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Vegan with a Vengeance

A while back, someone asked what recipes from VwaV folks had made and really liked.  I made the Ethiopian Seitan and Peppers tonight and it was awesome!  Out of five stars, I'd give it six!   ;D  I served it with millet made with vegetable broth and two chopped green onions with steamed green beans as the vegetable side.  Making the seitan is a lot of work but very, very, very worth it!  The seitan turned out better tasting than any of the commercial brands  I've bought so far.  I haven't tried everything WF sells yet and probably won't buy any more since I can make it good now.

End of rave!    :D

i love the Sesame Asparagus!


My favorites from VWAV so far are The Best Pumpkin Muffins and Brooklyn Pad Thai.  The Mocha Chip Muffins are also very good.

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