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orange county resturaunts

i'm visiting my  family at the end of the month, what are some foods that you folks make for omni's theat they always end up loving?
and of course i will need to go out to dinner with old friends in order to catch up, does anyone know of resturaunts in the south orange county area?  the closest one i saw in the section on here was in fullerton, that's kind of far.  i'm hoping for something in the irvine/laguna beach areas, or even better, in or near mission viejo. 
alas, veganism has given me yet another reason to dread seeing my parents for more than two days at a time

I can only think of a few places.  I haven't been to southern Orange in a while, so I'm not sure if the Irvine places are still there.

The Stand is at Laguna Beach.  It's on PCH about a half mile south of Broadway.

In Irvine there's The Veggie Grill (American) on Campus Drive on the north side of UC Irvine and The Wheel of Life (Thai) off the Culver exit just south of the 5.


I sent some of these to the vegweb restaurant list but they never got booted up. These are some of my favorites.

Mother's Market & Kitchen (Irvine, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach and Laguna Woods, near Laguna Hills)

Au Lac (Fountain Valley)

Rutebegorz (Tustin, Orange and Fullerton)

Laxmi India Sweets and Spices - (Tustin)

Native Foods (Costa Mesa)

Gypsy Den (Costa Mesa, Tustin)

Wheel of Life Vegetarian Thai (Irvine), as suggested by Humboldt Honey


HI Lime Green,

Saskia recommended pretty much everything I was going to (except I'd personally leave off Gypsy Den...  They have nothing but salads that are vegn friendly b/c all their fake meat products contain egg whites, so even things like their e.g. veggie chili aren't vegan...  Native Foods is right across the street and is a fantastic vegan restaurant, so you'd be better off going there).

I just have three more restaurants to add to the list though:

The Veggie Grill which is a relativey new restaurant in Irvine, right across the street from UCI.

Edit: oops, I just noticed that Humbolt Honey already recommended Veggie Grill.  Oh well, it's good enough to deserve 2 recommendations!  :)

India Cook House which is the best Indian food I've yet to find in Orange County.  It's near the Wheel of LIfe, at 14130 Culver Drive

Royal Thai good Thai food on PCH at Newport Blvd.  4001 Pacific Coast Highway, Newport Beach

Orange County is actually shockingly veggie friendly, so enjoy!


wow guys, you rock.  i definitely wasn't expecting this many options, i can't wait to take my family out and feed them delish vegan eats!

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