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CBS News: Drug Resistant Bacteria Found in Half of US Meat

There was a brief story on the CBS evening news last night:;pop

While I feel this story brings an awareness to the public about what they are eating and the dangers of meat consumption, I am also sorely disappointed in the lack of coverage about the condition the animals live and die in and how the animals themselves are required to be pumped full of anitbiotics in order to survive these horrid conditions (which further causes bacterial resistance to antibiotics from constant exposure). At the end of the segment, for a brief few seconds, a camera panned across an expansive pig pen that was overcrowded with hundreds of pigs all crammed together. There was no explanation for the shot. No mention of why this is yet another reason a vegan diet is safer and healthier for ourselves, other animals, and the environment. I realize CBS has to cram as much into 1/2 hour as they can, but they could certainly mention and also follow up their investigation with more extensive coverage of this important issue on their website. There isnt even a video of the segment on their website. Hmmm.

I am thrilled that they're covering these stories on the mainstream news.  My sister actually mentioned to me last night that she'd seen this story.  She said, "I didn't realize they gave them antibiotics every day."  At least these stories show the public that this industry will stoop to any level, hurt anyone and everyone, just to make a profit.  (And that it's barely regulated at all.)

Even if the reporters don't mention animal welfare, I think the people watching do notice the pictures. I remember when the footage of the cow and the front end loader was broadcast, my parents were appalled that all the news talked about was the food safety issue.  They could see that it was cruel.  They didn't need the news to tell them so.  So they haven't turned vegetarian or anything, but at least they are more aware than they were.


This kinda makes me wanna spew.

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