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Old Chicago (110 Brews/ Pizza & Pasta)

Went to this place recently for the first time... was skeptical, especially after feedback from the company... it's very meat/dairy-centric, overall, but (happy surprise!) there ARE some good vegan options there...

Here's what the company said, when I emailed pre-visit:

"Old Chicago's menu items are not vegan friendly... we specialize in cheese and meats through numerous menu choices. However, we do make many items from scratch, which means that we have many diverse ingredients in house and available for special requests.  There are plenty of vegetables and proteins to choose from.

Regarding Pizza dough and Sauces...

Our Marinara and Pizza Sauce are free from all allergens and are vegetarian.

Our Thin Crust Dough is made with Soybean Oil, Salt, Sugar, Yeast, Flour, Garlic Powder and Water. When we bake... we shake the top with a parmesan seasoning and we brush the crust with whipped eggs. The seasoning and the eggs can be eliminated upon request... But you would need to be very specific as to your needs.

Our deep dish dough is made with Flour, Salt, Margarine (dairy), Sugar, Yeast, Corn Meal, and Water. Some specialty pizzas are brushed with eggs... most are seasoned with our parmesan Oregano seasoning and again these can be eliminated upon request. Also the deep dish pizzas are cooked in a liquid shortening that has soy protein.

Regarding pasta... our cavatappi, spaghetti and fettuccini noodles are all 100% semolina.

Hope this helps/ regards/ etc."

I had the cavatappi pasta with mushrooms/ olives/ artichokes/ spinach/ sun-dried tomatoes/ herb-roasted tomatoes/ olive oil... gave away the bread that came with it, as I didn't think to say 'no butter'... but overall, was pleasantly surprised! It was really good. They also have roasted green chiles, and a peanut-noodle dish that looks like it would be vegan if you ordered it 'no chicken'... & it looks like the thin-crust pizza could be veganized w/o too much trouble...

For a 'we're not vegan-friendly' restaurant, I thought they did ok!

honestly, that is a pretty awesome response! most companies never go into that sort of detail when i email them...

i'm glad they actually responded and you ate some yummy food!

btw: you're awesome <3


this is great... our fac is usually there and i haven't been since i made the switch. 


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