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Where to eat in Kerrville, Texas?

I checked my handy guide to Texas vegetarian restaurants and there's only a health food store listed.  We're going to be in Kerrville Saturday for a job fair that the school district is hosting.  Does any of my Texas neighbors know of a restaurant that has some veggie entrees on their menu?  I know I can probably grab something at the health food store but a nice sit down and be served restaurant would be 100 times better! 

I think you may be in some luck.

***Govinda's Café
1408 South Street, Phila, PA

Nope, PA is the postal code for the state of Pennsylvania.  That's an ad on the site that I looked at also.  Pennsylvania is on the east coast of the USA, while Texas is on the Gulf Coast on the western edge where it ends and turns into Mexico.  (In case you're interested in US geography.)

I do plan on checking out the health food store and if they don't sell sandwiches and have a place to sit down and eat them, maybe they'll know where a vegetarian can get a meal without lard in their beans and cheese on their sandwich.  (Still trying to break the cheese addiction!)

Thanks for looking for me, though. 


I found a nice little vegetarian sandwich shop on Waters Street in Kerrville.  Their #8 sandwich is the vegan one. All the rest of the sandwiches had cheese but no other animal products.  They have a soup of the day which is usually vegan.  There's packets of Stevia on the tables to sweeten your tea with.  It was very nice.  I think the name was the Lite Bite.  I gave them this web address and suggested they should enter their shop in the Restaurants Section.  I hope they do.  My DH got a menu and if they haven't put anything up in a week, I'll do it for them.  (I'd prefer they do it themselves, of course.)


When I lived in Arcata (Humboldt County - hippie capital of the nation), there were plentiful vegan options.  I have to do a lot more research before eating out where I live now.

I'm glad you found someplace to eat.  When I travel, I bring along meals just in case, but it's really nice once in a while to sit down in a restaurant and eat food someone else made. 


I'd really like to see people make listings for where vegans can eat in their areas.  You can't always find a helpful person to direct you, like I did in Kerrville.  I should have said it the update post that I found it because I was told where and what to look for!  DH's is talking about applying around the Fort Worth/Dallas/Plano/Azle area too.  I'm going to be doing a lot of asking or eating a lot of grocery store salads in the future!  :)


Well, there's a good idea... kinda like not reinventing the wheel...  :) 

Happycow has some for my area, but vegweb doesn't.  I'll become vigilant about adding restaurants and taking pictures of the entrance to post.

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