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Travel trip?! Help?

Hi, sorry to flood the boars with my crap!

I'm going on a travel trip to Washington, DC.  There's going to be a 8 hour car drive there, we're staying for 2 1/2 days, and then returning home with another 8 hour car drive.  The hotel has no microwave or refridgerator so.....what to I bring for food?!

I was thinking......nothing.  To make matters worth i can't chew stuff.  I need mushy foods (jaw surgery--looong story).  I've pretty much been surviving on a diet of crumbled up and soften veggies, beans and etc.  Blarg, vacations shouldnt be as stressful as this!!

If you could find veg*n baby food in jars, maybe that would be an option, esp. if you have a small electric hotpot you could travel with...boil some water and warm it that way. I'm not trying to be horrid, my mother had all her teeth pulled when I was in school and she lived on Gerber for a couple of weeks or so...of course she was never veg*n...just an idea.


i would suggest not worrying too much about what you eat. you're right, vacation isn't supposed to be stressful.

do the best you can, bring some food in a cooler, find a few vegan restuarants, and try to do a little planning, but if comes down to a choice between you not eating or eating something un-vegan, eat nonvegan. i guess some people would disagree on this, and in the end it comes down to how you feel, but the world isn't quite set up for vegans yet, and as long as you're doing what you can to change that when you can, breaking your own personal rules while you're on holiday (and injured!) doesn't seem like a huge deal to me.

of course, you are only going to washington, so i think you should be able to get by (try going to oman as a vegan... that's an exercise in futility if i ever saw one) as long as you pick mdvegan's brains for good spots to eat.

and have fun!


I would agree that eating is important even if it is unvegan. Also they have those single serving packs of apple sauce or soup and those little plug in teapots are great for heating water and you can buy them for 5$ at wallgreens. this is handy for vegan ramen style soups and stuff like that. Good luck and have fun.

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