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South Beach Miami Veg restaurants?

Does anyone know of any good restaurants in South Beach with vegan items on the menu? I will be traveling there in May and could use some advice.


I have been to South Beach and there are a lot of places
to eat. I remember three places that, but I am sure there
are more. First is the well known News Cafe (800 Ocean Dr.)
Open 24 hours a day, it has nice salads and some middle
eastern stuff (hummas salad for example). Also, one block
south (700 Ocean Dr) is the Avalon Majestic Hotel. I stayed
there and they have a restaurant with some veggie offerings
(but not totally vegan). Also, there is a less fancy
chinese place in the 1400 block, on Washington street which
is called something like Tum-Yum, (or maybe Yum-Tum??).
They have good food and was the only place I found on the
beach that served brown rice as an option with all meals.


I'm going to South Beach next weekend!  I'll keep my eyes open.

But from my experience, South Beach, with all it's models and health concsious people, it's quite easy to get vegan food around. 

There are tons of restaurants on a stretch called "Lincoln Road" that has some awesome shopping too and I've never had trouble getting vegetarian food. 

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