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Vegan Restaurant in Charlotte NC!

This place looks awesome.
Carry out only but perfect for our weekend getaway!

Anyone been here?
We will be checking out at least one more veg restaurant in Charlotte too.

I will report back on ZiZis!

We were going to go there the last time we were in Charlotte, but ran out of time. It looks good.


This place rocked! And by coincidence, it was only 10 min from our hotel.
We called in a huge $100 order. They did mess up a few things, but the food was SOOO good! It was like ordering from a sub shop in the pre-veg days. Chicken parm, meatball sub, steak and cheese, etc....but all vegan of course. It was a little overwhelming to decide what to get (part of why I am vegan is to eliminate so many choices!! LOL).
BUT, highly recommended. A whole in the wall with no seating (take out only) but worth it! i hope they can make it!!!

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