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vegan restaurants in LA

hi, i'm looking for some vegan restaurants in los angeles, ca?  any suggestions?  i'm going there this weekend and want to make the most of it b/c i don't know when i'll be returning next.  i remember seeing a lot of cool places but due to the change in format, i can't find the restaurants tab.  i hope its still around b/c i thought it was pretty helpful. 

thanks for your help! 

I can't find the restaurant section either. :(

Which area of LA?
The valley? The westside? Hollywood?


Yes, that would be helpful if I knew what part of L.A. you will be in.

If by chance, you're going to be near MacArthur Park, I'd suggest Mama's Hot Tamales. It's not a 100% vegan restaurant or anything like that. But they have vegan offerings like the black bean tamales which are a favorite menu item of mine. They also serve fair-trade coffee and feature local artists.


happycow's a great resource for vegan eats, and i personally recommend:

The Vegan Joint (west L.A./Palms)

Happy Family (Rowland Heights, Rosemead, and somewhere else I forget...)

Native Foods (Westwood, Costa Mesa, Palm Springs)

Real Food Daily (Santa Monica, West Hollywood)

RFD&Native Foods are a little pricier than the others. They're more "vegan American" fare (fake meats and fake everything and such), whereas the Vegan Joint is Thai/American (and they deliver!). Happy Family is a small chain of Chinese restaurants with 100+ menu items with "exotic" fake meats (shrimp, kidney, shark fin, duck, etc).

Get: the carrot cake at Native Foods, the nachos and chocolate cake at RFD, the pad thai and yellow curry at the Vegan Joint, sweet and sour "pork" and fried taro/lychee at Happy Family.

yay city with vegan food!  :D


I remembered this post awhile back and thought I'd offer up a great vegan-friendly restaurant in Los Angeles I recently dined at.

A friend--a meat-loving, Mexican food-grubbing friend at that -- just turned me on to Cinnamon Vegetarian Restaurant.

It says it's vegetarian, but the Mexican owner is as fluent in vegan lingo as she is in her native Spanish tongue. A sweet woman, who, after I asked for a vegan entree, was quick to pick out a number of vegan menus off the extensive menu. The food was outstanding, healthy, hearty Mexican food. They serve Latin American dishes, as well as sandwiches, veggie burgers, salads, natural juices and shakes.

It's a small restaurant, but one that is very clean and airy, and serves locals, visitors and a business clientele. I highly recommend this place to any omni, vegetarian or vegan if you are in Los Angeles (off the 110 freeway, not far from Pasadena).

Sometimes servers look at me like I have 6 heads when I ask for something vegan. I love to spread the word when businesses are vegan-friendly.

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