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Where to eat in Rhode Island

Heyy everyone!
  I just found out that I will be attending Johnson and Wales in Providence Rhode Island in the fall of next year, VERY EXCITING. This has been my dream for a long time now. Yes, I'll be going to a culinary school however I am beginning to worry about what I'll be eating every day for I rely greatly upon preparing my meals at home and bringing them along with. Since the freshmen dorms aren't equipped with a kitchen, I'm worried I will skip meals just because what I eat won't be easily accessible. Any of you who live in Providence or travel there frequently have any suggestions for me? Where to eat, a great place to go everyday, or anything else? I am an ovo-vegetarian who often eats fish due to protein requirements for workouts. Thanks for your help!

Providence is actually a very veg friendly place!  There are a couple good vegetarian places like garden grill not far from you.  Also, there is a Whole Foods about 20 min walk away from J&W.  Public transportation is also really good, so if you don't want to walk you don't have to.  Right near campus there are a couple really good burrito places that have great veg food.


Check out College Hill (the area around the Brown campus) if you're looking for veg-friendly restaurants......there are lots of ethnic eateries (asian, indian, middle eastern, etc.) with good options. 

and the whole goods in providence is fantastic----with a GREAT take-out department.

Good luck at Johnson and Wales!!!  :)


Yes, Garden Grille is a fantastic place. (They catered our wedding, actually.) That's in Pawtucket, just outside of Providence.

Also, there are many places on Thayer Street in Providence. There's a vegan pizza place there, and Spike's hot dogs does a veggie dog (pretty sure it's vegan, but don't quote me on that.)

Congrats on J&W! Great school.

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