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Veg*n friendly restaurants in Spain

I've tried to post this info several times on the Restaurants page but I keep getting "please log in" over and over, no matter how often I do so.
So here it is. All over Spain there is a chain of hotels called Paradores Nacionales de España. They are classed as a 3-star hotel, but believe me the atmosphere and service deserves a much higher rating! The hotels are quiet and peaceful, the service is wonderful, and the restaurants now have vegan and vegetarian menus!  :DThey even differentiate between vegan and ovo/lacto veg on the menu. They also have a gluten-free menu. The set menu for lunch is about $15 for two dishes (a starter and main dish) plus dessert and coffee. The staff works with well-oiled precision and nary a noise do you hear from the kitchen. In fact many years ago, I once heard someone drop what must have been a stack of plates in the kitchen. I jumped and murmured, "What was that?" The waiter replied: "That, madam, was the sound of a job opportunity suddenly opening up!"
The cuisine is extremely good, nothing to envy for the higher-priced "gourmet" restaurants, and they use fresh, local produce where possible. I can't recommend it enough.

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