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Vegan restaurants and lousy service

I am not sure what the cosmic reason is, but for some reason, vegetarian/vegan restaurants all seem to suffer from really slow service.  :sleep:

The lone exception I find in San Diego is a place called Sipz, which actually seems to function like a "regular" restaurant, where some one seats you and before long, there are drinks and you are placing an order. I realize that there may be delays in the kitchen especially in small yet popular places where you order and you wait awhile for them to cook it. I am just speaking of the experience between when you enter and when you place the order.

Admittedly, I haven't tried them all, but I will.

do you find the same thing where you live?? 

The only time I had super slow service was at the Native Foods in Palm Desert.  It was insanely, stuporously slow.  So slow that we never got anything to drink with our food.  Not even water.  We had a waitperson sighting twice:  when we ordered and when the food came.  Incidentally, it's the only fully vegan restaurant I've been to.


indian restaurants seem to consistently have the worst service...


dunno ...

there's a vegan restaurant where i like to eat in Houston, out near the Galleria, and seems service is always pretty good there ...

~ fr

I wonder what happened to FML?



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