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Restaurants in Vancouver

I'm being lazy as I don't want to troll through that huge post re restaurants in your home town and would like recommendations for a special dinner in Vancouver in September (my birthday and my sister from NZ visiting). We have recently moved here from the UK so don't know any yet. Thanks

I found it for you...

"Vancouver, BC has tons of vegetarian restaurants and was even voted "Most Vegetarian-friendly City in Canada".

Here are some of my picks:

Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant--great mock meats and stir fries.

The Naam--24 hour vegetarian restaurant featuring live music and natural food, they have a great miso gravy.

Dharma Kitchen--99.9% vegan (except for honey in the chai tea), great rice bowls and baked goods.

Wink--small cafe serving salads, sandwiches, etc. Completely vegetarian with lots of vegan options.

Budgie's Burritos--tiny vegetarian take-out joint serving a million different kinds of, you guessed it, burritos! Vegan options and easy to veganize any burrito. They're HUGE and about $6.

Sweet Cherebum Restaurant: Natural food restaurant attached to a health food store. Lots of curries, baked goods, and samosas. Wheat-free options.

One all-vegetarian restaurant that is VERY good is The Foundation and it usually has lineups out the door. Unfortunately, they had an outbreak of Hep A in one of their kitchen staff recently, and therefore I do not reccommend it.

Happy travelling! "

Naam is one of my favourites although their kitchen is "very relaxed", so if you have any allergies (like my husband does to tree nuts) you may want to pick another restaurant. There's also Hon's on Robson... although I'm not sure how 'vegan' their 'vegetarian' is??

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