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Ruby Tuesday veggie burger not vegan anymore

Just wanted to alert everyone that Ruby Tuesday's veggie burger is no longer vegan as the patty contains mayonnaise (which can't be taken out) and I've removed it from my site. I encourage everyone to contact them to let them know you are disappointed and would like them to continue using the old formula.

that sucks - thanks for the headsup!


Can you post a link to the site you found this information on? Last I knew they purchased their veggieburgers from a company called Veggieland which are vegan. I can't seem to find any type of information on the Ruby Tuesday site.


I emailed them over the weekend to confirm and this was their response:

Thank you for taking the time to contact Ruby Tuesday!

At this time we have the vegan option of our Fresh Garden Bar (used at
the guests discretion). The veggie burger is NOT a vegan option because
it contains mayonnaise (which contains eggs) in the veggie burger mix;
therefore it cannot be omitted.

If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us at any

I was so bummed to hear this because Ruby Tuesday was one of the few places around here that DH and I could go and eat something other than a salad.


WTF! WHY WHY WHY?? This sucks. I loved their veggie burger and got all excited because I had a buy one entree get one free coupon to use there. There is no need to put nasty mayo in  a veggie burger! I'm totally emailing them and complaining. While their salad bar is one of the best , there is no way I would eat there just for a $9 salad!

Thank you Ruby Tuesday you are now going up there on my crappy chain restaurant list with Applebees!


Aren't veggie burgers supposed to be a healthy option?

When did Mayo become healthy?

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