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Vancouver, BC, Canada

Does anyone know of any good vegetarian or vegan restaurants they have been to in Vancouver?
Also any good tourist attractions or shopping?


i stayed in a hostel once and right next door there was a coffee shop that had a vegan option. i think it is relatively easy to find stuff, just from being there for like 24 hours.


I live in Vancouver, and my absolute all time hands down favorite is the Naam on West 4th in Kits.
Its all vegetarian, and has lots of vegan options. It's open 24 hours, and has a hippie vibe.
Also there is Foundation on Main street which is all vegetarian, great food and has a urban, skater feel to it.
There's also a place called Bo Kong up from Foundation on Main and they are fully Vegetarian as well. Its an Asian restaurant run by Buddhist monks i believe.
A good website to check is
Have fun in VanCity!



There's tons of veggie options here and tons of things to do!  Do you know when you would be coming and where you would be staying?  'Cause that changes what I would recommend.


I believe around the middle of October and I have no idea where I'm staying. Downtown I believe!


and you can try (is that it or is it .net?)


Shopping is good on Robson St if you have money.  I enjoy shopping more in Chinatown, around  Main St or Commercial Dr.  Also Granville Island has lots of artisan shops and a yummy, covered  marketplace and you can take a little Aquabus across False Creek which is a fun, low budget way to take a little cruise!  Gastown is also an interesting neighbourhood to wander around and has a ton of touristy shops.

If the weather continues the way it's been going recently it might be a little chilly and wet while you're here, but if you want to brave the outdoors, there's lots of fun stuff to do there:  Stanley Park, Dr Sun Yat Sen gardens, Van Dusen gardens, hiking, Lynn Canyon suspension bridge (Capilano suspension bridge is more well known, but Lynn Canyon is very pretty and it's free!).

Indoors, it's fun to check out the view from the revolving restaurant.  You have to pay to go up in the elevator unless you're eating at the restaurant which I feel is overpriced for what you get, but you could just go up for desert or coffee and it looks like there are a couple vegan options on the menu:  For other food places, the sites other people have suggested are a good place to start, also I quite like Radha Yoga and Eatery on Main St (  They only serve dinner Thurs, Fri and Sat nights.  Sejuiced at 1958 W 4th is extremely yummy as well.  Vancouver is a pretty good place for finding veg*n options.

For Halloween, the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) has "Fright Nights" on ( and the Vancouver Museum has Haunted Trolley tours (  I'd def recommend making it out to the University of British Columbia as well to check out their Museum of Anthropology and their Apple Festival on OCt 13 and 14.

Oh, and if you make it out into the suburbs, it's a good time of year for corn mazes!  There's also the Chocolate Festival:

So there's a few ideas!  =)


Mondo Gelato  >:D
Wrap Zone


oh, Olympics now, very busy!



I'll be travelling to Vancouver next week.  I'll be staying downtown; any suggestions on where to eat?


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