bakery items that were vegan, though I didn't try any of them.  I had their only vegan sandwich: grilled tofu.  It was pretty good.  The tofu itself was kind of boring, but there were also grilled zucchini, red peppers and onions with a kalamata olive spread that made it pretty tasty.  The thing about this place was that the young staff was friendly and efficient but it was insanely busy at 11:30 on Sunday morning. And, apparently, it's the place to take your kids. About 90% of the tables had at least one child under 4 and one table had half a dozen of them.  It certainly was not a serene dining experience. (veggydog)
My Thai Vegan Cafe and Bubble Tea Bistro
I ate there three times in four days!  I wish I could eat there every day forever.  It's in Chinatown at the corner of Washington and Beach Streets.  It's on the second floor; you have to walk up an ugly stairwell, but once you get upstairs it's a very nice, large restaurant space.  A Yelp reviewer accurately described the service as "inattentive" but it's not really bad and they whip up their wonderful food really quickly; so it all evens out.  I tried red curry with veggie-shrimp, pad Thai, stir fried rice noodles (Chinese style), "Choo Chee Fisherman," temple soup, and a mango/coconut bubble tea.  It was all delicious, though my favorites were the red curry and pad Thai.  The temple soup was really interesting: coconut milk, sweet potato, butternut squash and peanuts. It was very rich and sweet and I couldn't help thinking it would make a delightful breakfast on a cold morning.  I'd like to try to recreate it.  Here's the menu to make you drool:  If you get the chance, go there!  (veggydog)
Pho Pasteur Vietnamese Cuisine
a Vietnamese restaurant.  It's far from vegetarian, but it does have some vegetarian dishes.  I got Lemongrass Tofu.  It was good, not great, though I found the tofu itself to be far tastier than the stuff I buy at the store.  The place was a madhouse on Saturday night, but the staff was totally on top of things and found a place for 6 of us to sit without too long of a wait. (veggydog)
The Elephant Walk

Wheeler's Frozen Desserts
it was incredibly fabulous delicious. (owalkerjillo)
Greater Boston Buddhist Cultural Center
offers lunch in their tea room most days that is vegan and cheap, plus you get to have lunch with Buddhist monks. Also, they have "Dinner with Dharma" every friday, where for like $10 or $15 they have a totally vegan Chinese buffet followed by a medetation session and a discussion on some aspect of Buddhist culture and religion. I've gone a couple of times and it's a pretty cool way to get a yummy vegan dinner and learn something you didn't know! (mope)
Karma yoga studio/cafe
amazing vegan tea shop. It's currently my favorite place to get vegan treats in the Boston area, but not a lot of people seem to know about it. They have a great selection of vegan cupcakes and muffins, as well as a huge menu of teas and French press coffee. (gnarls)
Life Alive
Yummy vegetable bowls and smoothies. (ericac)
Pho Pasteur Vietnamese Cuisine

The Elephant Walk
It has a section of the menu just for vegans. the food was tasty and the veggies were nice and fresh. (bradthevegan)
Veggie Galaxy
A new vegetarian diner and bakery.  Very vegan friendly.  They changed their gluten free bread once they realized that the gluten free bread that they had been using was veggie but not vegan.  All desserts are vegan. (ericac)
Veggie Planet
vegetarian pizza place that has a ton of vegan options! (gnarls)
ALWAYS have vegan yumyums and live music to boot! (dinkfeet)
Tofu A Gogo

Life Alive
Yummy vegetarian and vegan foods.  All made fresh from organic ingredients.  Mostly rice and veg dishes but also wraps, smoothies.  Also sell supplements, lotions, etc.  More of an experience than just a restaurant. (redhedm)
I LOVED it!!! Great food and great smoothies. Wish it weren't such a long drive, 1 1/2 hours  (katzenfreund)
Vej Naturals


The Dancing Vegan

The Outer Crepe
little gem of a place. A couple of places in P-Town have veggie burgers, or other random vegan friendly dishes, but none that I found were as varied as The Outer Crepe. You can create many different types of crepe, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.  I had one for lunch, dinner, and dessert, and found them all to be delicious, and made with high quality ingredients. There is a beautiful eating deck that looks out onto friendly commercial street from which you can watch tourists, or even see the ocean. My first picture is of a crepe I had with avocado, onion, kalamata olives, tempeh bacon, vegan soy cheese, and spinach.  The second is a picture of the owner Sylvie, who was very friendly and who knew all about vegan food concerns.  There is more to eat there than just crepes, but as that is what I feasted on, it seems only appropriate to speak of them. (cams)
True Bistro
All vegan restaurant.  It's a more upscale place.  Really good food.  The most amazing chocolate cake!  Sensitive to gluten free requirements. (ericac)
Billed as Boston's answer for upscale vegan (think NYC Candle 79). However, on a direct comparison of their seitan piccata, Candle 79 wins hands down. The seitan was too chewy for my liking. Their drinks are also limited to alcoholic cocktails and limited teas. No smoothies or juices - wtf?? (blinknoodle)
Masao's Kitchen

The Elephant Walk

Red Lentil
Vegetarian restaurant. Very vegan friendly.  Everything vegan on the menu is marked. (ericac)
Belmont Vegetarian Restaurant

Buddha Hut

Quan Yin

Sano Cafe
great vegan and vegetarian food...(katzenfreund)
Ann Arbor
Earthen Jar
fantastic! It's a nearly 100% vegan Indian buffet--it's real small and kitchy--you grab yor own plates and silver wear from the kitchen and clean up after yourself too--but it is extra cheap--only $5 a pound! I highly reccomend this place is you like good authentic Indian food. (cap)
A pay by the pound all vegetarian mostly vegan buffet. They serve Indian food as well as "American" classics like mac and cheese, lasagna and the like. Its like 7 dollars a pound so it can get sort of pricy if you're like me and want 3 pounds of food, however awesome place, awesome vibes awesome people. Free water in tin cups that you wash yourself after your meal. (ska1234)
Jazzy Veggie
I haven't eaten there yet but from what I understand they serve classic vegan americana food in a "fast food" like setting. Soups, salads, pizzas, and sandwhiches. I hear their sweet potato quinoa burger is to die for. (ska1234)
Jerusalem Garden
Super awesome falafel and sandwhiches. Lots of good vegan options. They serve meat as well but the options are awesome and the price is cheap. Its right next door to Earthen Jar. (ska1234)
it's an all vegetarian restaurant. They are kinda pricy but they do mark on the menu which food is vegetarian and which is vegan. I would recommend the tempeh burger and their sweet potato fries. I haven't been to this restaurant in many years, so I am not sure if the menu is still the same or not. I remember their chocolate cake with tofutti ice cream being pretty good. I am now quite the baker, so I can make cake at home.  (krista)
Amici Pizza
Has the best vegan and vegetarian pizza -divine! Vegan and Vegetarian friendly (sorriso)
Golden Gate Cafe

Moo Moo's Vegetarian Bistro
really good (immigrantsong)
Grand Rapids
Bartertown Diner

Brick Road Pizza
They aren't an all veg or vegan restaurant since they serve meat too, but they do have a vegan chef there that created a vegan menu for the restaurant. They have breadsticks, some appetizers, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, mac n cheese and desserts that are all vegan. They even have a buffet that vegan friendly and they are willing to tell you which items at the buffet are vegan. I have been there twice and thought they had great food. I would recommend this place.  (krista)
Mixtape Cafe

Stella's lounge
It was a grungy/punkish-bar scene with a delicious menu of bar food to go along.  We got some vegan wings w/ vegan ranch, a HUGE plate of bean and veg cheese nachos, and if I wasn't so stuffed we wpuld have ordered more.  The place isn't totally vegan, but has many many vegan options.  Another super cool fact is that its connected to another bar that is like a speakeasy, you have to use a password to get in from off the street, and the whole place cheers when someone walks in the door.  They had live rockabilly music and we all danced our socks off! (babysgotsauce)
Teshlou's -Little Africa


Red Pepper Deli
vegan and raw (mostly) the food is really great, the prices are not too pricey ($$) and the people are fantastically wonderful! The only weird thing is that some of their deserts have honey in them...why? hello! Agave!!! Besides that everything is vegan and at least 75% is raw. (cap)
Panda Forest
Yummy food, lots of vegetarian/vegan options (I love the sczechuwan eggplant). I ate here all the time in college! (quintess)
Royal Oak
Inn Season Cafe
really delicious (immigrantsong)
Appears to be the most popular - it's excellent. Vegan and Vegetarian friendly (sorriso)
Pizza Luce

Delights of India

Minnesota's only raw vegan restaurant. Strawberry marinara, macadamia alfredo, 'living' pizzas- all delicious. This restaurant also boasts Minnesota's largest selection of organic, vegan, no-sulfites-added wine. (stellar26)
YUMMY! This place has tons of delicious raw food! Some of my favorite dishes are the "sausage" pizza, the cashew cheese log, the kale and pinenut cheese plate, the taco pizza, the pancakes, the ice cream dessert smoothie thing, (don't remeber what its called.)  It gets a little expensive, as organic raw food does, but its totally worth it! (babysgotsauce)
French Meadow Bakery
Vegan pastries, cookies, cakes, and even cheesecakes are served here daily, along with their regular menu of tofu scramble, vegan pancakes, tempeh reubens, veggie burgers, etc. The crowd is more Euro than that of Hard Times, and the prices reflect that. It's a good place for Sunday coffee (or tea) with the family, too. (stellar26)
Home of the many delicious breads! The hemp seed bread is great, tons of baked goods, some vegan, some not.  A pretty extensive menu.  for breakfast and lunch you order at the counter and then someone brings you the food, like at Panera. (babysgotsauce)
Galactic Pizza
(not all vegetarian, but many vegan options) -- VEGAN PIZZAS WITH VEGAN GOURMET "CHEESE"!! They have many delicious specialty pizzas that can be made vegan, if requested- and many delicious organic (usually local) veggies that can be used on their pizzas. They also have seitan as a topping! Need I say more? Yes, I think that I should. All of the power purchased to run their restaurant is renewable wind energy. They have the Second Harvest Heartland pizza- $1 is donanted to that hunger relief organization every time that the pizza is ordered. Five percent of their after tax profits are donated to charity. If you order their pizza for delivery it will be delievered to your house via an electric vehicle by a person in a superhero uniform! This business rocks. (stellar26)
Hard Times Cafe
It's open 23 hours a day and serves organic, free-trade coffee. The crowd that hangs out here is unique- but don't let that discourage you! The entire menu is vegetarian and most things can be prepared vegan if requested. The entire menu is served the entire day- so you can have vegan pancakes for dinner or tofu chili with a tempeh reuben for breakfast if you so choose. It's also very reasonably priced. I love this place, it's one of my all time favorites. (stellar26)
This place is right by my campus, so I stop there to grab baked muffins and treats.  It looks a little/lot grungy, and the area is just a tad on the sketchy side, BUT they do have a big menu with lots of vegan options, (many you have to request to be made vegan.  Reasonable prices.  (babysgotsauce)
Pizza Luce
This is one of my favorite spots! I pick up a take out pizza and vegan cheese bread from here every couple of weeks.  they offer vegan soy mozza-cheddar type cheese, (that melts!) and a nut riccota.  There are also vegan sausage, and mock duck options. The vegan up-grading can get expensive so I usually just get the vegan cheese and some veggies, but when I'm splurging the sausage is good too. There are locations in St. Paul and two in Minneapolis. (babysgotsauce)
Seward Community Cafe
always busy, long wait, short hours of operation, but vast vegan and organic menu (fuaddict)
The Vegetarian

The Back Room Deli

St. Paul
Bravo Cafe and Bakery

Pizza Luce


High Noon Cafe

Check it out!  An all-vegan cafe is opening in Chesterfield, which is just outside Saint Louis.  The grand opening is this Sat, Nov 1 (08).  I'm soooo excited (icephrosty)
Main Squeeze Natural Foods Cafe
absolute heaven. (It's also an organic juice bar, as you could probably gather.) As a broke college student, it's a little pricey for regular visits. (About 6-8 bucks a plate.) But the portions are nice, the food is gorgeous, and the menu is all vegetarian, about 80% vegan. They use organic and locally grown produce whenever possible. They also make all their own salad dressings, hummus, and salsa, (which are 100% vegan,) and you can buy them in bulk. Their sesame-ginger dressing (has a tofu/"cream" base) is unbelievably rich; I think I could probably gain my Freshman-15 quite easily if I had regular access to the stuff... *drool* Missouri isn't vegan friendly as far as restaurants go, so finding this place was sort of like stepping into Oz. They even have stevia packets out for the iced tea! (mizzoukitten)
Everlasting Life

Isadora's Wonderful Things

Kansas City
Eden Alley Cafe
My favorite everyday option (caroleena)
A more in-depth review. It's a strange vibe the first time you go in--it's in the basement of the Unity temple but they've done a nice job of making it NOT feel like coffee-and-pastries after a church service. It's vegetarian but with vegan, "virtually-vegan" (contains honey), raw, and gluten-free options clearly marked. A generous, rotating menu of "specials" keeps it interesting. That said, I seem to enjoy the best when I stick to my favorites. Their ultimate garlic grilled cheese and tacos (each with a vegan sub clearly marked on the menu) are what I order nearly every time I go there. Spinach grinder and sweet potato burritos were excellent too. Some of my adventures out of my standards have been hit-or-miss: wasn't too nuts about a raw dip and a soup that i had one time (the spices just seemed off). Great for brunch, too--but I've never ordered off of the brunch menu. Service is AWESOME! Attached to a book/clothing/gift store that is fun for browsing.(caroleena)
One of my favorite places to eat in K.C. They have a rotating seasonal menu as well as a regular menu available all year. They have a brunch menu on Saturdays. Vegan items are marked, and many items can be made vegan by having them substitute a yummy cashew cheese. My favorite items I've had are from the regular menu. The Sweet Potato Burritos are awesome, but I think my favorite is the vegan version of the Ultimate Garlic Grilled Cheese. Fyi, the bread basket they offer has vegan sourdough, but the multigrain has honey, so I always ask them for just the sourdough. (kristinv)
A small, cozy restaurant with limited seating. Hubby and I ordered sandwiches and swapped halves, so we could try both. One was the Jack Reuben, and the other was the TuneRahh Melt Sandwich. Both were grilled sandwiches using jackfruit as a faux meat. Delicious! Unfortunately, I didn't really like my side salad, which consisted of strips of swiss chard and some juicy, soft berries (probably frozen then thawed) real dressing, and the chard pieces were large, awkward and tough. Also, it's cash only (we learned when we were already done eating!), so I had to sit and wait for G to go find an ATM somewhere, so we could pay. (kristinv)
Waldo Pizza
Not 100% vegetarian, but I thought it warranted inclusion because of this, which is available on their website. Their veganrella pizzas are awesome, and they have a great variety of veggies and sauces to put on top. I love that they have a salad bar, too--you can get a small plate as a side salad or go back for unlimited. And, of course, they sell vegan cupcakes! (I believe that at least a few of the people who work there are vegan, so they look out.) Great place for a pint of beer, too. (caroleena)
Best vegan pizza I've had! The crust and sauce are tasty. There's a large variety of veggie toppings and even vegan cheeses and faux meats. Highly recommended. (kristinv)
St. Joseph
Garden of Eaten

Wellspring Cafe
the servings fill you up and they have a small thrift shop in the store.  I need to go start going back there and support them more often. I'm pretty sure they keep it organic as well. (jensnoztree)
St. Louis
Shangri-La Diner
YUM!  I just ate here last week and had the Moroccan Stew (chickpeas, tomatoes and fire-roasted eggplant with really yummy spices)  It's cheap and locally owned. (deuceo)
all veg (icephrosty)
Sweet Art

Blossom's Bed and Breakfast
When we attended my brother-in-law's wedding in Missoula in August 2010, we stayed at Blossom's Bed and Breakfast a few nights and it was AMAZING!! Blossom, the owner, sat with me and my husband when we arrived and asked us all about what vegan products and dishes we liked best. Then she went out and bought them all and made us the most incredible breakfasts every morning. Talk about VEGAN FRIENDLY! (sammy)

Pepe's Veggie Mix Bistro
It's an all-vegetarian cafe with several vegan options. What a wonderful treat after a day on the road! The tofu sandwich was very good and the cucumber lemonade really hit the spot. Great service, atmosphere, and really fresh food. I'll be back if I'm ever in Lincoln again! (quintess)
Mcfosters Natural Kind Cafe
Very vegan-friendly and delicious! Tons of vegan options and very reasonably priced. (quintess)
Las Vegas
Baked With Love

Go Raw Cafe (Lake East)

Go Raw Cafe (Windmill Lane)
If you like raw food, definitely check out the Go Raw Cafe (either location).  The owners at the Windmill location are really nice. (hopfrog)
am now in love with raw food.  That place rocks!  And they have biodegradeable soap in the restrooms, and paper take-out containers. A+.  I also tried Kombucha tea for the first time there.  So good!  Later we went to a sushi place in our hotel, and I had a roll with shiitake mushrooms, and again, it was to die for! (apstaats)
good--very large vegan menu (half the menu is veg half is omni).  The food is a little fattening---lots of coconut and lots of dishes are deep fried--but everything is yummy. (hopfrog)
Their food was fantastic! A bit oily but sinfully delicious! We had the Spicy Ground Gluten Noodles, Hot and Spicy Vegetables with Tofu, and The Chinese Style Sweet and Sour Gluten. I think I will be dreaming about the Sweet and Sour Gluten for the rest of my life! The other 2 dishes were fantastic as well but for the Hot and Spicy Vegetables with Tofu I might sub broccoli for the bamboo shoots next time (which the waitress suggested since we hardly ate any of them and there's a ton). Also the food they claim is spicy actually is! I loved the cute atmosphere (tons of cute cartoon-like fake flowers adorn the place). I will be hitting this restaurant up every time I visit Vegas. Try it! (amymylove)
Long Life Vege
(Chinese food with lots of fake meats)---the waitress and her husband run the restaurant alone and are really hard working. (hopfrog)
Pure Vida Bakery and Bystro

Pneumatic Diner
Excellent vegan and vegetarian food, including desserts! They're quite tiny, but the service is superb and the food is wonderful. I recommend anything with "slab" (their grilled, smoked tofu). Yum! They also have a raw special every day. (sparklej)

New Hampshire
Cafe Indigo
Amazing brunch! And their "Rachael" (like Rueban) is really tasty. I don't however recommend the vegan sausage, I didn't like it. But they also have the BEST cakes...and you can order them online too. Super amazing! (corinnas)
Keene Fresh Salad Company

Vietnam Noodle House
They had 4 pages of vegetarian options including vegan choices!!!!  Most menu items could be prepared with mock chicken, mock beef, tofu or gluten.  Not the most beautiful restaurant but the food was good, fast, and cheap which is what I like to see.  (redhedm)
Susty's Cafe
It is really good. It is a tiny little dive, like almost the back of someones house, but they have delicious lasagna. I actually went there when I was an omni and I was so impressed with the lasagna I couldn't belive there wasn't cheese. The tofu fries taste like fish sticks I didn't like them, my daughter loves them. And their nacho's are yummy! Vege burger not so great. (corinnas)
The Juicery

New Jersey
Kaya's Kitchen
Everything is completely vegan. They serve traditional meals like spagetti and meatballs and such. they also have thai, mexican etc as well as burgers and cheese steaks, which are excellent. They give you the option of vegan or dairy cheese. its a small place, but delicious none the less. (jennheart)
food is great, with lots of gluten steaky things and vegan mashed potatoes, etc.  But when I walk through the door with my kids, I have to turn around and walk out again because it is very apparent that even though there are empty tables it will be at least 40 minutes until someone takes our order and another 45 minutes or so until our food arrives.  It wouldn't matter as much if you were there with  friends and some wine (big plus is it is BYOB), because after a couple of drinks  you would care less that the wait staff is completely indifferent as to when you get your order, whether you got what you ordered, or if you have any utensils.  However, when you go with hugry kids it is very stressful to be waiting an hour and a half for your food .  Wait, actually, that's not the stressful part.  The really stressful part is dealing with the glaring from your husband who is ticked off that you made the entire family eat there even though you knew it would be a disaster. (jkl)
Cinnamon Snail food truck
I have been trying for many weeks or even months to catch the truck in downtown Hoboken. While at the post office sending off some annoying certified mail items where I noticed them circling for a parking spot, I was able to hog up a large enough parking space until they circled around the block. I ran up flagging them down and said "good morning, I saved you a parking space.." They were shocked and elated! They parked and started to set up, those 15 minutes seemed like an eternity as ponds of drool accumulate on the sidewalk. They were so grateful they offer me a free breakfast. So I sit here happy a young lark, devouring my breakfast burrito, black coffee and a few surprises extras for my company later this evening. (ericchristian)
Zizi's vegetarian2go
I just had to post about this all vegan takeout place because I just went there for lunch today & my sandwich was so good & now I'm in such a good mood. I love this place (lisa)
The Energy Bar

Veggie Heaven

New Brunswick
Namaste Cafe

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop

Veggie Heaven

New Mexico
All vegetarian, mostly vegan, and they consider it to be ayurvedic. Usually quite good, although it depends on who's cooking! (quintess)
Las Cruces
Herbal Hand Vegetarian Eatery

Santa Fe
All vegetarian, mostly vegan, and they consider it to be ayurvedic. Usually quite good, although it depends on who's cooking! (quintess)
Tree House Pastry Shop and Cafe

Vegan Santa Fe

Earth Garden Tea and Chi Gallery

New York
Ital Organic Restaurant

Vegan's Delight

24 Scoops and Plates

Bliss Cafe

D'Ital Shak

Food Swings

Four Seasons


Organic Heights

Puppet's Jazz Bar


Strictly Vegetarian

Tao Palate

The V Spot Cafe
very good. Yummy "chicken" and bean burritos, nachos, sweet potato fries and other fun stuff. (mamaanna)
Urban Spring

Long Island
Green Melody (Jericho)
I love this place.  That make delicious vegan Chinese food that is affordable.  The lunch specials cost $7 -$8.  My non-vegan friends really like eating here. (feralwhisperer)
Valley Stream
Nature's Best Health Food

New York City
24 Carrots

Adelina Vegetarian

Angelica Kitchen

my favorite this trip. It's a little pricey, but their seitan piccata was de-lish. (mamaanna)
Blossom Du Jour
It's the vegan fast food sister restaurant to Blossom located at 174 9th Ave NYC.  I had the Skyscraper, a vegan burger with soy bacon, Daiya cheddar, onion rings, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and a special sauce that was very reminiscent of a certain fast food burger chain's special sauce. This was my first experience with Daiya cheese, and I thought it tasted really great on a burger.  Unfortunately, when I bought the mozzarella version from Whole Foods, and made a pizza with it, I didn't enjoy it nearly as much.  I found it had a buttery flavor that did not jibe well with pizza.  Anyway, I enjoyed my burger immensely, and would definitely visit Blossom du Jour again.  The only drawback in my opinion was that there we no tables (only limited counter seating), and no public restrooms, making this place definitely more of a takeout joint than an actual restaurant.  Good food though! (peaceablepalate)
Bonobo's Vegetarian Restaurant

Buddha Bodai

Caio for Now Cafe and Sustainable NYC

Cafe Blossom
Very good!! I had the Seitan Marsala which was huge and tasty. Service incredibly prompt. The Butterfinger Shake is uber delicious and a dessert in itself. (blinknoodle)
Candle 79
It can be pricy but the food is excellent and service/presentation is impeccable.  (jkl)
which is not only vegetarian, but 100% vegan and largely local and organic -- best vegan meal I've ever had, hands down. Their seitan piccata was seriously to die for. Friggin' divine. (veganunderground)
I've been there 3 times because it was so good. Adored their Seitan Piccata. Service prompt. Ambiance cozy and classy. The combo of ingredients looks great. I've sampled the Moroccan chickpea cakes which were also good. Their brownie parfait is a chocolate explosion but a bit too sweet for me. (blinknoodle)
Candle Cafe
I enjoyed my meal here. I had wanted to go to Candle 79, but they were all fully reserved. I don't think they take reservations for parties under 4 at Candle Cafe, so it worked out well for us. I had the sweet potato smoothie which I am convinced would taste better warm, but I didn't have the heart to ask them to heat it up. The collard rolls were amazing with an incredible dipping sauce. The seitan chimichurri had great "meaty" texture although I found the marinade to be a tad limp tasting.  I had the paradise casserole which had classic flavours but worked really well together. The recipe is online so I plan to recreate that at home. My partner had the vegan lasagna which I thought was the better entree as it was ridiculously flavourful. The chocolate mousse pie was incredibly rich and dense. Too much for my liking, to be honest! It must be shared! (blinknoodle)
Caravan of Dreams
More casual and laidback, huge menu, tasty raw choices, delicious shakes. (fakeveganannette)
uses very fresh, very healthy ingredients.  Specials are hit and miss but stuff off the menu is usually very good. (jkl)
Chennai Garden

Cocoa V
a very posh vegan chocolatier, and bakery.  They too are a sister to Blossom.  I didn't buy any chocolates, although they looked beautiful and very delicious.  I'm more of a sucker for cupcakes, of which I bought 2, one for me, and one for my husband.  They only had one variety available, a chocolate cupcake with a pink vanilla frosting.  I ate mine on the train ride home from the city, and it was so good, it was all I could to restrain myself from eating the other one!  The frosting was really awesome on that cupcake.  I've made some vegan frostings at home, but the frosting on this cupcake was so light, fluffy, and scrumptious!  I wish I knew their secret! (peaceablepalate)
Again, a little on the pricey side, but inventive and wonderful and elegant.  (fakeveganannette)
Dang Lai Palace

Dirt Candy


Green Bean Cafe


Health Conscious Express

Hummus Kitchen

JivamukTea Cafe


Kate's Joint

Lan Cafe

Little Lad's

Lula's Sweet Apothecary
all vegan ice cream shop! We ordered a strawberry cheesecake sundae with hot fudge and gummy bears. You can imagine how excited the kiddo was. It even came with whipped cream and a cherry on top. (mamaanna)
Madras Cafe

Maoz Vegetarian (Union Square)

Maoz Vegetarian (Upper West Side)

NY Dosas

Pure Food and Wine
amaaaazing, though expensive.  I went there with my parents for my delicious graduation celebration meal. Raw and delish.  (fakeveganannette)
Went for lunch which has a different menu than dinner (it seems to be the same as the take-away menu for One Lucky Duck). My salad wasn't too spectacular (it was the Mediterranean salad). The raw lasagna was really good. Not over the top, but just perfect in its simplicity. You wouldn't know it was raw (well, zucchini would tip you off but the sauces were really good). The desserts are incredible- loved the lemon bar (again wouldn't even know it was raw- not too tart and not too sweet, either!). The Mallomar was nice but a bit sweet. You never would know the cracker was raw. (blinknoodle)
Pure Juice and Takeaway


Raw Soul

Red Bamboo
super-amay.  It's vegan "soul food," very comforting, reasonably priced (check out the lunch special!) and very appealing to meat-eaters if they're tagging along. (fakeveganannette)
Sacred Chow

Soy and Sake Village

Sproutcraft Cafe

Strictly Roots
ended up staying for hours! I got there at 12pm and planned to leave around 1pm. I left at 3:45pm instead! The food was great. I tried the split pea soup ($3 for a generous medium serving - so cheap by New York standards), a dumpling ($1 and so filling). Imagine lunch in NY for only $4. Wow. Then I tried the carrot cake. I HATE carrot cake but I loved this one! I took some of the dumplings, a slice of lasagna and another split pea soup to go. This is the kind of place where the cooks come out of the kitchen to chat with customers. Friendly, friendly, friendly. Their slogan is "We serve nothing that crawls, walks, swims or flies" which is great since I eat nothing that crawls, walks,...... So if ever you're in upper Manhattan and are looking for cheap vegan slightly Caribbean inspired food, check it out. They use honey in some of their dishes so if you're a stricter vegan, be sure to ask. (cheezees)
Teany Cafe and Teas
this is moby's tea place, and the club sandwich i ate there was great! (manisha)
Temple in the Village

The Health Nuts Deli

Tien Garden

Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen

Other New York Cities
Lost Dog Cafe

Aladdin's Natural Eatery
A Mediterranean restaurant with lots of vegan options--salads, pitas, sandwiches.  SO delicious.  I even got a vegan chocolate cheesecake there for dessert once.  They don't carry it regularly, but it was SO good. (KMK)
Lost Dog Cafe
I had heard this was good for vegetarians but I wasn't overwhelmed with the selection or the food quality.  It has a really awesome style and atmosphere though. (KMK)
Autumn Leaves Used Books and Cafe

The ABC Cafe
Really good tofu scramble!  I love this place.  I think it's mostly vegetarian. (KMK)
Orange Cat Coffee Co.

New Paltz
Karma Road Deli

New Rochelle
Jolo's Kitchen

Nyack Main Essentials

Pine Bush
Pure City

Eco Bella Bakery

Natural Oasis Cafe

Rosendale Cafe
my favorite vegan/organic restaurant in the WORLD. As mentioned, it's Vegan/Organic and they walk the walk and talk the talk over there. All the tables, chairs, glasses, cups, cutlery is bought from garage sales (recycle...reuse). Whenever I go to NYC, I still make the 90 minute drive up there to eat. It's worth it! Plus you can see some world class musicians playing. It's not unheard of to have David Bowie's back up band playing while they are in town recording (just one of the many, many great people to play there...too many to name). (davedrum)
Andy's Vegan Cafe

Sarasota Springs
Four Seasons Natural Foods Cafe

Spring Valley
Caribreeze Vegetarian Cafe

Strong Hearts Cafe
im nowhere near syracuse, but that menu looks great and the prices are awesome - especially for vegan cafe food.  sometimes restaurants overcharge for additional stuff, but .50 for adding tofurkey or seitan?  super fair! good luck with the new cafe!! (ppc)
I went here today for dessert!  I got a chocolate cuppycake with peanut butter frosting.  It was pretty good! The cafe was so cute, had lots and lots of things to choose from, and was crawling with vegans.  Or people I imagined to be vegan.  I wanted to hug them.  The end. (kmk)
The milkshakes look AWESOME.  I might have to go get one before I move on Monday. (kmk)
I finally went! It was a spur of the moment trip to Syracuse with a vegan friend and we had to check the place out. The milkshakes rock! I haven't had a non homemade milkshake in FOREVER! The food was delicious also. I was very curious about Teese. It was pretty comparable to Vegan Gourmet. It didn't melt well though but it was still good but being a vegan cheese I didn't really expect it to melt good. As for the atmosphere...very cool to be in a place with more vegans but have one issue. There's no a/c. It was in the upper 80s and soooo incredibly hot in there. I feel for the guys cooking! They must've been dying because there's no backroom with a kitchen instead its right behind the counter. We didn't stay that long because we were uncomfortably hot (fadeaway)
I ate at Stronghearts a few weeks ago and it was very good.  I got an egg McVegan, which I thought was a bit overpriced, but was good none-the-less.  I also got a tofurkey sammy, that was very good, and all the veggies were fresh, and local, or so my taste buds say. I also got a Rosa Parks shake (Peach Cobbler) and it was amazing.  The shakes are a must have, and the staff is very friendly.  They seemed as friendly to an obviously omni couple as they were to me, who was wearing an herbivore hoodie, and I think that is great. Definitely worth a small trip, and especially if you are in the area.  I'll be there again this weekend. (cams)
Mustard Seed

Watkin's Glen
The Great Escape Ice Cream Store
Not exclusively vegan, but they have a whole vegan menu of soft serve ice cream. They do that whole "24 flavour system" that a lot of non-vegan places do. They have a homemade soy-based soft serve ice cream. Sadly, the ice cream only comes in size medium (or so they say...) and it comes in a 12oz cup, not a cone. I split one with my mum. Sadly, I let her choose the flavour and she chose cheesecake, which I thought was too sweet but I don't dig cheesecake that much. The texture was nice. I'm not a big fan of ice cream shoppes, so I found the atmosphere to be cramped, crowded, and clausrorphobia-enducing. I would consider going back there the next time I go to the Glen. I just think it's cool that there is such an offering in an area like that amongst the nascar fanatics. (dannibazaar)
Garden Cafe on the Green

Happy Buddha

Forest Hills
Tierra Sana

Fresh Meadows
Exotic Superfoods


Smile of the Beyond

Health Conscious Express

Veggie Castle II

North Carolina
Firestorm Cafe and Books
Love this place!  It's a wonderful coffee shop and bookstore.  I'm pretty sure everything on the menu is vegan, but I think they have dairy cream cheese available for bagels, if you want it.  I went a while ago with Little2Ant and had a vegan Gyro.  The tzatziki was super delicious.  Cams and I went again this weekend to have coffee there.  I had a simple dark roast, which was fresh and tasty.  Cams had a double mocha with almond milk.  While ordering, we were enticed by their selection of half priced baked goods (left from the previous day) and got a gingersnap cookie.  It was probably the best cookie I've ever had in a coffee shop/restaurant.  It was wonderfully chewy with tons of ginger flavor.  The atmosphere is chilled out and the staff is incredibly friendly.  We loved it so much, we decided to go back on Sunday for more coffee and an early lunch; that's when we found out the only thing we don't like about this place....they are closed on Sunday. (lotus)
Laughing Seed Cafe
the best! (L2A)
drop everything and go now! It's fantastic. (feelinsoreal)
so glad I went.  I got a norioll to die for, Indian food to die for and a carrot juice smoothie.  The bad news is I spent $31.00 just on myself with another $6.00.  I don't mind paying for good food and service though (I ordered takeout and had the smoothie at the bar).  Sad that I live in an area with 10 times the population of Asheville and can't find vegan food this good! (tweety)
try the Harmony Bowl and get the sea vegetable salad on top of it. It was only $11 and delicious, not to mention you get a lot - I got two meals out of that. (feelinsoreal)
I had a sandwich there last time that was so big I couldn't fit the whole thing in my mouth. And I got it with yummy almond "harvarti"! (wassernixe)
AWESOME (kendrakat)
I think Cams and I must be the only people who were not blown away by Laughing Seed.  The food we had was good, but not spectacular.  Cams had the Maple Glazed Seitan, which was good, but a very small portion.  I had the Havana Cuban sandwich.  The bread was very good, but I thought the sandwich was lacking in flavor. They use local tempeh, which was delicious, but I found the almond havarti spread to be a bit bland.  My sandwich came with a side of orzo pasta salad.  Again, it was a small portion, but I think it was probably enough.  The pasta salad had an unexpected lemongrass flavor and it was pretty delicious.  We split the coconut creme tart with ginger oat crust and blueberry compote. The tart was very good.  I would've liked more ginger in the crust, but the coconut custard was smooth, creamy, and tasty.  We were both disappointed with the blueberry compote.  The blueberries tasted bland and had a grainy texture.  I'm sure they were frozen.  Finally, Cams got a glass of the local Kombucha, ginger with cayenne (on tap!).  It was absolutely delicious, but very expensive at this restaurant.  We got larger glasses much cheaper at another restaurant in town.  Overall, the food was good, but we didn't think it was worth the price. (lotus) 
Rosetta's Kitchen
veg. too, but I didn't find them as good as the Laughing Seed. (L2A)
better for lunch than dinner (kendrakat)
I can't say enough good things about this place. The employees are great. The prices are decent. Every time I go, I'm pleased. Even with the simple salad (and vegan ranch!) that I had today. Although I try not to eat them very often, their chili cheese fries are amazing. What's even better than that is the kale. I'm addicted! (pixie)
I can't rave about this place enough.  I love it.  We ate here everyday we were in Asheville.  I end up getting the tempeh reuben every time I eat at Rosetta's.  You have to substitute vegan queso for swiss cheese, but the queso is delicious.  Cams got tempeh wings, which looked like a small portion, but they were really filling.  Also delicious.  The vegan ranch is the best I've ever's kind of thin though.  Next I had "The Mountain," Sauteed kale with brown rice and tempeh with a sauce made from tahini and korean bbq sauce.  Fantastic. Cams got "The Family Favorite," Peanut Tofu with kale, mashed potatoes and gravy.  It was really good, especially the potatoes and gravy.  We both got the small option and were full.  This morning we went back for breakfast.  ha.  We had biscuits with sausage gravy.  Huge fluffy biscuits, smooth gravy and tempeh sausage for $2.50!  Amazing.  The local Asheville tempeh is the most delicious I've ever had.  The texture is wonderful.  I love that so many restaurants use it.  We also got pints of local ginger cayenne kombucha on tap at a reasonable price.  Great food with an awesome, chilled out atmosphere.  Reasonably priced. (lotus)
The Green Sage
This cafe seemed a little more upscale than some coffee shops, but still a nice place to sit and chill.  Not everything is vegetarian/vegan, but there are tons of options, such as vegan biscuits and tempeh sausage.  They also have smoothies and miso mugs.  I just had an americano, but Cams got a coconut chai with almond milk.  It was pretty delicious.  We didn't have any food there, but I would like to go back to eat when I'm in Asheville again.  The staff was friendly and the place had a really nice vibe. (lotus)
Once In a Blue Moon Bakery and Cafe

like it (lauranc)
North Dakota

good, but expensive (saramonster)
Ely's To Go

Flaming Ice Cube Cafe
awesome little vegan cafe with really good sammitches + vegan 'smores. (saramonster)
Bowling Green
I couldn't believe it when I visited my alma mater. A vegan restaurant (and grocery) had sprung up in the heart of tractor pull and farm country!! Very very very very inexpensive. Very very very very tasty. Has that college hippie quality about it. (melanieb)
100% vegan menu and they also have a little store inside too--this place is worth traveling too and the town is so cute too! (cap)
OMG! This place is amazing! I drove down to Bowling Green to check out the university (BGSU) which I loved by the way, and I went down town to have lunch at their vegetarian cafe. It was 100% vegan and almost completely organic--it was amazing! The food is inexpensive and out of this world good!!! The menu is pretty big too--lots of salads, sandwiches, wraps, appitzers, and best of all deserts! I'm snacking on a rocky road cookies as we speak and I want to die it is soooooo good! They also have a small store in the back with vegan products too--I know if I move down there that i will defintely be at this place a lot!! If you are in the area you must eat at this restaurant--it is not an option--it is mandatory--YOU MUST EAT HERE! A road trip would not be unreasonable either! (cap)
amazing!! I graduated from BGSU in 2001 (great school by the way) and it wasn't open while I was there. I went back a few years later just to visit my old stomping grounds (my family lives in the Toledo area too) and came upon this gem! Needless to say, we've been back SEVERAL times. Last time just passing through I stopped in and got a Chocolate-Peanut Butter Smilkshake. YUM YUM YUM!! (melanieb)
Loving Cafe

Flaming Ice Cube
I LOVE this place. It's completely vegan, except they do have honey in a few things (teas, mostly)--but they were really good about knowing the ingredients in their food. It's really reasonably priced, even when my boyfriend and I order multiple entrees (oops!). They have a core menu, but their sides, desserts, and specialized coffees change daily. You can dine in or grab a coffee and muffin/dessert to go. For an appetizer, you must get the Spicy Chick'n Quesadilla with Gardein Chick'n and Daiya ($7)--it was definitely spicier than I expected and FANTASTIC. The Summer Rolls ($3) were okay--probably better in the summer than the winter! Z had their "Beef" stew as a side, and I thought it tasted too beefy. It kind of creeped me out. He liked it, as he used to like beef stew, but I don't remember eating it and I didn't like how strong the flavor was. Don't bother with their flatbread pizzas ($10). It's just on a tortilla, and way expensive for what you're getting. It looks like something I made in college, for a buck. It's tasty, but overpriced when there are such better options for your cash. Where it's at is their veggie burgers. I NEVER order veggie burgers when I'm out, because I think I can get them frozen. But they make their own and they are the chewiest, yummiest, juiciest burgers EVER. They're also huge. I recommend the pizza burger with the added vegetables ($8.88). The pesto burger is good ($7.45), but not as good as the pizza burger. I want one now! (veganrun)
The Web of Life

Banana Leaf

Benevolence Cafe and Bakery

Dragonfly neo-v
I used to live here and it was called something else and was vegetarian, and was good, but now I heard its even better and totally vegan. Haven't been there since it changed hands. (L2A)
it's fabulous but it's very expensive. Definitely a celebration type place. Gourmet food. Purchase by course. Very fresh. Smaller portions. (melanieb)
Pattycake Vegan Bakery

Rad Dog!

Whole World Bakery and Restaurant
It's been around since 1978! Completely vegetarian, mostly vegan. Menu changes a lot. Awesome brunch on Sunday. Very affordable. Moves a bit slowly but worth it. Fresh baked goods and bread as well. (melanieb)
Raw Passion Bistro

This is a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern take-out restaurant (has a couple of tables). It is incredible, and one of the owners knows my order by now! Get the Extreme 15 ($6), which is vegan by default. It's a ton of veggies, garlic paste, hummus, and a falafel in a toasted pita. Add rice and lentils and hot sauce--AMAZING. The hummus is incredibly creamy--get it with the pita chips. They make it there with a VitaMix. The grape leaves were okay, a little oily, but I don't think I'll get them again. Their smoothies ($4-5) are delicious and made with only fruits and juices. This place has incredibly weird hours and I've gone there to find it closed probably more than open, but I think they're working on trying to get their hours matched up with customers. GREAT drunk food. (veganrun)
Wild Goats Cafe
This place pisses me off. They tout themselves as vegetarian/vegan, and I guess they are vegetarian friendly, but there is butter, milk, and eggs in freaking everything. We went there for breakfast and LITERALLY the only vegan thing we could order was oatmeal and a fruit bowl. REALLY? Are you kidding me? I can go to freaking IHOP and get crappy fruit and oatmeal. So we tried to work with the waiter and put some vegetables together, but they cook everything in butter. It's just ridiculous, as was the waiter, who was a bit of a shit about the whole thing. But if they are going to say they are vegan friendly, I would hope they would A) Know what the hell "vegan" means and B) HAVE VEGAN OPTIONS. We finally got so pissed off we left, and now I just get pissed off any time I hear someone talk about that place. Totally vegan friendly, if you eat eggs, cheese, and butter. Yeah. (veganrun)
Mustard Seed Market and Cafe
great! There is a location in Akron and Solon (designingd)
Mustard Seed Market and Cafe
great! There is a location in Akron and Solon (designingd)


Veggies Restaurant and Store

Blue Scorcher Bakery Cafe


The Vibe

Alexander's Great Falafel

Garbanzo Grill

Laughing Planet Cafe
mostly burritos and smoothies, very tasty and nutritious (junglequeen)
Lotus Garden
all veggie chinese food, our fave is the sweet and sour nuggets with steamed brown rice (junglequeen)
Morning Glory Bakery and Cafe
open only breakfast and lunch. this place makes the best biscuits and gravy ever, I can't believe that people eat biscuits and gravy with meat in it after having this! Tantric Mushroom Gravy over their yummy dill biscuits.  (junglequeen)
Pizza Research Institute
we went there for dinner while visiting and it was delish!! really good vegan and vegetarian pizza and microbrews. (curiale)
Yes I have gone there once. I much prefer Cozmic Pizza. I remember that when we (myself and my boyfriend) went there, the pizza was very good, howe'ver it gave us both very upset tummies (all the soy ricotta that was used) and at Cozmic Pizza you can get a vegan pizza with no cheese substitute. I am sure you can do that at PRI, but...I guess we are just partial to Cozmic. Plus Cozmic is a much larger space. PRI is very small. (junglequeen)
Ratatouille Bistro

Sam Bonds Garage

Lincoln City
Aunt Mary's Toaster Bistro

Backspace Cafe

Bay Leaf

Blossoming Lotus Cafe
all vegan and has lots of raw options in the Pearl District.  Also has a big restaurant in Hawaii.  (vavoomkitty)
has vegan soft serve - peppermint was the flavor they had when i was there, it was delicious! (ppc)
Their food is 100% vegan, organic and delicious. I think they are only open for lunch, however. It is in the Pearl District just a couple of blocks away from Powell's Books. (junco)
it is open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner (7am-10pm).  you must go there - its amazing. (tuttle)
Blue Moose Cafe

Bye and Bye
all vegan bar that i went to but it wasnt physically possible for me to stuff anymore food into my face so i just drank.  i hear the foods great and the jukebox is also full of good stuff. (ppc)
Chaos Cafe and Parlor

Nhut Quang

Papa G's Vegan Organic Deli

Portobello Vegan Trattoria

Proper Eats Market and Cafe
It's a bit out of the way, but my omni friend and I really really liked it. I took seconds on dessert even though I was stuffed. I wouldn't recommend the juices though, stick with water as your beverage. (supadupabee)
Sweet Lemon Vegetarian Bistro

Sweet Pea Bakery
an all vegan bakery/coffeshop with yummy blackbottom chocolate cream cheese cupcakes (they also had a pumpkin/cream cheese version)  it's in the same building as the herbivore store, the vegan tattoo parlor and food fight - the vegan grocery.  so you can go stock up on krispy kat bars and vegan makeup. (ppc)
The Red and Black Cafe

Vah Hanh Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegan Treats Bakery
Imo, it beats DC's own Sticky Fingers bakery. A friend lives walking distance from Vegan Treats so I always buy a bunch of stuff to bring home when I visit. In fact, I'll be there this weekend. If I lived that close I'd be in serious trouble. They make the BEST peanut butter light and fluffy whipped topping they put on cupcakes, cakes and brownies. This stuff is to die for. I need to know how to make it! And then there's the "cheese"cakes....(iluvtomatoes)

Fresh Horizon's Cafe

Arnold's Way Vegetarian Raw Cafe

SuTao Cafe

Black Olive

Blackbird Pizzeria
serves 100% vegan fare - they gave me the best slices of pizza I've ever tried, vegan or otherwise! The Nacho and Haymaker slices are highly recommended. Also, their Philly Cheesesteak sandwich is to die for - as is their Tofu Cubano. (tinylightsbelow)
Govinda's Cafe


Kingdom of Vegetarians

Mi Lah

Singapore Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant

The Nile Cafe

Double Wide Grill
A cute garage converted into a restaurant specializing in diner food and a great draft beer selection (lots of microbrews).  We shared an order of the seitan wings to start and they were incredible!  Sadly, they didn't offer a vegan veggie dip so our carrots and celery were naked.  For our main dish, DH had the lentil veggie burger and I had the pulled seitan bbq.  We both had shoestring fries for our sides.  The veggie burger had a good flavor - sort of like a meatloaf(?) - but was way too thick (like an inch thick) and was cool and soggy in the center.  We told the waitress that we were vegan, but she still brought the burger on a buttered bun.  In the restaurant's defense, it says to specify a vegan bun on the menu, but I assumed that since we told her we were vegan she'd have figured out that we wanted a vegan bun.  Service was so slow and we had a baby that was getting cranky, so we just took it off the bun and ate in on the plate.  The pulled seitan had an okay texture (it was better as wings), but neither of us liked the sauce.  It was too sweet, lacked depth, and had some sort of clove-y, licorice-y flavor.  (DD on the other hand, LOVED it.)  The fries were just your standard frozen and deep fried variety which was somewhat disappointing for a restaurant that specializes in comfort food.  Despite the STEEP price tag, I'd go back but next time I will just get several orders of wings and beer. (mdv)
Loving Hut
Loving Hut is an Asian vegan restaurant chain with a heavily Vietnamese influenced menu.  This was our absolute favorite meal of the trip.  In fact, Loving Hut has taken over the top Asian restaurant on the east coast spot for both of us.  (Previously held by Yuan Fu).  We ordered the pho, fresh summer rolls, and Lucky Lemongrass (veggie chicken with a spicy lemongrass dry rub) to share and got a piece of pandan cake to go.  The service was prompt and extremely friendly, which was such a refreshing change!  The summer rolls were little bites of heaven with hints of mint and basil blending perfectly with crisp tofu and a delicate peanut-hoisin sauce.  The balance of sweet, salty, spicy, and sour was dead-on.  If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it might be these.  The pho was quite good with rice noodles, veggie beef, a mild broth and piles of good toppings to customize.  (DH and I both noted that the pho tasted almost exactly like my version of pho.)  The lemongrass dish was to die for.  It reminded me of the Gourmet Chicken at Golden Era in San Francisco.  The pandan cake was great, too.  The frosting was creamy and not too sweet, the cake was tender and dense and you could really taste the pandan.  The portions were huge, too.  I think that the bowl of pho was as large as my saucepan.  We will definitely, definitely come back here.  I believe we will actually be making the 2.5 hour drive just to eat here again.  I'm sure that the food/quality/service varies from one area to another, but I would definitely recommend checking it out if you have one near you. (mdv)
Mad Mex
After eating wings, burgers, fries, and ice cream we weren't sure that we were going to eat dinner.  We started getting hungry around 10 p.m. and figured that we were resigned to our stockpile of larabars and chili lime cashews, so we were super excited to find Mad Mex.  (The kitchen is open until midnight!)  We called in a massive amount of food: chips with three dipping sauces (pineapple-habanero, avocado-tomatillo, and pico), the chopper salad with portabello mushrooms and vegan chipotle ranch, the hippie quesadilla with vegan cheese option, and the tofu soft tacos.  We picked up our food and brought it back to the hotel to eat.  DH took one bite of his quesadilla and thought that the cheese tasted strange, so I tried it and agreed that it tasted like it had casein in it.  Well, the next bite was worse - it had f'n STEAK!  Bloody dead cow!  I called the restaurant and the manager apologized over and over again and is mailing us a gift certificate for two free entrees.  The rest of the food was so good that I will actually go back despite the mix-up.  The tofu tacos were a showstopper with crispy, lightly breaded tofu, mung bean sprouts, thinly sliced avocado, and lime slices for squeezing.  (They were so damn good that we almost went back today to get another order to bring home.)  The chopper salad was quite good - the mushrooms could have used a little marinating and the dressing was blah.  I actually ended up using salsa for my dressing and it worked perfectly.  Obviously the steak quesadilla was a BIG screw up on their part, but by that time I was so disgusted with the half-assed service at the veggie establishments that I forgave it.  (mdv)
Maggie's Mercantile2

Oh Yeah! Ice Cream
An ice cream shop that offers over 100 mix-ins (including strange things like habanero peppers and bacon) and homemade cones and waffles.  The vegan ice creams were from Chicago Soy Dairy, I believe.  I ordered a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream on a homemade cinnamon waffle.  DH ordered a scoop of peach cobbler ice cream in a cup.  It took about 5 minutes for a server to appear from behind the building, which seems to be an ongoing problem based on the Yelp reviews.  The waffle took roughly 15 minutes to cook (how is that possible??) and was very heavy and dense.  The flavor was nice, sort of gingerbread-y.  The cookie dough ice cream was fine.  I definitely like Purely Decadent better.  The peach cobbler ice cream was gross with a chemically aftertaste and was so watery that DH had to get it in a cup.  After waiting for my waffle the employee asked me if I wanted a whole scoop of ice cream on my waffle.  I was sort of ticked off by this because 1) I just paid for a whole scoop of ice cream; and 2) it made me feel like a glutton for saying yes.  He then said, 'are you sure? that's a lot of food.'  He also got really confused counting my change back.  I probably wouldn't go back - you can get several pints of Purely Decadent for $13.  Also, this place is cash only. (mdv)
Quiet Storm

The Zenith
I was fascinated by the concept of a vegetarian (mostly vegan) restaurant / thrift store, so this was the first place we stopped in town.  We arrived around 2:15 and brunch ended at 3 p.m., so several items were unavailable.  Each meal was $10 and included an entree, buffet, and hot beverage.  I ordered the mushroom pasta dish (can't remember the name) and DH ordered strawberry french toast.  The pasta was slightly overcooked and the sauce was watery.  The garlic tasted like it came out of a jar (the crushed shelf-stable stuff).  DH's french toast was just a piece of bread, toasted, and covered in strawberry syrup (maybe coffee type syrup).  There was no batter on the bread and not a strawberry in site.  His side dish was some sort of strange overcooked rice casserole that tasted like corn.  The buffet was heavily picked over (probably because of the time of afternoon), but had a decent selection of cold picnic-type salads and bundt cakes.  The biggest thing that stuck with me was that it was FILTHY.  There were flies all over the food on the buffet - I'm sure I saw at least a dozen flies.  I tried to scoop food from the bottom of the bowl, but since everyone else was probably also doing that, I doubt it was any more sanitary.  Also, we didn't get our coffee until we were nearly finished eating.  The coffee was fresh, though, so maybe that's why it took so long?  I probably wouldn't go back. (mdv)

Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille

Maggie's Mercantile

Rhode Island
Crazy Burger
I just got back from there (my parents wanted to take my hubby out for his b-day) and I had an awesome vegan burger - the Birdie Mae burger, which was grilled tempeh, black rice, and some other stuff in a grilled tomato tortilla. They have several vegan burgers, plus they had a couple of vegan specials (vegan gnocchi, enchiladas) and a couple of vegan desserts (vegan cookie split, vegan carrot cake) PLUS they have meat burgers and chicken so you can make omnis happy, too! I'd never been there before but it was great, and cheap! (veggeroni)
I went there all the time!  I love their homemade ketchup!  (cyets)
I loved their homemade ketchup, too! It was awesome - it reminded me of curry ketchup I used to get in Germany with my currywurst (in my meat-eating days)! (veggeroni)
not a strictly vegan place, but I think the owner is vegan or vegetarian. They have a nice selection of burgers for omnis and vegans alike. I think they have 3 or 4 vegan burgers. I love the Just Plain Nuts (gluten free), Poco Loco, and Birdie Mae vegan burgers. Make sure you get the "poundies" on the side - vegan mashed potatoes with mashed in carrots, spinach, and basil "pounded" in. Also, the vegan cookie split dessert is massive and sooo delicious! (lebkuchen)
Garden Grille Cafe
They're vegetarian, but do some great vegan stuff, too. They also have a juice bar. I recommend the "chicken" strips with kangaroo sauce. Or the grilled "chicken" wrap (also with kangaroo sauce). (sparklej)
gets on my nerves. There's usually only one waitress, one hostess, one girl behind the juice bar, and 2 cooks. When it's packed they are dead slow. I don't mind waiting, but an hour and 15 minutes was ridiculous! They have good food though and the waitress was really nice. (jeslyn)
another staple (cyets)
vegetarian restaurant that apparently everyone in the world loves except me and DH. We've tried it twice and both times we've left thinking it is way overpriced for extremely small portions and average food. But maybe it's just us (lebkuchen)
McCurdy's Junction House
Some friends of mine opened a new restaurant this week.  They do serve meat, but are trying really hard to make it vegetarian and vegan friendly.  They could definitely use our support.  Options include Acorn Squash Cornucopia, Buffalo Tofu, Veggie Skewers, and a daily vegan special! (cyets)
Nice Slice
I live in RI and it's about a 25 minute drive to Nice Slice. When we get a hankering for pizza, we make the trek here even though there are a ton of pizza places right near our house. They have perfected vegan pizza. Their thin crust is amazing, the vegan cheese they use is always perfectly gooey and melty (I haven't figured out what they use, though - my guess is either FYH or Vegan Rella). We love the Earth Crisis and BBQ chik'n pizzas. They are so cool that they let us get one pizza with half of each kind! (lebkuchen)
South Carolina
Lamb's bread
I guess this is kind of like vegan soul food.  I had bbq chik'n with turnip greens.  It was good.  It's completely vegan (except I think they use honey in some dishes...ask).  (lotus)
Rosewood market
This is a locally owned health food store with a deli.  Not everything is vegan, but there are always plenty of vegan options.  They serve lunch and dinner everyday and an awesome brunch on Sunday...they always have vegan waffles, tofu scramble (good, but not the best), tempeh bacon, roasted potatoes, vegan biscuits, and an awesome nutritional yeast gravy. (lotus)
Z Pizza
Not exclusively vegetarian, but great options!  Daiya cheese, all organic ingredients, wheat crust option, gluten-free crust option.  A little pricey, but buy one get one free deal on Tuesday. (lotus)
Intuition Cafe

Lola's a Taste of Italy
My husband went for lunch one day and had the pasta with oil and garlic which he said was really good. Tonight I tried the eggplant and spinach Stromboli and it was wonderful! They have a bunch of different vegan sauce options plus a lot of different vegetarian meals. Next time we go I think I may try their vegetarian stuffed pizza. (bookgirl83)
Mount Pleasant
The Sprout

North Charleston
Soul Vegetarian South

South Dakota

Country Life Restaurant

Belewa's Vegan Gourmet


The Wild Cow
So stoked to hear about a vegetarian restaurant opening in Nashville! It's been open a few weeks now, and I finally made it there to check out their eats. So the menu is pretty casual. Lots of salads and sandwiches, hoagies, grinders, etc. AND!  Everything on the menu is vegan unless you add cheese to it (thankfully, there's a vegan cheese option as well). The menu is full of salads and sandwiches. I had the Vegan queso dip which was really good. Tasted just like the shitty processed canned nacho cheese I used to be so fond of in my omni days. For my main course, I ordered the Buffalo Tempeh Grinder. This sandwich comes with your choice or tempeh or tofu, slathered in a homemade vegan ranch with lettuce, tomato and buffalo sauce. Lubi got the vegan philly cheesesteak. Both sandwiches were baller! Apparently, they have a sunday brunch. I'm going to check it out next week. (sb)
Staff of Life



Beets Living Foods Cafe
A nice little raw food restaurant downtown, Beets has a pretty straightforward menu of raw entrees, salads, and smoothies, plus a raw dessert case. Definitely less pricy than some gourmet raw places, and the setting is casual to match. I had a rainbow salad, which had quality veggies and a seaweed-based dressing I really liked. My family enjoyed the ELT (eggplant "bacon"), Sylvia's favorite, and Chalupas.  (Lauuren)
Casa De Luz
great macrobiotic place - very expensive though.  (lauuren)
Daily Juice Cafe
They're primarily a smoothie and juice place, but the Hyde Park location (at least) also has raw sandwiches and salads and decadent raw desserts. The food menu is on a chalkboard and subject to change, while the juice/smoothie menu stays the same. You can also purchase some raw food groceries there. The one in Hyde Park has indoor and outdoor tables and a room with cushions on the floor and it's pretty nice and new (my mechanic's shop was in that building when I lived there!). I've also been to the one by Town Lake, and it's more of a tiny, walk-up window-style place, but you can get the same drinks. The Girls on Film is a great way to try durian if you've never had it. My husband usually gets the Manic Organic with mint. They're always happy to accommodate me by leaving out or substituting ingredients. Sometimes the prices seem like a lot for a smoothie, but usually you are getting either enough calories for a meal or expensive ingredients, if not both. (Lauuren)
Mother's Cafe
This ovo-lacto place has been around a long time - it burned down a couple years ago, but they've since rebuilt. The "garden" is now an indoor room, but other than that, it's just like it was before. The place really has the feel of a nice brunch restaurant, with lots of plants and sunlight and sometimes live background music, and the food mostly matches. The vegan items are clearly marked on the menu, and some cheese items can be alternately made with Vegan Rella. Our favorites were the Bueno Burger, Enchiladas Mole, and the BBQ tofu sandwich. The desserts available vary, but if they've got it, the vegan blueberry pie is wonderful. You get free unlimited chips and salsa, and their salsa is *excellent.*  (Lauuren)
Mr. Natural
All-vegetarian, mostly vegan Tex-Mex, with a cafeteria-style "special" where you mix and match entree and sides. They have a SERIOUS bakery - you can choose from a huge variety of desserts, many of which are vegan (and all of which are dairy-free and egg-free, they just use lots of honey for some reason!) in the bakery case, including cakes, cookies, etc etc. They also make special-order cakes - we got our wedding cakes there, and they were professional, beautiful, and tasty! (Lauuren)
Bliss Raw Cafe and Elixir Bar
Definitely gourmet raw cuisine. Much more upscale than the raw restaurants in Austin, Bliss can cost a good bit, so it's best for special occasions. They have a pretty comprehensive menu of raw entrees, plus some fancy raw tonics and stuff (the "elixir" part of the name), and they always have a couple of intense raw desserts which rotate - you have to ask what they have (don't be allergic to cashews, though - they all have cashews!). I brought a bunch of omnivores to this place for my birthday, and most of them were happy with their food or at least claimed to be. Best bets for raw food skeptics: Bliss Burger, California Pizza. The ambience is great here when the weather is beautiful - if it's freezing outside, the patio is closed and everyone is crammed into counter seating (all they have indoors), but then you get to watch them prep the food, which is really entertaining if you order something with coconut.  (Lauuren)
Cosmic Cafe
All-veg (ovo-lacto) Americanized Indian food. Cosmic is the most popular veg restaurant around among my omnivorous family and friends - they've got something to make anyone happy. They have a few things that are already vegan, and lots more that are when you nix the cheese. They always have a variety of cakes and cheesecakes for dessert, with "vegan desserts" and "dairy desserts" listed separately on the chalkboard. It's usually pretty crowded for dinner, especially on the weekends - they have some covered outdoor seating too, which usually has lots of smoking going on. The decor is pretty interesting, and they have a meditation room upstairs. The best vegan thing on the menu is definitely the Buddha's Delight, although I also like the Pizza Mystica (have to ask for no cheese) and the Bombay Sage.  (Lauuren)
This is an all-veg (ovo-lacto) Indian-ish buffet inside a Hare Krishna temple. The whiteboard menu has vegan items clearly marked. They only have vegan desserts on Saturday night (unless you're besties with them like my husband, who sometimes gets dessert on weekdays somehow!). There's limited seating inside and lots outside in the gorgeous garden. The cost of the buffet is a donation to the temple and the servers are volunteer congregants. You can also go explore the worship spaces some if there's nothing going on there - definitely check it out if you go.  (Lauuren)
New Start Veggie Garden
Entirely vegan Korean food buffet. It's in the Korean part of town, off the beaten path of most vegetarians, and they struggled to stay open for a while and kept lowering their prices and offering breakfast and things. I think part of the issue was also that it wasn't Americanized enough - for instance, part of the buffet is just a bunch of vegetables meant to be combined into your own bibimbap, but Americans don't realize that, and the signage doesn't always help. My Korean friend (been in the U.S. 2 years) ate there with me and said the food is pretty authentic, except the meatless part. (Lauuren)
Spiral Diner and Bakery
they've been in Ft. Worth for a while and just opened another location in Oak Cliff.  They have a variety of typical American/Texan type dishes, including some amazing desserts, just *everything*'s vegan.  They also have Blue Sky soda on tap.  (lauuren)
I just want to update my previous review of Spiral. They now have a kids' menu, they sell both refrigerated and shelf-stable vegan grocery items (things like Daiya and Sweet and Sara), and their sodas are now Oogave, made with agave nectar (used to be Blue Sky). They have a blue plate entree and soup which changes from week to week, and if it's really popular they'll add it to their menu (happened recently with everything-on-it nachos). Everyone we have ever taken there has enjoyed the Mitch (a tofu club sandwich), even professed tofu-haters. There's a glossary in the back of their menu defining things like "seitan," so you don't even have to answer many questions from the people who eat there with you. Spiral also offers cooking classes every so often - I attended their baking class last year and now the best brownie me or my vegan spouse ever had is ours to replicate! Spiral treats its employees well and most are really happy and friendly. Their customer base is mostly looking for vegan replicas of omni favorites, so it's a lot of junk food, but for that purpose, they are absolutely perfect. (Lauuren)
UNT Maple Hall Cafeteria

Fort Worth
Spiral Diner and Bakery
The first time, I went with friends.  I had the Ate Layer Burrito and I didn't love it.  The second time, I was alone, having a bad day and starving, and I got the El Paso Burger with potato salad.  It was soooooo good (and very messy to eat).  And just to drown my sorrows completely, I had a pina colada milkshake, which kicked ass.  The servers were very friendly. They have a little store in the front with vegan supplies and I was able to buy a VegNews magazine to read while I dined.  This place must be a godsend for vegans/vegetarians who live in a city known for its stockyards.  I was really thrilled to see how popular it was.  There were people of all ages and types (to judge by looking at them) eating there. (veggydog)
We had a fun time. The food wasn't SPECTACULAR or really special, but it was good. The store/restaurant is cute, but our server was HORRIBLE. Like..not even available whatsoever. He didn't even have to do drinks because they have a self serve! Didn't like that part, but it was good to see the place busy. P had a strawberry banana shake that he really liked. He had the chips and all dips appetizer, which wasn't bad. The cheese wasn't anything special, but guac and salsa were good. I had the philly cheeze steak Texas style, and P had the parmigano wrap. P's was like a hot pocket, but pretty tasty. Mine was pretty good, but had a lot of seitan and cheese! I think the side choices are weird. We had potato salad and pasta salad, which are ok, but I wish they had more sides..and at least french fries. I recommend the pasta salad over potato. We also had a chocolate chip cookie and a snickerdoodle..which were ok. They are really thick and cakey, and don't have a whole lot of flavor. I'd suggest a different dessert! We really did enjoy the experience, and food was good, but I'd try something different next time. (AC)
Oasis Juice Bar

East West Chat and Sweets

Just Juice

Loving Hut

Pat Greer's Kitchen
Raw and vegan. This isn't a resto per se, as it is take-out only. The actual store front is in a residential area, so keep your eyes out for it. Check their hours too because they are closed on the weekends. Personally, I never made it to the store, because she delivers her food to all the locations of My Fit Foods. Call MFF in advance and they will let you know what the weekly specials are and give at least 2 days notice for orders. I tried to order the specials 1 day in advance but Pat had already done her grocery shopping by that time, so I was out of luck. Instead, I was able to order off the regular menu and as promised, it was delivered to MFF (way more convenient location for me).  What I love about her food is that they are good sized portions. And I don't mean huge monster portions, I mean, what I typically eat at home. All the nutritional info is included with each meal, so I know that each meal was between 150-350 calories. I really enjoyed the Pizza Bella, the Raw Burger with a Ranch Dressing and even the Tomato Curried Cup (not heavily Indian flavoured, sweetened with raisins). Although still tasty, the raw lasagna is merely a lasagna salad: baby spinach topped with a marinara and cheese sauce. No layering ala most raw lasagnas. The green smoothie was nice (not too sweet with the banana) although I couldn't taste the maca. The desserts were also really good. I was hesitant about the raw carrot cake, as it was basically carrots with dates and spices, but it was really tasty (and healthy). The coconut dream dessert was very decadent and delicious. I wouldn't hesitate to order from here again.. perfect portion sizes with healthy, tasty food. What's not to love? (blinknoodle)
Pine Forest Garden

Quan Yin

Tan Tan tofu

The Vegan Cafe

Dosa Cafe

International Buddhist Progress Society

Suma's Veggie Cafe
I've never been to their restaurant, but Suma catered a talk by Carol Adams I went to, and the food was good and *very* similar to some of what I've had at Veggie Garden (see below). (Lauuren)
Veggie Garden
Entirely vegan Americanized Chinese food. Name a Chinese dish you had in your omni days - they make it, but with soy "meat." This even includes stuff like soy shrimp. The best things are usually those with "chicken" or "beef." I always got sesame chicken because it was my fave as a kid. The kung pao and lettuce wraps were my other faves. The best way to eat there is during the lunch buffet on weekdays - that way you can try lots of different things, all of which will amaze you, for less than the dinner menu prices. (Lauuren)
San Antonio
Green Vegetarian
I really enjoyed my meal here. Cheap, plentiful and delicious. I had the beet down juice which was very flavourful but the garlic was a bit zingy for my liking. I had the raw collard wrap which was nice although fell apart easily. I sampled my friends' dishes which were great (more flavourful than mine). They really do the sauces very well! The sesame chicken (seitan) was well flavoured, the chopped BBQ quesadilla (not vegan) had a strong BBQ flavour within the sauce but was nice and crisp. The special of the day was crispy asian eggplant with a delicious sauce over rice and steamed broccoli. The kale salad (side) was delicious. Simple but very flavourful. The refried beans were more like baked beans and were ok. My friends thought the vegan cupcakes were very good but I didn't try them. I wish I was staying longer so I could go back. I ended up taking half my collard wrap home as leftovers. (blinknoodle)
Pavani Express Vegetarian Cafe


Salt Lake City
Living Cuisine Raw Food Bar

Sage's Cafe

Vertical Diner

Woods Cross
Cake Walk Vegan Shoppe

Vegetarian Paradise

Falls Church
Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant

The Sweet Onion Inn
I stayed there for my honeymoon. It is amazing. It's vegan, and they do their best to do all organic, too. It's worth the travel. The couple who own the place are very nice, and the food is awesome. I was there three years ago. (sparklej)
Harrison St. Coffee Shop

Ipanema Cafe
They are not entirely vegetarian, but overwhelmingly so (one fish dish).  It's in a basement, and is dark and narrow.  It looked sort of like a college bar; in fact, there is a bar but it's all about the food.  It was astonishingly good.  The only menu is on a chalkboard; I guess it's different every day.  The dishes were creative, but they worked really well.  I had a grilled tofu sandwich (the tofu was grilled, not the sandwich), along with a cup of white bean tomato soup.  Both were phenomenal (I lit into it like a wolverine after a day of trying to survive on what I could pick out of the conference lunch buffet...).  Someone had tempeh with plantain fritters (I'm not getting the names of the dishes exactly right).  It was in a really fabulous tomato sauce with cilantro.  Both her dish and mine came with sweet potato fries.  One person had the fish dish, which was on a bed of Israeli couscous with something like apricot chutney; another person had the tofu version of the same dish.  I didn't try that one, but they really liked it.  Another person had a veggie burrito that was as big as your head.  I should point out that this is a college restaurant, so they don't give you those chintzy nouvelle cuisine portions.  Despite the fact that I was already stuffed, I had to try one of their vegan deserts.  I chose coconut cinnamon vegan creme brulee.  I don't believe I've ever had real creme brulee before, but my companions tried it and said that they wouldn't have known the difference.  Others had pear-ginger pie and strawberry-almond pie.  I would've tried those, but finishing my own dessert nearly killed me.  The waitress was also excellent.  I give this place 5 stars. (veggydog)
Panda Veg
the atmosphere was very "college" and it was very inexpensive.  The food was decent, not great.  The waitress was very nice and helpful, if a little overworked.  I had veggie wonton soup, which was, again, good not great, though very pretty with green wontons.  I also had mock beef with broccoli.  The mock beef was a bit salty and there was one flavor stood out a bit that I couldn't put my finger on; maybe ground ginger?  Anyway, it was definitely better than the romaine lettuce and broccoli that I'd had for lunch at the conference...  My companions had a variety of appetizers, with which they seemed quite pleased.  We were really pleased when we got the bill and it was $40, including tip, for four of us. (veggydog)
Strange Matter
While not entirely Vegan or Vegetarian, it is probably the best place in town for vegan food.  It has a nice sized menu of breakfasts, sandwiches, appetizers, entrees, and desserts with nearly all of them being vegan or being made vegan.  Everything is decently priced with the most expensive thing on the menu being only $10.  The place doubles as a music venue at night and has an arcade with retro games like Street Fright II and Bad Dudes v. Dragon Ninjas in the back.  Service can seem a little slow, but not significantly longer than anywhere else; I blame it on my anticipation. It's an inner-city setting so you get a lot of students and younger folks, a number of hipsters and punks, but even if that's not your crowd the vegan food is well worth enduring it.  I have never had anything from there I have not liked.  Whether it be a sub with vegan turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, and stuffing to mimic a traditional Thanksgiving feast; or be it the vegan biscuits and sausage gravy; or portabella "cheese" steak; or mango donut holes.  This place is fantastic, all with healthy portion sizes.  and be sure to get the Basil Vegenaise Aioli dip for you fries when you come. (crossarmont)
The White Pig Bed and Breakfast

Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant
Good Chinese food, a little bit pricey, but nice atmosphere and lots of delicious things to choose from. The mock eel reminds me of smoked salmon (katica)
all vegetarian, mostly vegan. Their general tsao's "chicken" tofu is yummy decadence! (quintess)
Blackbird Bakery

College Place
HIS Garden and Bakery

Blue Heron Bakery

Flying Apron Bakery

Teapot Vegetarian House

Araya's Vegetarian Place
vegan Thai (4brutal)
absolutely delish (curiale)
Bamboo Garden
vegan Chinese (4brutal)
love it (rainbowdust)
Cafe Flora Restaurant
The Portabella Wellington is AMAZING! (beetlejuice)
Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe
love it (rainbowdust)
Flying Apron Organic Bakery
really great, offering almost all gluten-free and vegan sweets.  (dewrun)
Globe Cafe and Bakery
huge diner style vegan breakfasts (4brutal)
love it. Come to Seattle, it's delicoius!! (beetlejuice)
Hillside Quickie Vegan Sandwich Shop
AMAZING!!!  (curiale)
SO SO SO SO GOOD my faves are the crazy jamaican burger and the mac & yease.  also, MILKSHAKES. (pathetique)
In the Bowl - Vegetarian Noodle Bistro
they put it in where coffee messiah, another favorite, once was, so it took me forever to try it, but it's really, really good, really versatile. especially awesome if you're a fan of the meat subs that only asian restaurants seem to be able to pull off, but even if you're not into fakes it's good. (pathetique)
Mighty O Donuts
GREAT (all vegan, organic, and trans-fat free!) (curiale)
they have a storefront but you can find 'em a lot of places.  every single flavor is soooooo delicioussssss. (pathetique)
Pizza Pi Vegan Pizzeria

Silence Heart Nest Vegetarian Restaurant
second best biscuits and gravy ever. (pathetique)
Squid and Ink

Teapot Vegetarian House
love it. (beetlejuice)
The Cafe by Hillside Quickies
vegan soul food (4brutal)

Vegan Garden
love it (rainbowdust)
Wayward Vegan Cafe
All vegan and collectively operated, very friendly place.(dewrun)
Quickies Too

West Virginia

Cafe Manna

Green Bay
Kavarna Vegetarian Coffehouse

Dandelion Food Cart

Monty's Blue Plate Diner
french toast at Monty's is great!! It is worth stopping for! (finnegan)
Comet Cafe
really awesome too... almost everything on their menu can be made vegan! check it out!!  (babycakes)
East Side Ovens Bakery
great vegan bakery that is only open to the public for a few hours on Saturday morning, so if you have a chance you should stop. I really like the chocolate chip cookies! (finnegan)


Nourish Vegetarian Bistro and Tea House

Gratitude Cafe

Veggie House

White Oak II

Padmanadi Vegetarian Restauran

Stony Plain
Misella Delite Organic Cafe

British Columbia
Paradise Vegetarian Noodle House
There are a couple of tables that face away from the 'spiritual master' programming they have running in the background. (narcissus)
The Ladle

Campbell River
Rawk On Cafe

Zen Zero Raw Juice Fountain and Raw Food Oasis

Lake Tai

Jagannatha Express

Rawfreshing Cuisine

Simply Vegetarian Restaurant

Spicy Vegetarian Cuisine

Budgie's Burritos
tiny vegetarian take-out joint serving a million different kinds of, you guessed it, burritos! Vegan options and easy to veganize any burrito. They're HUGE and about $6. (veggievulture)
Dharma Kitchen
99.9% vegan (except for honey in the chai tea), great rice bowls and baked goods. (veggievulture)
Everybody Loves Veggies

Gorilla Foods
I split an Ital Veggie pizza, some Thai fresh wraps, and a Hempstar smoothie with my pater. Everything was really beautifully flavourful and of course fresh. I hugely enjoyed the blending of flavours in the pizza. The chutney I got with the wraps was so spicy and tangy and sweet and succulent and WOW. I could have eaten it with a spoon. The smoothie was good as smoothies go. I did not get to sample their desserts, but they LOOKED amazing. There's not much seating, which can get a little problematic when the weather is, well, Vancouver weather. The decor is fab, and they have unobtrusive but pleasant music. The entire kitchen is on view, so you can watch all the magic and alchemy of the chefs - who are all pretty cool cats. Prices were pretty good, and service was prompt. Honestly, I liked everything about it except the lack of seating. (narcissus)
Greens and Gourmet
Need to get a website. A website where you can ogle their raw brownies, gluten-free cookies, and sexyfine miso-glazed tofu. (narcissus)
Loving Hut Express

Radha Yoga and Eatery
FANTASTIC. I had never been before but I will definitely be back. I think it's listed on the list of restaraunts there. It's a yoga house but and I think they are only open a couple of nights a week (weekends) and use organic ingredients and have a lot of raw foods. One of the appetizers our group shared was raw root vegetable crisps with two different raw dips- highly recommend! (laine)
Sweet Cherubim Restaurant and Natural Foods Store
Natural food restaurant attached to a health food store. Lots of curries, baked goods, and samosas. Wheat-free options. (veggievulture)
The Truffle Cafe at Eternal Abundance

Cafe Bliss

Green Cuisine
Good enough that I would go back on a regular basis if I had the money for the ferry. (narcissus)
Lotus Pond

Affinity Vegetarian Restaurant

Delicious Vegetarian Restaurant

Mondragon Bookstore and Coffeehouse

Punjab  Sweet House


New Brunswick
Aliper's Hearth

Nova Scotia
Heartwood Vegetarian Bakery and Cafe

Satisfaction Feast

The Vegetarian Lunchbox

Zen Gardens

The Cornerstone
Right downtown. No meat, but some dishes have the option of egg or dairy. Lots of vegan stuff, all food is made fresh.  Delicious TempehLettuceTomatoes, Cornerstone Club and Pad Thai, plus the Chickpea Walnut burger...and the brunch tofu scramble is awesome. Service can be slow at busy times but most of the (many) times I've been there the service was good. They have soymilk for tea/coffee and I believe they offer soy cheese for the pizzas. Delicious fair trade coffee too  if you go on a weekend there will be live music. They offer local organic beer. And make sure to try the tofu chocolate cheezecake!! This place is pretty cheap. Relaxed friendly atmosphere. (tino)
Zen Garden
near downtown & the bus station on Surrey. Wide array of Asian-style food - hot & sour, wonton or miso soup, sushi rolls, lots of (excellent) meat analogues. The Crispy Soy Fritters are amazing, as well as the bbq dim sum buns. There's a seitan platter with a nice variety of flavours. Service is always good and it's not too pricey. They offer take out if you call ahead. Has a "fancier" feel than the Cornerstone but they won't give you dirty looks for not dressing up! This place has chains across Canada (Mississauga, King's Cafe in Toronto, etc) (tino)
Lotus Heart Blossoms

Kitchener Waterloo
Lotus Tea House

Veg Out

Nature's Emporium

Tea Family Clan Vegetarian Tea House

Green Earth Vegetarian Cuisine

The Garden Spot

The Green Door Restaurant
but the absolute best I have been to  is The Green Door on Main St.  Vegan organic buffet, the food is AMAZING.  Go early because it's always packed! (happypanda)
St. Catharines
The Spice of Life
Caters to omnivores, vegetarians, vegans, etc. The food there is REALLY REALLY expensive. The spring rolls and samosas are good. I wasn't all that impressed with the mango pie, though. The atmosphere of the place is nice, though, and it's right in Port Dalhousie so there's lots of little gift shops and a carousel and the harbour and stuff nearby. (katica)
Buddha's Vegetarian Restaurant
Authentic vegan Chinese food, and it's delicious, cheap, and plentiful. You could probably feed four people there for twenty bucks. Also, keep in mind that the serving sizes there are HUGE. You'll only need one entree for two people. I reccomend the mock duck. That stuff is so good I could eat it all day long. (katica)
My experience of ordering spring rolls: I would order 3 spring rolls. At 80 cents each this is a $2.40 order. The lady behind the counter starts barking orders in chinese (or possibly vietnamese) and a small army of elderly chefs springs into action chopping and frying the rolls - making them completely from scratch. You receive the rolls so fresh and hot they take 45 minutes to cool down in their takout container. They are incredibly good. I don't live near there anymore so I don't go and I don't like to trouble them! (lol97)
cafeteria style chain. You pay by the weight, so make sure your eyes are not bigger than your belly!!! (kiji)
Downtown near the bus station. Really delicious stews, meetballs and seitan dishes, but pricey because they weigh what you buy. Be prepared to spend at least $10 for a decent sized meal. (tino)
Gosh, I really didn't like this place at all. It is cafeteria-style and the food did not seem that fresh. I think it may be a better option for lunch, but when I went for dinner, everything seemed a bit sad. And overpriced at that. (blinknoodle)
It's amazing! Their soups are delicious, too!! (cyanideheart)
I find Fresh to be a bit hit-or-miss. At first, I kept trying new dishes, but finally settled on my favourite which seems to be tried-and-true: roasted veggie wrap. The smoothies are all great, and the sweet potato fries with the miso gravy is divine. I just can't eat all that when I visit! I like how they do half-portions which are the exact perfect size for me. (blinknoodle)
my ABSOLUTE favourite though (lenorre)
a lovely vegan place with GREAT GREAT GREAT food!! A little pricey but worth it on an evening out (like when you make your boyfriend take you because you were late getting to the opera and they won't let you in and you're all dressed up...). OH and the brunch is heaven and less pricey. (lenorre)
My favourite vegan restaurant. I love the imaginative dishes, which are served tapa-style and kind of arrive whenever they are ready from the kitchen. Some people complain about slow service, which might happen if there is only one server for all the tables, but I have never had much of a problem. I recommend dinner over their brunch. (blinknoodle)
Full Moon Vegetarian Restaruant

Get Real Cafe


Live Food Bar
I had the Breakfast Banana Split and it was unbelievably good.  My friends had the Walnut Crepes and the Bananaliscious French Toast and they loved their choices as well.  I am only sad that I didn't have the opportunity to go there for dinner as well!  (happypanda)
One Love Vegetarian
I went last summer, but I am fairly confident it was a vegan resto. And it follows some Buddhist theology such that they don't include pepper in their food, either.  It is a short menu, but plenty of options to mix and match. I had a small roti stuffed with pumpkin and a small soup. I thought both were ok, but reasonable given the low price. The vegan cupcakes were very good- I had chocolate lavender. (blinknoodle)
It was ssssooooo good and if anyone's ever down this way, you should totally check it out. AND they do all kinds of alternative healing stuff too. I'm in LOVE (lenorre)
i tried some of their pad thai tonight. much, much better than 'live'. (secretninja)
Nice food, but way too expensive and lousy service. $7 for a slice of apple pie!! go only if you have lots of time to kill (bernards)
I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious the food was. I had never tried raw food, but it was delicious (yet different). The chocolate cheesecake was the surprise dish - so delicious - the only sad part was its price - $7. (blinknoodle)
Pulp Kitchen

Sadie's Diner and Juice bar
In the south end of the Annex, near Bathurst & Adelaide. Delicious vegan brunch! Their vegan french toast is amazing, large servings & the veggie bacon was tasty. The tofu scramble is also yummy. The atmosphere of the place is laid back and friendly. There is a wall of Pez toys in the back! (tino)
The Henhouse
Near Little Portugal, Dundas/Dufferin. Not a veg restaurant, but they have veg options. Pub/diner feel, tasty tofu scramble breakfast, and you may see Katie Sketch of the band The Organ (owner of the place).  They only take cash but there's an ATM in the basement. (tino)
The Hogtown Vegan

Urban Herbivore
in Kensington Market, near the southwest corner of U of T. Friendly sandwich and juice place. Always busy when I'm there. They offer delicious sandwiches with stuff like bbq tofu, avocado, tempeh, sprouts, vegan mayo, etc. And there's a juicer so you can get fresh fruit/veggie juice (the red juice is awesome).  The bread is delicious. They also offer gigantic tasty muffins, salads, etc. Servers work really hard to please people even when the lineup extends out onto the street - they got my order wrong once and gave me a free muffin. Love going here for lunch.  If you need to use the bathroom, be warned - it's a bit of a maze to get to it. (tino)
Vegetarian Haven
not that impressed. However, I have not had their cheesecake. I found alot of the food to be a bit kinda bland and blah...lotsa varying tofu stir fries with rice blah blah blah. BUT their "drumsticks" were great. Just like chicken and even on a "bone" (sugar cane piece). Last time a bunch of us went for my boyfriend's birthday and the food was SLOW coming, came out at weird times and in general just sorta sucked. And to our surprise we found out that night that they do not serve alcohol at all, which I thought was weird. We were hoping to share some wine for the evening. I believe the TVA is located above the restaurant... (lenorre)
Veggie D-Light

Prince Edward Island

Cafe Gaia

Cafe Soup'Herbe
An adorable and artsy little cafe which caters to vegetarians but also has a vegan menu. The staff there speak both French and English, and the menus are written in both French and English (So if you can't understand your menu, be sure to flip it over. Nice atmosphere, reasonable prices, and all the food there is good. I tried the hummus platter, the red thai curry, the mushroom pot pie, the tuscan white bean cassoulet with couscous, and the salad, and it was all DELICIOUS. (katica)
Aux Vivres
They have a wonderful menu and a relaxed, lovely atmosphere, smoothie bar included. The best thing I've had there so far is a BLT wrap, made with coconut bacon, which is incredible. oh, and lets not forget the chocolate mousse banana pie. MMMMMM!!!!(kiji)
Chu Chai


La Lumiere du Mile End

Les Cuisines du Tibet Libre

Spirit Lounge
it was maybe my most interesting, unique dining experience ever. really interesting decor (although they moved since i've been there, so not sure how it looks now). the guy working there is super eccentric, told us the only rule was we had to finish all our food (there were newspaper clippings on the walls about how much food is wasted every year). the choices were vegetarian or vegan and regular or large portion. we ordered the large and everything was delicious! and yes, we cleaned our plates and even ordered dessert  (lalamzo)



Philadelphia--Cherry Street Chinese has closed.

Will be back with more.


Kansas City--

Cafe Seed: 99% vegan--some (clearly-marked) items have honey on them. I've gone for brunch (got a tofu scramble with sausage) and lunch (got a blt and hot chocolate). The food relies a lot on meat analogs (e.g., vegan sausage with my tofu scramble, vegan bacon on my "B"LT)--but it's delicious and comforting. The staff of the restaurant isn't big so service can be a little slow, but it's friendly. Grab a few friends or a book, enjoy their collection of art and literature, and relax.

Eden Alley: A more in-depth review. It's a strange vibe the first time you go in--it's in the basement of the Unity temple but they've done a nice job of making it NOT feel like coffee-and-pastries after a church service. It's vegetarian but with vegan, "virtually-vegan" (contains honey), raw, and gluten-free options clearly marked. A generous, rotating menu of "specials" keeps it interesting. That said, I seem to enjoy the best when I stick to my favorites. Their ultimate garlic grilled cheese and tacos (each with a vegan sub clearly marked on the menu) are what I order nearly every time I go there. Spinach grinder and sweet potato burritos were excellent too. Some of my adventures out of my standards have been hit-or-miss: wasn't too nuts about a raw dip and a soup that i had one time (the spices just seemed off). Great for brunch, too--but I've never ordered off of the brunch menu. Service is AWESOME! Attached to a book/clothing/gift store that is fun for browsing.


Shoot! Why did I post? Here's some more:


College Park, MD: Berwyn Cafe. Little hole-in-the-wall located close to the UMD campus. This place started out as a stand serving tofu gyros, and that's what they're still known for--for good reason. It's my favorite thing there!


Baltimore, MD:

One World Cafe. (The site is down). Vegetarian restuarant (except for one or two tuna options that are cooked separately), vegan options clearly marked. I LIVED here when I went to college. It transitions so nicely from a coffee-breakfast place (they have awesome soy lattes and my favorite tofu scramble) to lunch/dinner (the chili is awesome, nachos would be great without cheese, and I want to recommend the black bean burrito but will hold off until I can confirm it is vegan--either way it is AWESOME) to a late night bar. Reasonably priced, which is important given its location by a college campus. Service can be hit-or-miss, especially when the place gets busy for brunch. Best part--my omni boyfriend/fiance/husband could always find something there too... he's a sucker for those burritos like I am.

College Park, MD:

Maryland Food Co-op Might be a stretch to include it as a restaurant, but it's the best veg option for all the Terps out there! They have a sandwich line with a ridiculous number of vegan sandwich options--tofu salad, tofurkey, hummus, all sorts of vegetables--as well as veg hot specials. The sandwich line can get pricey as you load up on the ingredients, and I'm inpatient, so I more often chose their pre-made sandwiches available in the refridgerator. (Tofu salad and hummus area always plentiful). The supplement their homemade hot dishes (including pastas and Indian) with food brought in from other locations. I forget where the tabbouleh was from but it's to die for, plus they have options from the Vegetable Garden as well. Awesome coffee and a great music selection--I could often be found on the couches outside the co-op in earshot working on my dissertation. A very welcome alternative to the normal fast-food selections one floor up--I wish I had known about it the SECOND I started grad school here. Only down side is that when you eat there A LOT (as many of us did) it can wear out your options.


Hey AC! I have two recommendations about this thread (one small and one big)

Small one--I would love for us to give props to the veg organizations in our cities who have already compiled restaurant info. The ones I've seen are more objective--reporting on what is and is not available--rather than giving "reviews" as such. But, I think it would be really nice to acknowledge the great work that they do. Maybe we could hyperlink from the city name that serves as a header for each section... so for example--

Kansas City

Large one, and probably not for now--I see this thread especially getting way out of control with its hugeness! I wonder whether one day we should develop wikis for this (you know... in our spare time  ::)) Just a thought... even if we used the threads to provide individual updates it would make the big reviews easier to read. Certainly not necessary now, but I just was imagining how this might look with hyperlinks for each section...

...yeah, I'm a teeny-bit of a tech geek.

Thanks for your great work!!!!  :)>>>


Thanks, Caroleena!

1. The link wasn't working, but I see that it's a vegorganization? Do most cities have that? I don't know how I would go about doing that, other than searching ALL cities. Maybe after I recover from doing the actual review...I'm not aware of those sites, but good to know.

2. Yeah....we can keep that in mind! haha, I've never made/added to a wiki, but that's something to think about. : )


Thanks, Caroleena!

1. The link wasn't working, but I see that it's a vegorganization? Do most cities have that? I don't know how I would go about doing that, other than searching ALL cities. Maybe after I recover from doing the actual review...I'm not aware of those sites, but good to know.

2. Yeah....we can keep that in mind! haha, I've never made/added to a wiki, but that's something to think about. : )

I have no idea how many cities have them. I say let us all tell you which ones to add rather than having to do all the work yourself!

A second contribution: = Baltimore


I  have no idea how many cities have them. I say let us all tell you which ones to add rather than having to do all the work yourself!

A second contribution: = Baltimore

That works!


California ->  Costa Mesa --> 118 degrees

This is a raw food restaurant.  I went there for lunch.  The food portion was small, but fine for a light lunch.  I got the mole enchiladas.  The filling wasn't inspired, but the sauce on the top was absolutely fabulous.  I'm not sure I'd go back, but I'm happy with the meal I had.  Note:  When we got there the staffperson told us that everything on the menu was vegan, but some of the beverages had bee propilis or bee pollen.  We were told that none of the food items contain bee or other products.


Love it!! I travel a lot and will use this list!! ;)b
Here's my 2 cents (more like $5):

Durango--I've eaten at Turtle Lake Refuge. It's only open for lunch twice a week (Tues and Fri I think), but is wonderful. The food is all living, vegan (they may use honey though), and nourishing. They use many locally harvested ingredients too. Tasty and very healthy!

Also in Durango: Himalayan Kitchen (very veg*n friendly and the staff is so wonderful! The food feels much healthier than many other Indian restaurants too!)

Pagosa Springs--Garbanzo Grill ( This is an informal take-out stand with very tasty vegan food. All of the menu is 100% vegan unless you add cheese! The owner, John, puts a lot of love and care into his food and specializes in seitan from scratch. Try his nondairy, lowfat mac and cheese, his veggie burger, and gyro. All good!

Denver--Watercourse. Yum!! I love thier seitan ribs appetizer (more of a meal), maple-dijon dressing on salads, and my daugher loves the smiley face pancakes!

Other states:
McFoster's Natural Kind (Omaha, Nebraska): Very vegan-friendly and delicious! Tons of vegan options and very reasonably priced.

Chicago Diner (Chicago obviously!): Tons of vegan options and very delicious food!!

Panda Forest (Kalamazoo, Michigan): Yummy food, lots of vegetarian/vegan options (I love the sczechuwan eggplant). I ate here all the time in college!


Love it!! I travel a lot and will use this list!! ;)b
Here's my 2 cents (more like $5):

Awesome. Colorado needed some more love.


Indiana definitely needs some more love.....

Indianapolis/BroadRipple Area (none of these places are 100% vegan or even 100% vegetarian - we don't have any of those mythical restaurants round these parts)

Shalimar - Best Indian food I've ever had!  They have a whole Vegetarian section of the menu that they can make vegan if you ask (its stated on the menu)

BroadRipple Brew Pub - While I haven't eaten any of their vegan food, they do have quite a few choices and have excellent beer!  The reason we haven't eaten there is because it is always so frickin busy, even on a weeknight.

3 Sister's Cafe - A great place for breakfast and lunch...tons of vegan options and they usually have a vegan special too.  Its in a big Victorian House - pretty cool.

WB's Pizza - This is by far our favorite restaurant!  They have a whole vegan menu and the pizza and breadsticks are amazing! 


Along the Broadripple/Indy area, when I visit there, we eat at Noodles & Co. Very vegetarian friendly! I like how you have to pay EXTRA for meat!

Also, this reminded me of Udupi--a yummy all-vegetarian Indian restaurant in Indy!


Thanks AC!  Hopefully I will have some reviews to give in July for San Francisco and Portland.



Alchemy Juice Bar Cafe - nice atmosphere, has vegetarian, vegan, and raw stuff.  Fairly expensive but probably the only vegan place in Hartford so it's a nice treat.  Good smoothies.  They have a nice big breakfast menu.

West Hartford
Robeks Juice - the smoothies are expensive for a little serving, but there are TONS of flavors and you get a free nutrient booster.  Smoothies aren't vegan to begin with but you sub extra fruit or soy sorbet for the dairy and you're good to go.  Really exotic flavors and combinations.  They also have fresh juice and wheatgrass shots but I've never tried them.

Divine Treasures - This isn't a restaurant, it's a chocolate shop.  The woman who runs it is vegan, and an entire half of the store is vegan chocolates.  Also has gluten free stuff.  Some of the best chocolates I've had, especially the one that's like an Almond Joy.  They carry her chocolates at Whole Foods in West Hartford as well.

New York

ABC Cafe - Really good tofu scramble!  I love this place.  I think it's mostly vegetarian.

Aladdin's - A Mediterranean restaurant with lots of vegan options--salads, pitas, sandwiches.  SO delicious.  I even got a vegan chocolate cheesecake there for dessert once.  They don't carry it regularly, but it was SO good.

Lost Dog Cafe - I had heard this was good for vegetarians but I wasn't overwhelmed with the selection or the food quality.  It has a really awesome style and atmosphere though. 



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