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Vegetarian Food in Israel

Hello everyone! I am going to Israel in 2 weeks and will be travelling with a large group, and so I have little control over the foods that will be served (just going by itinerary, every meal location is planned). Does anyone have any tips on what is or is not ok, or what kinds of vegetarian food you eat in Israel? For example, is something there cooked in meat oil that I would not normally expect? I'm from Canada.
I know that there are options, but greasy falafel and tons of carbs are not what I am looking for...I can't eat that unhealthy for every day that I am there... I know that salad is often served for breakfast but beyond that I am not sure what to expect. Any comments would be greatly appreciated! ;D

I'm an Israeli Veg-Head and I recommend you simply stick to places that are milk Kosher where they only serve vegetable and fish dishes.
Not to worry, places that are Kosher will specify to what and meat places are easy to avoid.

Have a great time :)

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