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Vegetarian-friendly Summer Camp?

My daughter (who will be 11 in May) really wants to go to a summer camp.  We are vegan in diet and lifestyle, and most camps are focused on activities she wouldn't participate in and serve food she wouldn't eat.

I have done an internet search and haven't found anything except in California, Texas, and Vermont.  We live in Kentucky.

I was wondering if any of you knew of another place that I'm missing because it might not be online?  Thanks for any information you can provide!

I send my daughter to day camp here in CT.  All the campers have to bring their own lunch except on 'cookout friday' which allows me to pack her a sensible well rounded lunch.

Of course last year she asked me very nicely.  "Mom, I like my lunch but can I pick out some chips so it looks like the other kids' lunches?"

hahah  Guess only the councilors appreciated her sandwich, dried fruits, veggies & dip and luna bar lunches.


Off topic, but Robin, did you ever find that vegan baseball glove?


Thank you all for your replies. I've been sharing them with Ellen, but she says, "Mo-om.  What I want to do is GO somewhere and be independent for a couple of weeks!"  sigh...

Lezly...I did find that glove at TARGET!  Go figure.  Hope they'll have them again this year.


hey, i'm from canada so i don't know any camps in the states BUT i attended a residential camp as a camper and have worked as a cabin leader and a section head for the past 4 summers at a residential camp for underprivileged kids from toronto so we saw alot of diverse cultures and the diets that go along with them. i have never ever had a problem with getting vegan or vegetarian meals and neither have the campers. in fact, alot of times, they've been WAY better than the other meat based meals. so you know though, because of what camp is, not all of the meals are as nutritious as you might make at home. it happens just because alot of the food gets sent up as one lump and because of the quantity it is prepared in. but so you know as well, there are standards in diet that camps must meet to serve to campers and staff. i'm sure you could find out what they are the web. just talk to the directors of the camps your daughter might be interested in, her diet will be important to them and if it isn't then it isn't the right camp. camp TRULY is a great experince, it's worth it to find a good place :o) gah, sorry for the long answer, i just really want her to go and have fun!!


Dear RobinMC,

I did a google search using "summer camps for girls" and it came up with a bunch of stuff including some links to lists of camps.  One that caught my eye was the one in the southern Apalachian mountains in North Carolina.  They'll even send you a free tour cd.  Maybe you've already gone this route?  With so many kids having health problems these days, I'm sure most camps are used to getting calls about "special diet" needs and requests.

Good Luck! 


Update - great news!

I contacted  "camp" for gifted kids who have completed 6th, 7th, or 8th grades. I had ruled it out because Ellen will only have completed 5th.  But they are making an exception for her!

I put camp in quotes because it is actually on a college campus, so she'll be in an air-conditioned dorm.  But knowing her personality, it will be a better match.  And the university caters to vegans!

A win all the way around!  I appreciate all of your support and suggestions.  Thanks!


Wow!  What a cool deal!  Are there a lot of schools out there that do this same thing?  What a great way to use dorm space when University students are away.  I live near Wichita State and I know they sometimes have visiting groups come in - and I think they may use the dorms. 



I missed this thread earlier, but would still like to suggest a camp near Boone, NC: Turtle Island Preserve.

Their Mission Statement:
Turtle Island guides people through experiences with the natural world to enhance their appreciation and respect for life. We achieve this through a more comprehensive understanding of nature combined with the lessons of our elders and traditions.

"We live, teach, breath and believe in nature's governing truths.  We interact with the beautiful clarifying teachings as we interpret nature's story.  We are more about doing it than talking about it.  We invite you to visit us and experience all that is Turtle Island."

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