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San Francisco Vegan Caterer???

Anyone know one??  Gotta convince my fiance that a vegan wedding is the way to go.  Who can knock her socks off with their scrumptious vegan nibbles??    :D  :)>>>  8-)

(oh, in the San Francisco area please)



LOL, I stuck a link in your wedding thread.

It's the caterer used by the S.F. couple in the 6/08 issue of Veg News. :)


Hmmm.....Well if I lived in the area I'd say "ME!!" but seeing as I'm's what a quick peruse of my veg*n bookmarks could find:

Good luck!!


This link has a pretty long list of caterers in your area.


Do not support Herbivore - it is owned by omnis!

I don't believe this is true. I met Adham (only once), the owner of the Herbivore restaurants, at the VegNews Author Speaker Event at Millenium restaurant for Jeffrey Mason, author of The Face On Your Plate. I heard him identify himself several times as a vegan, quite sincerely, it seemed to me, and even proudly introduce his brother as a new vegan of only a few weeks.

I'm just curious why you think Herbivore is owned by omnis? There are 3 locations in the SF bay area, I've only been to 2, but several times each, and I've always been delighted with the setting, the servers, and the taste and quality of the 100% vegan food! But please, do tell.


The veg restaurants in Asheville are owned by omnis as well. I don't think it makes sense not to support them. It's all we've got and they are doing a good thing.  Their cooking still saves animals and helps people eat healthier, even if they don't practice it in their personal lives. We still shop at gas stations, clothing stores, grocery stores, and farmers markets that are run by omnis, don't we?

Not supporting them puts them out of business, and what good will that do us?

Isn't there a saying that goes, "shooting yourself in the foot to save your face?" or something like that?

I do admit I was disappointed when I found out, but in the end it really doesn't matter that much (to me).

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