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Are cooking oils healthy? I just finished watching Forks over Knives

One thing I didn’t really like about the film was its assertion of cooking oils being unhealthy, surely the documentary did note highly processed, commercial oils at first, but then it continued with the rhetoric of how harmful they are to a person’s body. The reason why this stood out to me is that it contrasts so heavily with the benefits oil plays in say, a Mediterranean based diet. Oils have been an essential ingredient in all parts of the world (just as much as any plant based foods, it’s what almost all cultures have used to cook most plants…many Asian cultures use grapeseed and sesame oil, many African cuisine uses peanut oil, and globally, olive oil is a classic). The film was right on the money when they spoke about oils being used in a fast food context, for frying greasy foods, yet, it did not seem to acknowledge how organic oils (when used in moderation) could be very heart healthy. I wish the film would go more in depth with their point, before being so quick to lambast the usage of all cooking oils; I’m okay with being wrong about what I believe, as long as what I ask is addressed and backed up with something legitimate!  


Anyway, that was long-winded so, I apologize but I thought I'd ask for your opinions or thoughts? discussions?

I mainly use olive oil. I know others who only use olive oil.
Whether I am right or wrong on that I do not know.

All I know is whether you use olive oil or any other oil it must be used sparingly It has a high fat content like 14 grams of fat. But then again does olive oil have saturated fat? I don't think so but I could be wrong.
If it doesn't then there's is a huge distinction.


 The reason why this separated itself to me is that it differences so intensely with the advantages oil performs in say, a Med sea centered diet plan. Sebum have been an important component in all areas of the world just as much as any flower centered meals......


Coconut oil is supposed to be one of the healthiest to use as far as I know.

Extra virgin olive oil is quite good but I think high heat is supposed to convert some ingredient in it and make it slightly harmful. Not sure of the specifics. So it's generally best to use on salads and whatnot.







cooking oil is fine in moderation, obviously steaming or sauteeing in veggie broth are better options


Having gone through the PCRM course, I can tell you they advocate not only a vegan diet but a low fat diet.  They feel low fat animal-product free diet is your best defense against many lifestyle diseases; i.e., diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer.  Studies show there is a definite link between fat and hormones which "feed" cancer cells.  Since going through their course, I spray my pans with coconut oil or brush the pan with olive oil and once I start sauteeing, I add broth or water until the vegetables are where I need them to be. The food loses no flavor with this method. 

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