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A trip to Mali

So my friend is in the Peace Corp in Mali, and I'm planning on taking a trip over there sometime next year (need to save money!!).  While going over there I wanted to take advantage of being abroad and also maybe going to Morocco and Spain.  I trying to plan this way in advance so that by the time my trip rolls around I have everything covered, i.e. expenses places to stay, what airports I should fly into transportation and stuff like that...Do you any of you all have any suggestions, words of wisdom perhaps? ??

If you plan and purchase in advance you can get a flight for 1 cent and only pay the taxes.
Depending on your location you have more or less options... For example from marrakesh you can go to spain, france, germany and england.
The airports are sometimes more obsecure but it's so worth it.


OoOo this is a great site, thanks!

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