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Vegan/Veg Friendly in Provincetown, MA

I took a nice vacation to Provincetown, MA last week, and found this little gem of a place called The Outer Crepe.

A couple of places in P-Town have veggie burgers, or other random vegan friendly dishes, but none that I found were as varied as The Outer Crepe.
You can create many different types of crepe, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.  I had one for lunch, dinner, and dessert, and found them all to be delicious, and made with high quality ingredients.
There is a beautiful eating deck that looks out onto friendly commercial street from which you can watch tourists, or even see the ocean.

My first picture is of a crepe I had with avocado, onion, kalamata olives, tempeh bacon, vegan soy cheese, and spinach.  The second is a picture of the owner Sylvie, who was very friendly and who knew all about vegan food concerns. 
There is more to eat there than just crepes, but as that is what I feasted on, it seems only appropriate to speak of them.

For a list of all their food, please visit

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